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Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
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Enjoy a true ranch experience centrally located in Wycombe, Alberta, just outside of Red Deer. This location offers wide open spaces for families children, and couples, as well as several breeds of horses suitable for all levels of riders.

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Journey into remote arboreal forests and enjoy the serenity of the backcountry with friendly and professional guides. Saddle up for a journey through the celebrated landscape of Ban ff National Park on this guided horseback riding adventure.

Live like a rancher riding through the wilderness during this one-night, two-day guided horseback riding excursion that includes accommodation at a lodge. Saddle-up for a backcountry ride along a trail in view of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and around the Bow River fed by glacial waters.

There’s nothing more romantic than a horse-drawn sleigh ride in the mountains of Ban ff National Park. The open-top sleigh means snowflakes may land gently on you as you ride through the fields just outside the Ban ff town site, so remember to bundle up and your special someone will keep you warm.

Explore the backcountry of the popular Ban ff National Park like few other travelers do, on a three-day, small-group horseback trip. Spot elk, deer, and moose while following the glacier-fed Bow River, with the towering Rocky Mountains all around.

Relax in comfort at the Sun dance Lodge at night, after huddling around a cozy campfire and swapping stories with your fellow riders. Go back to a simpler time with a 4-hour horseback ride and experience the park at a relaxed pace.

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Go back to a simpler time with a 1-hour horseback ride and experience the park at a relaxed pace. Led by your cowboy guide, saddle up and cross through the tranquil Spray River, and get a feel for what it was like for pioneers first settling in this once-wild area.

Saddle up and head out on the Rocky Mountain trails in Ban ff National Park. On this tour, swing into the saddle and trek through the Rocky Mountains scenery on horseback with your guide.

Voyageur Canoe Portion of tour is sold as per family/cohort, minimum 4 adults maximum of 9 participants. Leave civilization far behind and saddle up for a six-day ride through the Canadian Rocky Mountains and along trails during this guided, horseback riding tour.

Ride along the Bow River fed with cool glacial water to your first of two rustic lodge accommodations. Head up the stunning Allen by Pass and be rewarded with aerial views from 8,100 feet (2,468 meters) and enjoy hearty, delicious dinners at the lodge after your rides.

Trace the paths that the early pioneers rode through Alberta's wild west on this 4-day horseback riding tour along the Erlang Storm Trail. Spend each night in a comfortable lodge, move at a relaxed pace along the trails, and enjoy in-depth commentary on the history and ecosystem of Canada's oldest national park.

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Lake Agnes TrailBanff National Park Length: 4.7 mi • Est. The Lake Agnes Trail is an accessible and relatively short hike up to the Lake Agnes Tea House which was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1901 as a refuge for hikers.

The trail has an elevation gain of 1,312 feet and offers fantastic views of the Noah Crags and Lake Louise. The Tea House is a real treat while enjoying views of the lake and is open from early June through October.

Note that there is no garbage/recycling bin at the tea house as the staff are responsible for trekking supplies up and down the mountain. Please do your part to help the staff and keep our parks clean by being prepared to pack out any garbage from your visit.

The trailhead can be accessed from Lake Louise near the Fairmont Château Hotel. NOTE: This trail is not safe for travel in the winter unless you have avalanche training and equipment.

Kananaskis Country Public Land Use Zone Length: 8.4 mi • Est. If you wish for quiet and tranquil hikes, you should go early or late on weekends or during the week.

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This is also a mountain bike loop that will keep riders entertained with a number of switchbacks. Cox Hill RidgeSibbald Lake Provincial Recreation Area Length: 8.3 mi • Est.

Challenging trail leading from Dawson day use area to the top of Cox Hill. Pyramid Lake Loop Jasper National Park Length: 3.5 mi • Est.

At an elevation of approximately 2000 meters (6500 Ft), and 33 kilometers southwest of Jasper, lies the beautiful Ton quin Valley and its majestic Ramparts. As the alp lands (lupine, gentian and heather) are crossed, the serrated Ramparts appear on the horizon, looming larger and higher with every step of the way.

It is used mostly by climbers planning to camp below the peaks at the north end of the Ramparts, especially if assaults are aimed at the 3308 meter (10854 Ft) Mount Sakai. They pass through spectacular scenery and end up at the World Famous Ton quin Valley.

Elbow-Sheep Wild land Provincial Park Length: 11.3 mi • Est. Ton quin Valley Adventures is offering, for the 2020 season, full camp bookings with a minimum of six people.

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All trips will be self catered and as of this writing self supported as I do not have horse access at the moment. The costs remain the same at $95 CDN per person per night plus applicable taxes.

Self-guided Ski Trips February 16th to April 9thCabin for Four $380/nightAdditional guest $95.00 per nightwear PermittingSelf- guided skiers may book trips on the dates of their choice (subject to availability), and must stay a minimum of two nights. Guides are available on request (additional fees apply).

Guided Rides In To Governor Dodge State Park. Every Horse & Human Has The Opportunity To Achieve Their Full Potential & Contribute To All Aspects Of Life.

Today we invite you to watch the video below to have a visual of the facilities then we welcome you to come and stop by for the introduction to the community of Rocking Bar because as our clients put it… The cabin is just minutes from some of Canada's finest fly-fishing streams, road and mountain bike riding, hiking trails, horseback riding and famous Watertown National park and the Crows nest Pass.

In Winter, Castle Ski Resort is a 12-minute drive away for some of the best fall line downhill terrain and snow conditions. Easy Beaver Lodge is a two-storey Cabin with all the comforts of home.

horseback riding canada alltrails trails
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Each floor is a fully equipped and self-contained apartment, ideal for couples and families. Tiara Darnell is a creative strategist, writer, and video and audio producer based in Buffalo, New York, and Portland.

Advanced riders improve their skills as they learn additional riding techniques and the theory behind them. Go with a group or ride solo like a lone ranger at Dream Ridge Stables in Clackamas County.

This training and boarding facility is about a 40-minute drive from downtown Portland and has a stable of beginner-friendly horses and ponies ready for year-round lessons for youth and adults. Slowly wind through scenic landscapes along the Columbia and Willamette rivers or hone your horsemanship skills through all-ages lessons.

Mount Hood offers scenic recreation ranging from camping, hiking and fishing to nearly year-round skiing. Hood Adventure Park at Ski bowl offers novelty pony rides for kids and full-blown equine excursions through acres of pristine alpine backcountry and old-growth forest for adults.

Famous for its enchanting waterfalls, Silver Falls State Park is located 60 miles (92 km) south of Portland. The same group that oversees Abandon Beach Riding Stables on the Oregon coast, maintains a friendly herd of American quarter horses, warm bloods and paints here.

horseback riding canada alltrails trails
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