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James Smith
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
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Do you have a large herd that you need to keep clean, or an especially hairy horse who takes a lot of grooming ? Although vacuuming horses seems, at first thought, to be a bit of a strange thing to do, it is actually a great idea.

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The besthorsevacuum can remove dirt, dust and excess hair very quickly and easily and with very little stress (once you’ve got your horse used to the noise and the sensation, that is!) This is a powerful horse vacuum, which removes all sorts of excess hair and parasites and leaves the coat shiny and clean.

It’s better than normal grooming as it allows the natural oils to stay in the coat, and it prevents dust and particles sticking back onto the hairs and having to be brushed off over and over. This hard wearing horse vacuum will give your horse ’s coat the most beautiful shine, and remove any loose hairs and dried on mud at the same time.

Vacuuming will also improve the general condition of your horse ’s skin, as it will smooth the natural oils down the hair shaft. He believes it is more important than ever before to encourage children to experience the joy of horse riding.

Stable cleaning is a vital part of daily life when you have horses. The average home vacuum cleaner is built to handle dust, dirt, hair and the occasional small stone.

These models are great for cleaning carpets and hard floors, but they don’t have the strength for industrial jobs or stables. Most home vacs, for example, won’t be able to cope with sucking up nails from horse shoes.

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For this reason, the average Dyson or Mile probably isn’t a good choice. They usually have a larger capacity, durable design and can cope with liquids along with dry debris.

If you have a small stable or just need a vacuum for speeding up your cleaning tasks, a wet and dry vac is probably the best choice. They are more powerful than wet and dry vacuums and have extra features for cleaning barns and stables.

These can include a wider floor head for faster cleaning, huge capacity so you don’t need to empty them as often, and a quiet motor to avoid scaring horses. Two of the most popular are the Edge Power Vac (in the US) and Big Brute (in the UK).

It’ll be a faster process for a farm vac, as there aren’t many on the market! If so, a large vacuum with a filter designed to prevent clogging is a good choice.

Bonus points if it can switch between wet and dry modes without changing the filter! Home vacuums are cheap in comparison, plus they are mass-produced, so it’s often easy to get them repaired.

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Before you buy, make sure you visit the manufacturer’s website and check whether they sell spare parts for a reasonable price. Vacuuming a stable requires a durable machine that’s powerful and has a large capacity.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to buy a powerful home vacuum too. Fortunately, there are plenty of great home vacs that excel with hair and larger debris.

The Mile C3 Cat and Dog is my top pick, as it has a turbo brush for carpets, large bagged capacity and is great on pet hair. Factors such as the size of the stable, type of floor and your budget all affect the best choice.

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. Scraps of material, spills, paint, and countless other things can quickly turn a workspace into a disaster area, especially if you lack the means to clean up the difficult messes.

A shop vac is an indispensable addition to any home or garage since it takes the performance of a vacuum and turns it up to 11. A good shop vac should be able to suck up a wide variety of things such as spills, debris, even snow.

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This shop vac is on the larger side for extra tough messes or bigger rooms you may need to tackle. The 6.5 HP motor is also powerful enough to handle many types of debris and messes you may encounter while using this option.

The accessories with this option include a large eight-inch utility nozzle, crevice tool for hard-to-reach spots and several filters to keep small things from damaging the insides. The vacuum ’s filter system is designed to suck up fine particles such as dry wall dust.

The three layer filter is easy to replace and will help remove dangerous dust from spaces after large projects or disasters. Take it outdoors and reverse the motor to activate the lawn blowing function for areas like the patio, yard or driveway.

The smaller size of the vacuum also makes it easy to store in places such as small apartments, offices, and the garage. Moving the vacuum is also meant to be comfortable with a contoured control handle and sturdy, all-direction casters.

The Stanley Pro Stainless Steel sits in the middle of small and large shop vac options with an eight gallon tank. The air filters on this vacuum are good if you expect to find harmful molds, mildew and bacteria in the dust you need to clean up.

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Like other shop vacs, this one can handle both dry and wet matter, so you can reach for it the next time you encounter a large spill. Ten gallons will give you plenty of storage to keep on cleaning, making it ideal for small industrial and commercial applications in addition to home use.

The standard 6.5-horsepower motor is capable of surviving the abuse of professional applications or giving you all the power you need at home. The combination of a 20-foot power cord and 12-foot hose will give you unparalleled reach while working around any room or space.

Other mechanical and manual methods allow much larger pieces of manure to remain in the stall. The Stall Shi×fter is also used to sift the bedding of pens or stalls of other animals such as miniature horses & donkeys, llamas, alpacas, goats and exotic zoo animals like giraffes and zebras; it’s the most versatile horse stall cleaning system on the market.

You will save up to 50% on bedding costs and cut horse stall cleaning time and labor up to 65%. In addition to saving you thousands of dollars a year in bedding and labor expense, this horse stalls cleaning system will make your stalls cleaner than you can possibly clean them with a fine tine manure fork using the manual horse stall cleaning method.

Do you suffer from manual horse stall cleaning induced tennis elbow? Tennis elbow is not aggravated by palms up labor and typically abates after a week or two of shoveling not shaking.

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I speak from experience because I was suffering from very painful tennis elbow before I changed my horse stall cleaning method from manual to automatic using the Stall Shi×fter. They say necessity is the mother of invention and I can attest that in this case, it was true.

Before I bought it two years ago, I was so burnt out and sick of cleaning every day. I am happy to tell one and all about my experience with the Stall Shi×fter; rarely am I so enthusiastic about a machine, but this really did make a difference for me, and other than the barn itself, it is the first thing that I will replace.

It is funny that after using your stall shi×fter for the last couple of years that I felt so lost without it the 2 days I couldn’t use it! We put it together in the living room while we watched TV and then wheeled it out to the barn and tried it on my worst stall.

Great packing job and easy to follow directions it took me about an hour to put together. My wife and I went back and forth on this thing because of the price, but we should have bought it before we built the new barn.

My husband will spend all day trying to find a mechanized way to do something that would take only a short time, so he is also impressed. The Stall Shi×fter is working wonderful, I love it.

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Hello Mr. Hopkins, The Stall Shifter has arrived safe and sound. It appears that you spent a great deal of time and thought on it.

I’m sure our stall cleaning-related aches and pains will cease to exist before long. The Stall Shifter will be a great help in preventing stiffness in my hands, so I can paint comfortably.

We at Horses for a Change wanted to let you know how much we love our Brock wood Stall Shifter. It's been especially wonderful for the crew that does night check because they don't have to do much picking up of stalls in the evening.

We also wanted to thank you for your donation of a 10% discount, a value of $224.90on on our Shifter, which was delivered in October 2018.

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