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Four Horses of the Apocalypse Statistics Scientific Name None Loot None Location Various Location Map These four new mounts can be found and broken by John Mars ton, although Death is additionally awarded upon completion of the On a Pale Horse quest. If the mount is killed or John Mars ton breaks a different horse without retrieving and hitching the original one, the mount cannot be directly recalled until Mars ton completes Rank 5 of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse Challenge.

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However, Death's Blood Pact is automatically acquired upon breaking him or receiving him at the end of the game. By default, all mythical mounts have unlimited stamina and extremely high health.

However, any mythical horse can still be killed from direct damage to the head or extremely long falls. Mortality aside, each of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse possess unique attributes and physical characteristics, making them easy to discern from one another; as well as from normal and undead steeds.

Those descriptions are transcribed below, in the order in which the Blood Pacts are arranged in the player's satchel once they are awarded: War : A roan horse with a blazing mane, tail, and hooves.

Pestilence : A diseased white horse surrounded by a green miasma. Note: Will stun Undead for a few seconds on contact and is nearly impossible to kill.

Unlike other mini-map notifications, however, the blue circle covers a large area and does not move with its target. In other words, the target may escape outside the blue circle at any time, thus decreasing its likelihood of discovery.

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After a mythical mount's apparent death or loss (prior to obtaining their Blood Pact), it is possible to find each Horse of the Apocalypse again in the wild. Unfortunately, the notification and blue circle on the mini-map will not accompany the mythical mount's appearance after they have already been broken once before.

If the player completes the story without finding the other three horses, however, they will be given Death and this will count towards the challenge. If the player is riding one of the Horses of the Apocalypse, a second Horse of the Apocalypse can accompany them during the current game session (before any significant events like camping or hitching).

The newly-broken horse will follow along, allowing the player to lead it to a hitching post at which point they can decide which one to keep. It helps to use one of the scoped rifles and find the highest point in the regions described.

Each horse has a unique attribute that can prove quite useful in the decimation of zombies, such as Death’s ability to destroy everything it touches. Pestilence is a pale white horse covered in wounds and shrouded in a green disease cloud.

He has also been spotted south of Broken Tree in the Great Plains region, and west of Thieves’ Landing in Hannigan’s Stead. When he or any other of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse are nearby, they will appear as blue markers on your map and you’ll receive a message stating a mythical creature is approaching.

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He is primarily found in the stretch of land between Churros in Per dido and Resort Azul in Junta Arguello. Death is a dark brown horse that leaves wispy entrails of ghostly fog in its wake.

This elusive mount is the most difficult to track down in the wild; it only appears once Pestilence, War and Famine have been tamed. There isn’t a particularly frequent location he spawns at; it is pretty random, but searching the areas the other three Horses of the Apocalypse were found in is your best bet.

Rank 5 of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse challenge requires you to kill one of each type of zombie using Death’s special skill. Bright Hub’s Red Dead Redemption: UndeadNightmare Achievement/Trophy Guide thoroughly covers all the achievements in the zombie-infested expansion pack.

Death, disease, prostitution, the scum of the Earth, and, in the case of UndeadNightmare, the dead rising from the grave. Yes, the Red Dead Redemption DLC pack, UndeadNightmare, unleashes these four perilous mares on the landscape of New Austin, West Elizabeth and Nero Paris.

Second, John can form 'blood pacts' with all four that count as licenses for permanent ownership, though only AFTER he's gotten all four. Consequently, losing any of them before that happens means John will have to re-capture them, and when he does he won't gain the benefit of the blue circle in the field.

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Number one is the fiery War, a fearsome creature that's by far the easiest to spot at a distance thanks to its ever-present flames. War is of middling difficulty to find, as it typically appears just about anywhere in New Austin, the second largest of the game's areas.

Its only real power is its ability to absorb massive amounts of damage without dying, far more so than even the other four horses. Pestilence appears in the smallest area compared to the other four horses, showing up in West Elizabeth.

It usually appears in Tall Trees, which can make capture of the horse difficult thanks to the annoying terrain. Typically, the third of the four horses found by Red Dead Redemption players, Famine is another sickly beast that, aside from sporting a rather dull coat, is surrounded by an ever-present cloud of locusts (which, fortunately, don't harm John).

Though these locusts cause no damage to enemies, they seem to bless Famine with greater speed than almost any other mount in UndeadNightmare. Finding Famine requires waiting until Nero Paris opens up a bit later in the scenario, as it shows up most often near Churros.

It has been sighted in numerous other locations in Nero Paris, however, so don't necessarily limit your searches to Churros and the surrounding region. As ever, the undead in the desert can make a catch annoying, though there's lots of ground across which you can chase Famine in order to avoid intervening zombies.

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Since this wind can cause zombies' heads to explode, Death is a must-have for John Mars ton. That said, there IS an easier way to get Death: beat On a Pale Horse, the final mission of UndeadNightmare.

Doing so will unlock Death automatically, and grant Mars ton control over him and the other three beasts. Then there's just one other benefit to catching the Four Horses of the Apocalypse to mention: getting the lot of them is essential for attaining the full completion achievement/trophy for UndeadNightmare : Zed's Dead, Baby.

Pestilence Vital statistics NamePestilenceBreed Mythical Horsepower White, light and dark gray Speed Fast Health Extremely high Stamina Unlimited Loot N/A Location Anywhere in West Elizabeth and Hannigan's Stead Location Map “ A ghastly harbinger of plague and disease that's easily identifiable by its exposed wounds and ocular hemorrhaging, Pestilence. As noted in the blood pact description, Pestilence is extremely tough and can withstand more damage than the other horses.

Pestilence is covered with open wounds and has bloody eyes from ocular hemorrhaging, a physical manifestation of disease and plague. When standing still Pestilence will bleed out of its eyes and open wounds, leaving small drops of blood on the ground.

The first rider of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode the white horse, actually in the bible it is referred to as Conquest. A glitch can occur where the breaking cutscene does not play when you find the horse, and he immediately bucks you off.

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Death Vital statistics NameDeathBreed Mythical Horsepower Black, dark gray, and brown Speed Extremely fast Health Tremendously High Stamina Unlimited Loot None Location Anywhere in New Austin, West Elizabeth or Nero Paris Location Map “ With hell following close behind, Death carries with him a violent wake that rattles through the skulls of the undead. Death is capable of instantly killing any undead that it collides with by causing their heads to explode.

Death is almost invincible and cannot be killed from conventional damage, other than a fall of great height, a shot to the head, drowning, shot several times by a Gatling gun which makes Death randomly die later on, or using an explosive rifle causing him to explode into pieces. Before finishing the UndeadNightmare storyline, Death can be found in the wild.

For rank five of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse challenge, charge into Jorge's Gap while riding Death. However, it has been noted that this may sometimes cause the game to become unstable while killing so many undead so fast.

It is recommended to not use Death for Undead Hunter Rank 4 because if you move into the animals, they will die and won't count as a Torch kill. Death's head section looks similar to the war horse because of the black skin tone.

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