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Ellen Grant
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
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Shop Absorbing Farnham has 70 years of experience creating equine essentials, from grooming to stable supplies, designed to make life with your horse safer and healthier. Shop Farnham Manna Pro is an industry leader in animal nutrition products with minimal environmental impact.

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Shop Manner Located in the heart of Kentucky horse country, Aimed is a family-owned feed supplement business known for its high-performance products. If you’re looking for places to buy horse supplies, tack, supplements and feed online, then you’ll have potentially dozens of reputable options to order from.

Prices for certain items can vary greatly between different online horse retailers, though, so we suggest you do plenty of research before settling on a supplier to order your equine needs from. Items like supplements, medicine and veterinary supplies always carry a heftier price tag.

Plenty of online horse stores sell things like grooming tools, lead ropes, leather care items and horse treats, but the rarest kind of shops also offer high-quality tack like saddles, bridles, saddle blankets and more. And if you’re looking to purchase a horse gift for a special occasion or holiday, waiting until it’s “in season” might net you additional discounts.

From riding to care, a life dedicated to equine takes commitment, passion, and the proper mindset. We understand how much time, energy, and passion are put into caring for these beautiful animals.

We carry everything you’ll need to care for your horses, including the tack and supplies to match your specific riding discipline. Be sure to check out our selection of tack and equipment for riding styles such as dressage, evening, jumping, and more.

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What we do sell is quality western saddles, tack and roping supplies. Specializing in custom saddles and tack for those who ranch, rodeo, rope, barrel race or just enjoy being horseback.

Mattes Bespoke NUMA is made to order from the best materials, choose your colors to compliment your team, club or With hundreds of combinations of Styles, Designs and Colors of Bridles, Brow bands and Horseback you can create your perfect style, individual to just you.

I dusted off my drafting skills and drew 4 Plates documenting how the Snow Shoes were built, thus paving the way for the long-promised Braid work for Model Horses book. Below is just the bridle: Note the BB8 bit and the Rebel Alliance Phoenixes, plus the fabulous Galactic Empire Gear for the face ornaments.

The full story of the saddle properly belongs in a blog post, and I am hoping to get one out soon (read: within the next six months); meanwhile, scroll down for more pix. What you are looking at is the front planter of my parents' house (made of Lyons sandstone).

On the lip of this planter, back in 1981, I took photos of one of my very first Silver Parade Saddles. I would have used the lip again but this horse, and this saddle, was too big to fit and the evergreens had grown too much; so he's on the sidewalk in front.

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My second picture shows Steve, my general-purpose Western Handler and Cowboy, doing his level best to display the Snow Shoes. The moment it was done, I found myself using it for a most unusual saddle and bridle I had purchased the fall before (Sept 2016).

The full story of this saddle (below) is told in a blog post: Guilfoyle (Not!) This post rather abruptly tells the story of a months-long hunt to find out who made the saddle.

Nelda George of Red River Saddlery had made the set, more than 20 years ago. Meanwhile, I had been enjoying it for nearly a year on my bay Copper fox Cad no, who is named Canto in my herd.

I know I keep on about how long and hard model tack pieces are to make, but this one did indeed take the cake. To be able to complete the last of my Lottery orders, one of my greatest Silver Parade saddle ever, was an immense relief.

This ambitious Parade Saddle had thirteen pictorial panels, while most others have three at most (two serapes and a breast collar center). Very rarely do I depict human beings on saddles; the only other time I've done so was SII #438, the Buffalo Bill set, in 2004.

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My fear of revelation perfectly balanced my delight at having created new ways of expressing my chosen art and craft, model horseback. This was drawn on double-thick silver tape (Aluminum) and fastened down with hand cut prongs in the 3D shape of the Traders.

Rearrest also provided me with this horse, the matte Per lino Lonesome Glory. When I put him together with this piece of headgear, the resulting good vibes created a must-photograph situation.

The next goal of my tack shop gradually revealed itself as the pair of Snow Shoes, and they took all of September, finally finishing in early October. Here on my website I can tell the story of why so high a price is being asked.

One hundred for charity: I did in fact originally intend to devote half this auction's proceeds to hurricane relief (my husband is a meteorologist and I have friends in TX and FL). Over the intervening months my desires waned but I felt I had to keep my word.

This time I had a specific saddle in mind, one I'd purchased from fantastic tack maker and good friend, Heather Morton. And here we have my Moody Minuet resin cast, issued in 1994 by Dakar and painted by Liz Hours and me, wearing the most fabulous of emerald-studded and silver saddles.

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Since this website is supposed to be about BIMARU Star II tack, regardless of how marvelous other artists' tack is, I conclude this year's review with a picture of the blanket for the Morton Silver Acorn. I will also state that I'm keeping a couple of pictures from 2016 that show important saddles: SII #455, the Tricolor, made for Danielle Miller; and SII #451, the Clyde Goering, made for Sue Stewart (currently owned by Colette Robertson).

The Goering is what I call a Mexican Silver Parade set, based upon the classic Churro form. This page updated every six to twelve months (let's be honest).

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