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So let’s settle the debate once and for all, and list the best horses we can find in the game! I didn’t cover all the creatures you can mount in the game such as Lord of the Mountain, Seahorse, Bears, Stags etc.

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You can find this horse in the Baobab Grassland in the Lake Tower Region. To begin the quest, speak to Strain at the Mounted Archery Camp.

The biggest disappointment with this horse is that you cannot change the saddle or bridle. Which is a bummer since you lose the ability to summon it anywhere as you can’t put the Ancient Saddle on it.

I named mine Drag mire, because it resembles Ganondorf’s horse. It’s supposed to be descendant of the horse used by Princess Zelda.

Honestly, horses are pretty useless if you can’t put the ancient gear on them since they aren’t near when you actually need them. This horse is special because it’s the one used in the game trailers and during several of the memories.

You can find this horse in the Baobab Grassland and Upland Lind or. The best horses can be found in Ridgeland Tower region, in the grassland just above Mag No’rah Shrine, near Serene Stable.

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When you go to the grassland, find the horses with the color you like, mount them and take them to the Serene Stable to check their stats and register. You can save and load again to get different colored horses if you didn’t like the previous ones.

However, strength just represents the health and not the actual attack power. This horse feels so fast that you’ll only know it as soon as you ride it.

You can increase stamina temporarily by feeding it Endure Carrots if you really need. In addition, if you have the expansion pass, you get the Ancient Bridle which adds extra 2 spurs to the stamina.

Strength, Speed, and Stamina are represented from 1-5 stars. The misleading name does not affect the amount of damage they do to enemies.

Completely leaving the area that your horse is at then returning. If one of your registered horses died, Malaya can revive it.

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Movement 4 (Gallop): Consume a stamina spur for a temporary speed boost. If your horse is immobile, you can immediately enter Movement 3.

Hold up on the control stick and press the A button at the same time. Stamina affects the number of spurs of the horse.

While you are riding your horse, you can consume spurs to gallop. Used-up spurs will naturally regenerate as time passes.

They will disappear if you “board” your horse at a stable or if you consume these spurs. If you own the DLC Expansion Pass, you can equip your horse with the to add 2 extra blue spurs, which function like normal spurs.

They all have spotted horse stats. Solid-color horses are “Wild” temperament. “Wild” temperament horses must be tamed before you can ride them.

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During this process, Link is slowly losing his own stamina. If Link loses all of his stamina, he will be thrown off the horse.

As soon as you hop onto the horse, press the A button to speed up. If a horse disobeys you by trying to veer off course, redirect them onto the correct course by moving the control stick.

If a horse disobeys you by trying to slow down, press the A button to speed up. A pink effect will appear on the horse's face and a twinkling sound will play to indicate that the Bond meter increased.

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From everything, I've read and also personally seen, there are 3 possibles best horse stat combos, 2/5/3, 4/4/5, and 5/3/5. From personal play I can say this, stamina doesn't matter (you almost never need to rapidly “yeah” in succession and if you do Endure Carrots give temporary spurs), so its between strength and speed.

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If you like to use your horses trample a lot to save durability, and don't want it to die in every extended horseback battle with Goblins, use a 5/3/5 or 4/4/5. If you don't care that much about using your horse in combat, or only plan to fight Guardians with it, get a 2/5/3, the extra speed is noticeable and it is awesome.

Just be warned the fast ones are frail, if you're fighting Goblins on horseback it only takes around 5-6 shots from a silver one to kill your horse. EDIT: Strength affects both total horse health and how much damage it does when trampling or running into opponents.

2/5/3 sounds good but I like it more all-rounded with 4/4/5. Zelda is my favorite gaming franchise. Strength is meaningless, speed is the only factor.Currently, playing: Fallout 4, Turk: Dinosaur Hunter, Overwatch.

Breath of the Wild has been out for over a month now and millions of people have played the game. Unless Nintendo modifies horse stats or introduces something in the DLC, this is how it will stay.

Normally, I wouldn't ask, but I've had cider tonight, so I'm too squiffy to actually play my game and what's left are my questions. I know that you can get Upon, the White Stallion (fuck the walk thrust hat referred to a “stallion” as a), and Canon's giant horse.

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Is it possible to get a wild pony with the look you want that has great stats ? My first was a solid black with white hair and a star 1/3/4.

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