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• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
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We share an authentic day of our life in the countryside, the care and handling of animals, our meals, music, dances and lifestyle “gaucho”. We share two authentic days of our country life, the care and handling of animals, our meals, music, dances and “gaucho” lifestyle.

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Relying on them we can visualize beautiful landscapes and learn the style of riding “gaucho”. We welcome horse and nature lovers who want to relax, enjoying a ride along rural roads and paths where they will be surprised with the changing colors, fauna and vegetation at every step we will discover.

Finishing the Cavalcade we will taste some typical mates with sweets of the place between anecdotes and a climate of hospitality. We are the only tourist tour within the private room where part of the history of Carlo occurred and apart it offers views of the sunset and the forests and wild lagoons.

With your local guide, meet a group of gauchos, or traditional Argentine cowboys, in the town of El Mariano. Arrive in Portezuelo de la Paid Blanca to finish your ride with a traditional Amado meal, prepared by the gauchos.

Lunch, dinner, all safety equipment and round-trip transportation from Mendoza hotels are included. Pack your passport and saddle up for an unforgettable cross-country horseback adventure on this 7-day small-group riding tour from Mendoza, Argentina to Chile, including transport, meals and accommodation.

Follow in the footsteps of the gauchos (South American cowboys) as you pass through the wild terrain of the Andes mountains, reaching up to 6,000 meters in altitude. Camp out beneath the stars, spot condors and guaiacol from horseback, and enjoy dazzling views of the mountains, before ending your trip in Santiago, Chile.

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The ride takes us along the Piedmont directly towards Cerro Bola, named for its shape, it is an extinct volcano located on the Queered Harper, named just like that because it was the base and step of our first inhabitants, of which we can see its vestiges with rare figures of more than 500 years. An excellent opportunity to enjoy our mountains, more authentic landscapes and uniquely in San Juan.

This ride is the perfect complement to see our history through the footprint of petroglyph, old abandoned mine, old irrigation systems, and the most modern interventions made by man to cultivate, generate energy and tourism. Learn the rules of the game, then saddle up for two lessons and master the basics of horse riding and hitting the ball.

Take polo lessons in the Argentine pampas on this full-day trip from Buenos Aires. Enjoy touring the local scenery by bike or take a dip in the infinity pool between matches.

Eat a traditional Amado lunch with male and watch a live match if time allows. This small-group polo excursion, limited to eight people, includes round-trip transportation from Buenos Aires.

Horseback riding offers a better way to connect to the pristine wilderness of Terra del Fuel than traveling by vehicle. This guided tour takes you to Laguna Escondido, a rural settlement tucked away between mountains.

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Our delicious steak, accompanied by chimichurri and salsa Criollo, grilled vegetables and assorted salads. Premium wine will be served during the meal, and desert to finish this wonderful gastronomical experience.

A Wonderful Day to Enjoy a Full Horse riding Experience in leis pampas Argentina! Dazzling views and incredible landscapes introduce us to the warm atmosphere of the place and the courtesy of our people.

Our ‘Pings’ guide us to places where we will appreciate the river, the flora, the native fauna, the wine regions of Human de Cuyo and Maipú and unbeatable panoramic views of the Andes mountain range with the fall of the sun. The activity begins in Frontiers Winery, an organic and biodynamic project where we will visit and taste their wines.

To preserve the safety of passengers against weather contingencies, the suspension of the service will be informed even on the same day of the activity, with the possibility of rescheduling or receiving the full refund of the money. Wear comfortable clothes, long pants and coat, sunglasses and sun protection, mineral water.

Having a privileged location on Lake Gutiérrez, Los Bequeaths is the ideal place to carry out activities in the nature and get to know the true Brioche landscape, enjoying the tranquility of being outside the traditional circuits. We will navigate passing by a cliques tree cemetery located at the bottom of the lake and reach a sandy beach surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests.

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In the afternoon, after a delicious lunch, we will horse-ride for about 2 hours in which we will tour the Patagonian forest, and we will visit waterfalls, rivers and amazing viewpoints. Spend a full or half-day in Estonia Libero Like in Los Glaciers National Park and experience Patagonian rural life on this tour from El Carafate.

