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On a horse riding vacation in the USA, you'll get explore the vast country on horseback. Channel your inner cowboy and go on a ride in the wild, wild West and explore the forests and canyons while riding your horse.

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The location and quality of the horses.” United Kingdom “Awesome scenery, quality horses, great guide and superb hosts, absolutely just what we needed. ” Spain “The beautiful and calm horses.

The United States of America is a very large country and has an unevenly distributed population over a big area, so there are still many wild parts. Some western states like Wyoming cover an area the size of France or Germany and have a population of less than 500,000 people who for the most part live in a few cities and small towns.

Earlier, Spanish colonist had discovered that much of the land in what is now south-western USA was not suitable for agriculture due to inadequate rainfall, but they learned that the vast grasslands were ideal for cattle herding. These Spanish pioneers introduced the long-horned cattle, founded the first ranches and hired mounted vaqueros to tend their herds.

Colonists from the eastern or southern parts of the US and immigrants from Europe flooded into the western frontier in search of inexpensive land. Vast areas of grassland in the Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming territories were declared open range where cattle were permitted to freely graze.

You do not have to be an expert rider to enjoy riding on the range and whether travelling solo or with your family, you can be guaranteed a trip of a lifetime. It was established as a guest ranch in 1924, and its history has been lovingly preserved in the beautiful buildings that rest comfortably in the rolling pastures of the high Sonoran Desert.

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The ranch boasts more than 320 day of sunshine a year and is just one hour from Tucson, ideally situated at the base of the sacred Baboquivari mountains and bordering the Toronto O'ODHA Indian Nation. The ranch offers a range of activities, including beautiful trail rides for all abilities, cattle work, sport shooting or simply relaxing.

Take a step back in history and ride trails made famous by Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday and the outlaw Curly Bill Gropius. Stay in a replica 1880s main street with individually styled rooms representing the storefronts of Tombstone.

Located in a remote valley, this ranch offers tuition with certified instructors, a cross-country course, team sorting, herding cows, cattle drives, roundups, pack trips and trail rides. Excellent cuisine and outstanding fishing opportunities, along with their Arabian horse breeding program, make this an exceptional ranch to visit.

The ranch is next to a pure blue lake surrounded by rocky outcrops and you will be able to explore the Black Hills on horseback. This 600-acre family guest ranch, nestled in its own private mountain valley, has been offering authentic western holidays for more than 70 years.

A beautiful year-round guest ranch and horse farm conveniently nestled in Central Georgia's Historic Heartland. The ranch offers an all-inclusive riding package during which you can experience the delightful accommodation, exceptional cuisine and southern hospitality.

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The small farmers were up against the rough climate, down-and-dirty cattle barons, hostile Indian tribes and the depression of the early 20th century. The Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm spans gorgeous acreage that includes Sugar bush and the Mad River Valley.

As a guest, you get to spend your nights at a country inn that's full of Victorian inspiration; you're likely to feel as if you've ridden back in time for the duration of your stay. This is the ideal spot for riders who love Icelandic horses, plus it offers versatile packages.

Lazy trips through tranquil meadows and gallops across speedy streams will have you in love with Vermont within the first few hours. There's nothing like New England in the fall, plus you can get all sorts of maple goodies around that time of year.

The Mountain Top Inn in the Mad River Valley offers a similar backdrop to the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm. However, you aren't limited to horseback: the Mountain Top Inn offers guests a bevy of additional activities, such as kayaking, clay bird shooting, swimming, hiking, and various sports.

Rather, the ranch is a staple, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains for ample riding opportunities. You won't find a prettier vacation spot, but you're only about 50 miles outside of Washington, D.C., just in case you get a big city itch.

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For example, there are weekend trips that include rides, food, and room at a charming local bed and breakfast. This Georgian ranch, only an hour from Atlanta, sits in the center of the Historic Heartland of the state.

Horseshoe Canyon is near the Buffalo National Wilderness Area, so it's not only scenic, but it's also overrun with trail riding opportunities. You get to stay in cabins that appear rustic but come with all the comforts of home, including air conditioning.

