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So let’s settle the debate once and for all, and list the best horses we can find in the game! I didn’t cover all the creatures toucan mount in the game such as Lord of the Mountain, Seahorse, Bears, Stags etc.

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Toucan find this horse in the Baobab Grassland in the Lake Tower Region. To begin the quest, speak to Strain at the Mounted Archery Camp.

The biggest disappointment with this horse is that you cannot change the saddle or bridle. Which is a bummer since you lose the ability to summon it anywhere as toucan ’t put the Ancient Saddle on it.

I named mine Drag mire, because it resembles Ganondorf’s horse. It’s supposed to be descendant of the horse used by Princess Zelda.

You cannot give it a different name, nor canyon change the bridle or saddle. Honestly, horses are pretty useless if toucan ’t put the ancient gear on them since they aren’t near when you actually need them.

This horse is special because it’s the one used in the game trailers and during several of the memories. Toucan find this horse in the Baobab Grassland and Upland Lind or.

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The best horses can be found in Ridgeland Tower region, in the grassland just above Mag No’rah Shrine, near Serene Stable. When you go to the grassland, find the horses with the color you like, mount them and take them to the Serene Stable to check their stats and register.

Toucan save and load again to get different colored horses if you didn’t like the previous ones. However, strength just represents the health and not the actual attack power.

Toucan increase stamina temporarily by feeding it Endure Carrots if you really need. In addition, if you have the expansion pass, you get the Ancient Bridle which adds extra 2 spurs to the stamina.

Maxing out bond with your horse is crucial, but taming one in some dangerous areas can be a pain. Dismount in a safe zone (so that your horse won't be spooked by a monster popping up) and hold a bunch of apples or any other fruit or vegetables.

The horse is located up the Saladin Park Ruins not far from the bridge, wandering among the hills -- and takes quite a lot of stamina to tame. This is arguably the best mount younger in the game without using an Amino, and has even more Stamina than Upon, but less speed.

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They're powerful centaur-like beasts armed with formidable arrows, swords, shields and breath weapons. Toucan see this mountain from the hills you find the White Horse, and various towers through Rule.

Again, toucan 't register them, and they go poof at sunrise, but it's pretty boss to ride a skeleton horse around Rule. Being able to go everywhere in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a wonderful thing, but the size of the world is positively intimidating as Link only has two legs and can only travel so fast.

Horses then, are key, and not only do they make travelling around the world 400% more enjoyable, it’s also lovely to gallop across the fields, feeling the wind flowing through your mane. Crouch and sneak up from behind, then when you get close enough you should see the option to mount (easy, tiger).

Now things are going to get tricky, as the horse isn’t going to like being jumped on and you ’ll need to hammer L to try and soothe it. Depending on just how wild a particular horse is, you ’ll need to be prepared to quickly eat to stop it bucking you off.

On the way to the stable, you ’ll want to start building your bond with the horse which might be a bit wild and try and lead you off in its own direction. Gently steer back to the right way and give it a pat with L and you ’ll get more of that suspicious pink dust, which shows it doesn’t mind being trained because you ’re being nice about it.

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A bonus way to build your bond is hold an apple and stand next to your horse once it’s registered. Once you get to the stable, just hold SL to lock onto the man behind the front desk and talk to him.

I will say that I found my best horse, Auditor, who has two out of three stats with 4/4 and one with 3/4 standing alone in the middle of a field. He was ultra wild, so I don’t know if other horses just couldn’t stand his company.

If you ’re looking for something a little grander, grab the Hunt for the Giant Horse side quest from Strain. You ’ll find him at his camp next to Puppet’s Grove in the Lake Tower Region.

If you want it, you ’ll need to head to the Outskirts Stables and speak to Hoffa. Well, I hate to break it to you like an old Goblin club but yes, your horse can die in Breath of the Wild.

Like pets or children, leave your horse a safe distance away from danger, don’t hit them with your own weaponry or, y’know, set them on fire and you should be fine. Just remember that if you leave your horse at the bottom of a cliff, toucan just continue your adventure and pick them up at the stables later on.

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However, the second piece of very good news is that should you accidentally send your horse to the glue factory in the sky, there is a way to bring them back. Fast travel to Lake Tower in South Rule and make sure you have 1000 rupees (otherwise it’s a long slog back).

Pick up one of your (non-dead) horses at the Highland Stable to speed things up a bit. Then ride West around the bottom of Harlan Lake until you reach a road that’ll take you South.

There’s no need to pay every time, she’ll just bring back who you need now that you ’ve paid. Sure, the stable gives you a saddle etc when you register your horse but if you want something a little fancier, toucan of course upgrade those to your heart’s content.

Not all stables have them but if there’s someone at the front feeding the horses, toucan customize the saddle, mane and bridle. Bear in mind that you need the bond with your horse to be at 100% before toucan buy him or her shiny upgrades.

Plus, if you ’ve found secret vendor Milton, he’ll sell you some Monster armor for his own currency, Mon. If you played Ocarina of Time in the ‘90s and loved nothing more than riding Upon around Rule field as the sun set on Castle Town, you ’ll be happy to learn that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most horse -friendly Zelda game yet.

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It’s certainly tougher than winning that joke of a horse race back in Ocarina of Time. If you ’re near the beginning of the game, you ’ll want to complete the starting section on the plateau first, then head past the two large mountains to the east and arrive at the Dueling Peaks stable.

When you spot a horse you want, click the left stick to go into sneak mode, creep up behind it, and grab on. The ones with solid coats, as opposed to spots or mottling, are generally tougher to tame.

This will get easier as you increase your stamina, though toucan cheat a bit by cooking stamina-boosting foods using ingredients like Stella mushrooms and restless crickets. Once you ’ve tamed your mount, ride it over to the nearest stable and speak to the front desk by holding the left trigger to focus on your target and then pressing A.

Choose a super cool name like “Princess” or “Sniffy,” then pay 20 rupees for a saddle and bridle. The mane styles and dye will be unlocked automatically, but bridles and saddles you have to find for yourself.

Try finding the Fang and Bone shop run by Milton at the skull-shaped lake in northern Alkali as well. Luckily, there’s a way to drag their horsey souls back across the River Styx if you know whose pockets to line.

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Those pockets belong to none other than the horse god Malaya, and if you ’d rather discover all this for yourself stop reading here. You ’ll surely fall in love with some normal horses you tame on your journey, but if you really want the best of the best you have to look high and low.

A surefire location is the eastern part of North Tabatha Snowfield in Zebra to the northwest. A researcher near a campfire to the west of Highland Stable, just across Men oat River, will give you a side quest to bring him the giant horse.

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