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• Wednesday, 14 October, 2020
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Our staff of experienced riders tests, reviews and hand-selects the very besthorsetack, and we work hard to offer the best price. With a wide array of English tack, you're sure to find everything you need to fill your tack trunk, be it bridles, bits, horse blankets, saddles, halters, saddle pads and beyond.

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Martial Tack, Equipment & Supplies, Antares, Arc de Triomphe, Back on Track, Bates, Birmingham Sports, Equifax, Equilibrium, Henri de Rivel, Her Springer, Horsehair, Kensington, M. Toulouse, Mattes, Passer, Person, Prestige Italy, Professional's Choice, Rocking' SP, Thinking, Thorogood, Various, Winter, Tyler Bits, Circle Y, Tasman, Cashed, Haas, Remain, More... Bridle Racks & Tack Hooks, Hardware & Stable Accessories, Leather & Tack Care, Saddle Stands & Racks, Tack Trunks, Deodorizers and Disinfectants, Saddle Pad Wash, Tack Accessories, Spray Bottles, Blanket and Saddle Pad Storage, More...

Stirrup Irons & Stirrup Leathers, Horse Boots, Saddle Pads, Tack Room Supplies, Saddles, Bridles & Headstalls, Girths & Cinches, Bits, Martingales & Breastplates, Halters & Lead Ropes, More... If you’re looking for places to buy horse supplies, tack, supplements and feed online, then you’ll have potentially dozens of reputable options to order from.

Prices for certain items can vary greatly between different online horse retailers, though, so we suggest you do plenty of research before settling on a supplier to order your equine needs from. Items like supplements, medicine and veterinary supplies always carry a heftier price tag.

Plenty of online horse stores sell things like grooming tools, lead ropes, leather care items and horse treats, but the rarest kind of shops also offer high-quality tack like saddles, bridles, saddle blankets and more. And if you’re looking to purchase a horse gift for a special occasion or holiday, waiting until it’s “in season” might net you additional discounts.

Shop Absorbing Farnham has 70 years of experience creating equine essentials, from grooming to stable supplies, designed to make life with your horse safer and healthier. Shop Farnham Manna Pro is an industry leader in animal nutrition products with minimal environmental impact.

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Veronica C. said “I love the staff at the stores, so I decided to take my puppy here to get groomed and when I received her after 6 hours the lady that walked out almost gave me a dog that wasn't...” read more From riding to care, a life dedicated to equine takes commitment, passion, and the proper mindset.

We understand how much time, energy, and passion are put into caring for these beautiful animals. We carry everything you’ll need to care for your horses, including the tack and supplies to match your specific riding discipline.

Be sure to check out our selection of tack and equipment for riding styles such as dressage, evening, jumping, and more. Barrel racing and roping enthusiasts can find all the necessary riding equipment for a successful event or competition.

If trail riding is more your speed, then be sure to check out the great selection of accessories we carry for you! It's easier than ever to equip your favorite mare in the best gear or groom your sturdy gelding with a collection of equine products from Horse .com.

While other manufacturers of equestrian supplies are finding ways to cut corners and increase profits, Dan's continues to produce high quality horse supplies that have been a fixture in the equestrian market for over 40 years. The Dan's name has been a fixture in the equestrian market for over 40 years; internationally recognized as manufacturers of the toughest, most durable horse supplies and equipment in the industry.

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Attention to detail and to the preferences of our customers for horse supplies and equipment has always been at the forefront. Dan's uses safe, lead free color pigments in our horse feed tubs and buckets.

Great western saddles and horseback at unbelievably low prices. In our horse clothing section, we have a wide choice of blankets made by WeatherBeeta, Horsehair, Turtleneck, Cavalier, BR Equestrian and more.

We offer a comprehensive selection of first aid products and bandaging materials, and lots of grooming supplies to keep your horse healthy and looking its best. They all have hands-on experience with riding, training, horse health, and blanket and apparel fitting.

Our focus is on providing great customer service, in a comfortable atmosphere, ensuring an enjoyable shopping experience. Equine Plus is a specialist in providing products for your tack room, stable, field and arena.

Equine Plus has grown to become a leading retailer of equestrian products for your tack room, for your stables, for your field and for your Arena. We also supply a full range a high quality polymer show jumps through our sister company Jumps online and a wide variety of internal stabling solutions via our other sister company StablesOnline. Whatever your equestrian needs, Equine Plus will always try to help.

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I'm selling the horse I ride and all I will have left is the pony and the mini. I don't plan on selling my western, English or Aussie saddle, we reasoned that if a few years down the rode I wanted to go somewhere to ride or want to ride again it will cost more to replace them then we would get for selling them.

Bits should be removed as there is always some type of action going on between the metal and the leather. I put my saddle in storage, expecting it to be unused for about six months.

I cleaned it, oiled it, strung up the leathers and stirrups, and covered it with a saddle cover and left it on a saddle rack in my barn so my instructor could keep an eye on it. I'll see how it works out in October I guess. In after thought, because I was rushing when I did it, I wish I removed my stirrups and leathers.

Natural oil has fat in it that can cause mold if left unchecked. You might consider using diluted lemon juice on any moldy spots.

I wiped my billets down good with lemon juice before oiling them because they came to me moldy when I bought the saddle. Still, I would keep an eye on the saddles and check on them every few weeks to make sure the leather does not dry out or mold over.

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I store my show tack in my indoor backroom in a saddle case and bride bag. There is little point in spending a fortune feeding your horse, if you aren't following a suitable worming program.

We use and road test many of the products and provide feedback to the Boss about what works and what doesn’t! We will be reviewing some products we use on our own horses to let you know how effective they are in the paddock or the stables, rather than just writing about them from looking at them in the warehouse.

Read on to hear what the Go's Team think of our Happy Horse Training Treats.... Whether you prefer shopping for horseback online or in-store, Jackson’s has you covered with a large inventory of tack, show apparel, horse, and livestock supplies.

Dressage or English riding tack allows for maximum agility and precision through better communication between rider and horse. A boutique shopping experience for the discerning equestrian with luxury brands like Dy’on, Manfred, Parlance, Task, Valeria Tuscany, Flex-On, Kings land, Mallory & Co, Kentucky Horsehair and many more.

Comes in Black, Coffee, Chocolate, Honey, Oak, Natural, Aged and Raw colors with contrasting Braided leather accents. $150.00 Handmade western styled bridle for showing, schooling or trail riding.

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Comes in Black, Coffee, Chocolate, Honey, Oak, Natural, Aged and Raw colors with contrasting Braided leather accents. Comes in Black, Coffee, Chocolate, Honey, Oak, Natural, Aged and Raw colors with contrasting Braided leather accents.

$168.00 High quality leather Aquila, perfect for Spanish horses such as Pass Finds, Wrote y Galore, Aliens, Peruvian Pass, Andalusian's, Lusitania and any horse breed. Comes in Black, Coffee, Chocolate, Honey, Oak, Natural, Aged and Raw colors with contrasting Braided leather accents.

Each custom-made bridle set includes the Headstall, Bit Hanger, Rawhide Picador and 3/4 American Show Reins. Choose Black, Coffee, Chocolate, Honey, Oak, Natural, Aged or Raw colors.

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