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• Wednesday, 14 October, 2020
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Over the past 30 years, I’ve worn a lot of different riding pants. The knee grip is great (there’s a full-seat version too), but the side cell phone pocket is my favorite feature.

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Cell phone pockets on both sides (with overlap flat for security) Extra wide pull-on waistband for comfort Mesh panels on the side and lower leg for breathability Microfiber (vs. rubber grip) knee patches It’s easy to feel like you’ve seen it all when it comes to riding pantyhose, but I was pleasantly surprised by the design of the Leah UV Pro.

If you like a looser fitting pant, you won’t love the compression fabric The black stripping on the thighs looks odd on the lighter color breeches They’re too casual for competition and typically for English riders only, but they’re lighter weight, super comfy, and great for everyday use.

Unlike pantyhose, which are usually pull-on style, breeches typically have a zip and button/snap closure and a shorter waistband. Jodhpurs: Most often worn by kids or saddle seat riders, jodhpurs go over the top of paddock boots with a strap under the foot to keep them in place.

The fabric is buttery soft, it features a cell phone pocket, and the wide waistband is insanely comfortable. While there aren’t as many options for male riders out there, there are some wonderful breeches available in a variety of price ranges, colors, and cuts.

We find riding pantyhose to be more comfortable, generally, than breeches with their snap or button closures and thinner waistbands. If you’re looking for a riding pant that flatters a wide range of body shapes, we recommend breeches that feature things like front and back pockets, accent stitching, and a clean waistband with belt loops.

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Full seat with silicone grip (so you’ll stay cooler) Elastic stretch lower leg that’s slim under your boots Lightweight yet durable fabric that becomes more (not less) comfortable with each wash Sticky grip that’s perfect for schooling and training Go with the Aria Freda Cooling Tight, and you’ll be able to ride in comfort and access your phone quickly if the perfect selfie moment arises.

The fabric is super soft, has a thigh cell phone pocket, and a wide waistband that’s so comfortable. Most riders want a lot of grip for jumping, so go with a full seat breech or tight.

Full seat with silicone grip (to keep you cooler) Elastic stretch lower leg that won’t feel bulky under your boots Lightweight yet durable fabric Sticky grip to keep you secure over fences Experienced riders would agree that buying a pair of new and comfy horse riding pants is one of the best feelings in the equestrian life.

As a new rider, you might be entirely oblivious to the fact that you need a specific leggier when it comes to horse riding. Think of it as safety gear that helps you ride more efficiently and saves you from unnecessary scratches or cuts.

To put it simply, there are three types of riding pants: breeches /jodhpurs, pantyhose, and jeans. Breeches are the most commonly worn type of leggier for horse riding due to their purposeful design.

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Lastly, riding jeans give you that classy cowboy look that we all crave for somewhere deep inside, and they’re super-comfy given that you ensure that you’re buying the ones that aren’t too tight on your hips. Now that you have a good idea about different types, let’s talk about buying factors.

The self-evident reason for the popularity of breeches is their ability to adapt to almost all types of horse riding. The only reason why there are several types and qualities of horse riding pants is comfort.

Comfort is also when wearing a specific attire doesn’t affect your typical movements at all. Also, additional features like the extra pockets on your horse riding pants surely count as comfort.

For instance, is the color of your breeches regularly worn in your preferred horse riding style ? Not that there would be any colossal repercussions if you don’t, but for best value for money, choose the ones that are not only styled according to the particular horse riding sport but also look great on you.

That’s partly because they’re lightweight and thinner, making them one of the besthorsebackriding pants for summer. Some customers have reported size issues, but by making precise measurements you can avoid them too.

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Made up of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, Tougher’s ventilated schooling pantyhose are durable and don’t shrink, even after regular wash. This makes them even cooler and breathable, so we’re looking at excellent comfort here; that too, at a very reasonable price.

These mid-rise waist knee-patch breeches have high-quality buttons and zippers, can be washed at home, and come in various colors. The stuff is praiseworthy; you feel ventilated in summers and insulated in winters.

They decrease stuffing when you wear long boots, perfect cowgirl attire, right? Other than bunching and pinching of the knee-patch occasionally while riding, it’s quite the comfortable pair of breeches a new or an experienced equestrian might be looking for.

These horse riding pantyhose by Noble Outfitters are composed of 76% Supple nylon and 24% spandex jersey and promise the best comfort. This fabric is excellent at drying moisture quickly, giving you that neat and clean feel while riding in summers.

They’ve got a hidden pocket in the back waist and one on the front giving you ample space. You might find them a little costly, but they surely aren’t overpriced because of the unbelievable amount of value they offer.

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They’re lightweight, making your legs feel at home and cool, no matter for how long you wear them. These extremely durable unwashed high-waisted jeans come in the classic five-pocket style.

These 100% cotton horse riding pants are durable and lightweight, yet highly stylish. If bought with an awesome horse riding boot, the John Wayne in you would come to life.

These full-seat silicone grip breeches have a front pocket that you can use for horse treats or your phone. Some users say that their pair of darker colors have been fading a bit after a considerable period of use.

If you want versatile breeches that you can wear for almost any type of horse riding, you’ve got to give FitsT4 a try. Composed of 83% polyester and 17% elastane, these breeches come with awesome knee-patches that provide equally incredible and enhanced grip.

Side mesh panels add to the pantyhose’ beauty and breathability, but they’re a bit see-through, which can bothersome. Still, the fact that these pantyhose don’t have Velcro around the ankles make them easy to put on those tall horse riding boots.

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So, make sure you wash them with cold water before wearing to soften them a bit. By far, the best thing about these Wrangler jeans is that they’re budget horse riding pants while offering premium quality.

Wrangler is the Nike for horse riding pants, except that their prices are close to a bargain. Their breeches material converts sweat into coolness and this has made Kerr its so wanted in the riding world.

These full-seat breeches have amazing grip and side pockets that can comfortably carry your mobile phones. The UPF 50+ sun protection feature is what seals the deal and truly makes the Kerr its Ice Film the besthorsebackriding pants for summer.

To ease it up for you, almost all the products on the list are from bestriding breeches brands that have properly established themselves as an authority. You would have read it online quite often that jodhpurs and breeches are the same, but in the eyes of an established equestrian, even the tiniest of changes matter.

In pop culture, hardly anyone would remember a cowboy wearing anything but those rugged, dusty jeans. So, they’re pretty cool, style-wise, but if you’re a comfort lover, you might want to consider fun riding breeches or pantyhose.

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