The guides make sure to match you with a horse that complements your skill and comfort level. After a long day on the trails or a rugged ride -- just for experts -- you can relax in the pool or the hot tub.

It borders the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve, which is right at the bottom of the Sanger de Cristo mountains. One focuses on improving riding skills, while another is designed to show visitors just what it means to work on a ranch.

Feel free to climb off your horse to take a hike, learn about conservation ranching, or study the local bison. Doing travel research on your own can be daunting, so we enlisted the help of the people behind Equip Supermarket, and they gave us some suggestions on where to spend your next horseback riding holiday.

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The venue also offers many other activities to provide a complete holiday experience including hiking, rodeos, white water rafting and clay pigeon shooting. You can opt for a 10-day riding holiday which lets you explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas and gives you a once-in-a-lifetime perspective on this important site.

The Three Bars Ranch in Alberta can be found between the Glacier National Park and Ban ff and offers amazing horse riding trails for the family through the Canadian Rockies. This family-friend destination can be reached by flying in to Calgary, and offers access to Alberta and British Columbia, including Ban ff, Lake Louise and Buffalo Jump.

You can take part in a 14-day riding tour where you will experience mountains and lakes, rivers and valleys and get the chance to stay in a nomadic encampment. The venue also offers plenty of other leisure activities including Jacuzzi pools to help you relax and soothe tired muscles after a hard day of riding.

Riding through some scenic, rugged, remote mountains in the Angeles National Forest. Only 1.2 h from down town LA The ranch is based remote in the wilderness of the National Angeles Forest.

At Badger Creek Ranch you’ll be part of our cowboy crew as we ride. We are in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in an area of high desert, located at 9,000 ft.

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The Town is a rural environment, filled with grazing animals, nurseries, ... read more Southern Cross Guest Ranch is a premier year-around guest ranch, horse farm, and bed & breakfast conveniently nestled one hour east of Atlanta, GA. Central Georgia's Historic Heartland and within an hour drive from Atlanta.... read more.

From horse back riding, archery, water sports, zip lining, and more! Red Horse Mountain is located near the eastern shores of Coeur d'Alene Lake in Idaho, between Carlin Bay and Harrison.

Join us for a trail ride, pony ride, lessons or board your horse with us and enjoy our indoor arena and trails Very scenic with lots of hills and woods.... read more Private horse trekking adventurous located at several state parks in Minnesota May through November.

North America > USA > Missouri > Bourbon, Ozark Mountains Enjoy a variety of gained breeds on this 7th generation working ranch on the Ceramic River.

Day trips over private ranches, wooded trails along river. SW of St. Louis on the scenic Ceramic in the ancient rolling Ozark MTS.

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Ceramic Farm has hay fields, pastures, high rugged woods and vast expanses of country to ride. Summer Horseback Pack Trips into the Wilderness with War Outfitters.

Welcome to Our Heritage Guest Ranch which offers 3600 scenic acres to ride on and very nice accommodations for you and your horses/mules. We are surrounded by the Gala National Grasslands, consequently the scenery is kept pristine and not encumbered by viewing unsightly construction or factories.

We will guide you through the stunning beauty of the Sanger de Cristo Mountain range on a trail ride ... read more We offer year-round guided trail rides to the public to facilitate dream-realization and lifelong relationships between people & horses.

North America > USA > Texas > Washington near Blenheim (approx. TC RANCH is located in an optimum and distinctive area of Texas.

Hoodoo offers two types of rides-one features camping and the other inn lodging. Each camping ride is unique, and we seldom cover the same backcountry Adjacent to 8 national forests and 5 national parks, Trails on all rides are mostly groomed and pioneered by wildlife, Indians, outlaws or herdsmen.

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Known for its personalized service, variety of trail riding opportunities and down home atmosphere. Some of the most beautiful trail riding in VA. Shangri-La Retreat Guest Ranch is located in South Boston, Virginia, and has additional activities located nearby such as Virginia International Raceway (VIR), South Boston Speedway, Staunton River Battlefield ... read more.

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