Best Horse Upgrades Witcher 3

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These HorseUpgrades will let you carry more items, increase overall speed on horseback, and decrease chance of panicking when near enemies. Upgrades can often be found in guarded loot chests, or purchased from merchants, and each item has several tiers of effectiveness.

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Enhanced Racing Saddle This saddle costs 225 and increases Roach’s total Stamina by 45. Master crafted Racing Saddle This saddle costs 275 and increases Roach’s total Stamina by 55.

Zerrikanian saddlebags 100 1.76 350 Main article: The Witcher3 trophies are special monster parts that can be placed in the trophy slot, and thus strapped to Roach's saddle. They provide bonuses such as additional XP for killing certain enemies, or a chance of finding extra gold or herbs.

Using this method it is possible to quickly obtain high tier horse equipment for Roach. Which in fact will be the best in the base game excluding a few that are obtained in Blood and Wine expansion.

After that do the final race from The Heroes' Pursuits: For the Goddess' Glory! If you have Hearts of Stone then instead do Races: Swift as the Western Winds (although suggested level is 32 the quest can be done at any level as it's only a race) if you win you will obtain the Offer stock saddle which is even better than the Zerrikanian saddle.

Right now I have rugged saddlebags, superior cavalry saddle, and racing horse blinders. Horses in the Witcher3 : Wild Hunt are more than just pretty animals; they play a vital role as beasts of burden and a means of transportation.

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Traversing the Northern Realms is easier and faster on horseback, and you can put saddlebags on your trusty steed to increase the size of your inventory and carry more items. You’ll start the game with your brown mare, but if you dislike or simply grow tired of it, you can get a new one in two ways: One of them is to tame wild horses with your Axis sign, but they will leave once you dismount and will not respond to your summons.

You can look for the best armor set that works with your specific skill build or armor preference (light, medium, or heavy), mix and match pieces with preferred stats (like CRT chance), or simply find the gear that has the look you’re going for. Generally speaking, the Witcher School gear sets are the best armor pieces in the game and will work great with most builds.

You can upgrade the Witcher school gear sets a total of four times as long as you have the Blood and Wine expansion unlocked. While you are within a Arden trap, Stamina regeneration is increased by 5/s and Sign Intensity by 100%, and damage is reduced by 20%.

Be sure to pair it with the Griffin School Techniques skill to further boost your Sign intensity and endurance regeneration. How to get the Griffin Armor From Down warren, ride Roach northwest toward a pair of undiscovered locations.

Armor type: Heavy Special stats: Adrenaline Point gain Set bonuses : (3 /6) When a Queen shield shatters, there is a chance a new one will be cast at no stamina cost. You should pick up the Bear School Techniques skill if you’re going to use this set to boost your strong attack damage and maximum health.

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The long chest armor with full chain mail coverage provides maximum protection against the deadliest enemies. The high collar and scarf are a stylish touch that’s sure to keep Gerald toasty even in the harshest Kellie blizzards.

Follow the map marker to the ruined castle near Invar’s Fang on Kellie’s northernmost isle, Ural la. Armor type: Medium Special stats: Adrenaline Point gain, sign intensity, attack power Set bonuses : (3 /6) Up to 3 different oils can be applied to a sword at a time; (6/6) Bombs are thrown without any delay.

Chain mail and studs protect the vital organs, while durable leather and unfastened chest armor buckles provide a little extra mobility. Not to mention the convenient shoulder pouch for quickly storing and retrieving crowns and herbs.

All in all, the Wolf school gear set looks great and provides excellent stats for a versatile play style that involves a bit of everything (signs, fast & strong attacks, oils, bombs). Be sure to pick up the Griffin School Techniques skill to get a further boost to Sign intensity and endurance regeneration from wearing this medium armor set.

How to get the Wolves armor Travel to Keyed Moorhen and ride Roach up the winding path to the Old Signal Tower. Enter the tower ruins, loot the chest, and read the note to begin the scavenger hunt.

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Once you’ve activated it, return to the tower’s first level and jump through the portal to reach the diagrams. The studded belt and chest armor add a bit of bling to our favorite Butcher of Blacken.

Underneath what appears to be a blend of suede and leather is an impenetrable layer of chain mail protecting Gerald’s neck, arms, and chest. The Cat school armor works great for a play style focused on using fast attacks and avoiding damage entirely by dodging.

That’s why you should pick up the Cat School Techniques skill to get a boost to your critical hit and fast attack damage. How to get the Feline Armor Buy the diagram map from a merchant in northwestern Black bough.

This armor set is focused on improving your potions, decoction, and bombs, making it a great option for alchemy-themed builds. How to get the Manticore Armor Travel to Beastlier and visit the Grand master craftsman to unlock the diagram locations.

Armor type: Medium Special stats: Resistance to poisoning and elemental damage It has a sleek, dark look that’s very similar to the Keyed Moorhen armor you start the game with.

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Find her lost earring to unlock additional dialogue options and buy the Viper armor diagrams. The armor sets listed below are not part of any Witcher school but still provide either solid stats and/or a stylish look.

Armor type: Light Special stats: Signs intensity bonuses This light armor has a unique Middle Eastern theme that you won’t find anywhere else in Witcher3, so if you’re looking for style this is a great option.

The gear set also includes a sword as well as blinders, saddlebags, and a stock saddle for Roach. To start this quest, talk to the Offer merchant Dull km’Amanda in Upper Mill.

Armor type: Medium Special stats: CRT chance and damage, bonus gold It provides bonuses to CRT chance and damage, making it a good option for skill builds focused on critical hits.

New Moon armor is inside a box at the lighthouse at Crane Cape, the island northwest of NORAD The New Moon trousers can found during the Royal Air Force treasure hunt quest, at the top of the tower New Moon gauntlets are found inside a crypt to the east of the Headed Abandoned Site, in northeastern Helen, near NORAD New Moon boots are found at the Filtering Ruins in eastern Helen (climb to top of ruins where the tree is and look for a ledge with a chest) Armor type: Heavy Special stats: Resistance to bleeding and burning Set bonus : Killing opponents restores Vitality.

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This set from the Blood and Wine expansion is certainly a unique look with its dark black color and face mask. How to get the Te sham Mutual armor This sleek set is only available during the Blood and Wine quest La Cage Au For.

Don’t forget to grab the mask, gauntlets, and steel sword from another chest and strongbox located in the tower. Armor type: Heavy Special stats: Resistance to bleeding and burning Set bonus : Killing opponents restores vitality.

The assassin’s gauntlets get a special mention because they provide 10% critical hit chance, which is one of the best stat boosts you can get from gloves in Witcher3. If you don’t mind mixing and matching gear and have a build focused on high CRT chance, these gloves are a great option, especially early on in the game.

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