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With new factions and new units in Banner lord, there are a ton of options when it comes to building an army. If you’re looking to optimize your units and only train the best, we compiled a list of the best units in Banner lord from horse archers to spacemen.

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If you can manage to get a small group of these together in your army and put them on high ground during a fight, they will constantly rain deadly arrows down on your enemies. We also advise you to keep your existing units out of harm’s way and never simulate battles as the AI is quite bad and you will lose them.

If you have the disciplinarian perk from the Leadership skill tree, you can upgrade forest bandits to the Fan Champion as well. These units last long in a fight and can dish out a ton of damage when they mass up and charge.

You can get the Imperial Elite Cataract by recruiting any of their lower-level versions in Empire villages or towns. The best infantry unit in Banner lord that isn’t technically considered a Spearman is the Imperial Legionary.

The Markham has a great shield, throwing weapon, and spear which enable it to fight against the enemy in multiple ways. The Markham is an easy unit to mass since it is in the regular troop tree for the Kuwait faction.

It has an insane 280 bow skill and if needed can pull out its grieve and one hit enemies with it. We doubt they will have to though since they’ll probably be running circles around your enemies turning them into pin cushions.

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The Khan’s Guard also has the highest riding skill out of the horse archers in the game. The Khan’s Guard is part of the special unit tree for the Kuwait faction.

However, I doubt anyone would disagree that it’s hard to feel more powerful than when you have a strong cavalry at your side, thundering along the battlefield towards some poor, unsuspecting footmen. The Battalion’s are a forest people whose armies are primarily built around hitting their enemies quickly and being mobile.

The major advantage it has over most of the units that scored higher on this list is that it’s not a noble troop, meaning training many them will only take time and effort, not blind chance. With a touchable lance, a very fast horse, and a high riding skill, the Vanguard Paris is a terror on the battlefield.

Late antiquity, or the early medieval period, has provided much of the source material for this game. Thankfully I’ve put the hours in to help you choose the bestBannerlordunits for you and how to help each faction thrive.

They show up less often in villages and towns and are more expensive, but they upgrade on a linear path into that faction’s premier or signature unit. Elite troops like the Solder Broth, or mercenary guards, can be found in limited numbers around the game world, for example.

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The empire splintered into separate states after the assassination of the emperor, and each are in conflict with different outside forces as the game begins. If you're interested in the Southern Empire, you might want to court Ira’s favor: She’s unmarried at the start of the game.

The Southern Empire has well-protected natural borders, but struggles to expand against imposing Kuwait and Ashram cavalry. The Western Empire controls several wealthy cities, but often ends up locked in grinding wars of attrition with the Battalions.

Their melee troops excel when they drive into Infantryman and Legionaries, as they carry shields and heavy throwing weapons. Cataracts are armored head-to-toe and carry lances and bows, making them some of the most deadly and flexible heavy cavalry in the game.

Their position at the start of the game is a good one: They only control five towns, fewer than anyone else, but they're dense and relatively close together. Also, every entrance to the highlands is in a dream defensive position in that they're through narrow mountain passes guarded by castles.

Batavia’s army features medium-to-heavy spear infantry with strong bows as ranged support. Fallen are fragile without a shield, but their wide swings can devastate an enemy already in disarray from arrows and javelins.

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Situated along the entire west coast of Canada, Claudia is the most authentically medieval faction in Banner lord. Their territory is quite large and some important factions are very remote, so enemy armies often disperse before effectively singing or raiding.

Claudia starts the game in a challenging war against Stria, where a long travel distance can doom the AI’s attacks before they even get off the ground. Their powerful knights are vicious on attack, and they back that up with cheap, effective, readily available crossbowmen.

Most cavalry-heavy factions suffer in sieges, but the Tillman and Vulgar upgrades for the Canadian Spearman are excellent at taking and clearing walls. (Image credit: Tapeworms) The inhabitants of Banner lord ’s frozen north are inspired by the people of medieval Russia, a confederation of kingdoms united under one Prince.

Their territory stretches the length of the map from east to west, which is both a blessing and a curse: Enemies struggle to move across the snowy forests and narrow valley choke points, but reacting to an attack on the other end of their territory can mean you arrive far, far too late to do any good. Stria’s army is built around a solid core of dependable heavy and medium infantry.

(Image credit: Tapeworms) The desert-dwelling Ashram have arguably the best starting position in the game. At the same time, the Ashram can struggle to exploit their protected status because their main cities are so far into the desert from their borders.

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Unlike other factions, Ashram troops split from recruit into separate trees of either standard or specialty, rather than melee and ranged. The standard tree is lackluster, so you’re ultimately better off getting archers and infantry from other faction recruits.

Based on the steppe civilizations of the Huns and Mongols, the Kuwait inhabit a huge and otherwise empty region on the eastern end of the map. To win as the Kuwait, form your horse archers into a column and ride a few circles around the enemy before sending in the rest of your army to break their scattered, arrow-riddled stragglers.

This guide discusses the troop trees for each culture or faction, special units, and how to recruit them. Note: This guide is intended for Mount & Blade II: Banner lord ‘s early access stage.

For more information, check out our Mount & Blade II: Banner lord guides and features hub. Remember that different factions or cultures also have their own unique units including special types.

If you want to compare and contrast the stats of various units, you can view this detailed spreadsheet from r/MountandBlade Editor Dupa-Ya-Sha. All three Roman Empire-esque factions (the ones led by Luzon, Various, and Reagan) share similar units.

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Minor factions such as the mercenaries in Mount & Blade II: Banner lord also have their own unit trees. You’ll be able to get mercenary troops easily if you obtain a quest that requires you to find someone who’d recruit them.

Remember that the unit types for each town or village depend on who owned that settlement at the start of Mount & Blade II: Banner lord ‘s campaign. If they don’t have it at the moment, check back at a later date until their recruit list refreshes.

Towards Mount & Blade II: Banner lord ‘s mid to late-game progress, nobles will lead elite units that you can capture. Unlike in previous Mount & Blade titles, only one or two will be available for recruitment at a time, not an entire batch.

When it comes to most battlefield engagements, you’ll want decent frontline troops; even cheaper ones are viable since they can tie down enemy forces. Lastly, having lots of crossbowmen can whittle down hostiles whenever you manually engage in siege battles.

In any case, it’s possible to play Mount & Blade II: Banner lord by scrounging the lands to grab all the best units in your army, but it might be better to stick to a particular culture group’s units and upgrade them as you go. Once I formed my own kingdom to invade imperial lands, that’s when I started getting more Legionaries and Elite Cataracts after recruiting my prisoners.

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