Go on a horseback riding expedition (full-day option), marvel at the rugged natural scenery, watch a sheep shearing demonstration, hike and enjoy a local grilled-lamb lunch. The horseback ride in the Andes Mountains will take you through an altitude landscape where you will have the opportunity to observe the characteristic fauna and flora of this area, while you ride on gentle horses, accompanied by a professional local guide.

We spend the day on a working ranch in a unique micro-climate of rolling green hills, babbling streams and some of the highest mountains and volcanoes in the World. Your 3.5-hour horseback ride starts at the foot of the Cordon del Plate, an Andean mountain range in the Eco Valley.

You can easily spot wildlife such as llamas, foxes, hares, eagles and condors. After 90 minutes we reach 9,185 feet (2,800 meters) above sea level, with breathtaking views of the Cordon del Plate mountain range and Potrerillos Valley.

There are plenty of Estonia here that take in guests and teach them awesome activities such as polo and cattle work or farming. From the rugged Andes Mountains to the rolling plateaus of Patagonia, Argentina will never disappoint.

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42,000+ verified reviews 4.5 star average organizer score The location and quality of the horses.” United Kingdom “Awesome scenery, quality horses, great guide and superb hosts, absolutely just what we needed.

We require all our riders to be competent and confident at all paces; surprises in the bush cannot be predicted. Every day will see a plethora of wildlife: impala trotting alongside us, wildebeest whirling away, giraffe lolloping off in any direction and zebras calmly cantering into the distance.

Vistas are always enormous, the wide African sky impossibly huge, and the horizon distant and hovering in the midday heat. It's a feeling of utter freedom and a return to existing as a human in harmony with the environment.

The majority of these have been bred and raised at home on our wildlife conservancy in central Kenya. Living at close quarters with wild animals, our horses are familiar with being amongst big game, have great endurance and are evenly tempered.

Under the professional guidance of Felicia and her team of grooms, each safari horse is carefully schooled, exercised and loved for the sole purpose of carrying our guests safely through the African wilderness. Each riding safari is personally guided by Gordie, with Felicia on hand to assist with the horses.

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All riders must be confident at all paces, of intermediate level of fitness and riding ability, and have with them a sense of adventure. Our rides in Kenya are operated in the most game-rich wilderness locations on the continent, in some of the largest fenced expanses in Africa.

These areas offer great diversity in wildlife species, birdlife and scenery. The landscape is one of rolling Savannah and acacia woodland, intersected by dark green veins of riverine forest on the banks of the Mara and Clear ROK rivers.

This wilderness is an extension of the Serengeti (Tanzania) ecosystem and is considered to be Kenya's best wildlife sanctuary, where animals can still be seen in vast numbers. The annual migration of up to one million wildebeest is thrillingly dramatic and considered to be one of the greatest wildlife spectacles in the world.

The Mara is also home to the colorful and handsome Masai people who, with their herds of livestock, are synonymous with the region. It stretches from the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya in the east, across the equator to the Great Rift Valley in the west.

The landscape is physically diverse with open grasslands, basalt hills, escarpments, rivers and dense forests. It is widely accredited as one of Kenya’s premier safari destinations, the combination of abundant wildlife and exceptional scenic beauty providing the basis for Waikiki’s unique and high quality tourism.

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Wildlife is free to roam between the surrounding conservancies, ranches and community lands into Kenya’s northern rang elands. High levels of community involvement and participation allow visitors privileged access to the ethnically diverse cultures of the Komodo Masai, Hamburg, Point and other peoples.

Our safaris are designed entirely around the wishes of our guests, riding over a country that is home to abundant wildlife, framed by endless panoramas. While our skilled crew break and move camp, we ride on horseback to meet them in the late afternoon.

In the event that any of our guests feel a little saddle sore, our four by four safari vehicles are on stand by to take them on game drives. Traditionally, most of our safaris cater for private parties, however we operate a select number of ‘set departure’ rides, on which guests are invited to join a group of other like-minded riders.

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