Best Horseback Riding Clothes

Carole Stephens
• Saturday, 10 October, 2020
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Your upper body clothing should be form-fitting in order to minimize the risk of it getting caught in your tack. A great piece of clothing to invest in for horseback riding in colder months would be a thermal base layer.

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It’s a bit expensive, but it has multiple heat settings, a battery life of up to 10 hours, and you can also use it to charge your phone, which is nice for longer rides. Wearing the proper attire and equipment affects how effectively and safely you ride.

(Exhibit A: My western style Trowel helmet is comfortable, stylish, and keeps me safe.) Boots with a heel so your feet don’t accidentally get caught in your stirrups during a fall.

A fitted long or short-sleeved shirt that won’t get tangled in the horse’s equipment. After 30+ years of English and western riding (for pleasure, competition, and horseback riding vacations), I’ve tried more than my fair share of equestrian apparel and equipment.

This fashion guide will save you time and money by prioritizing need-to-have, nice-to-have, and don’tt-bother gear. One friend had to be airlifted off a trail after her horse tripped, and she suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Imagine how much worse her injuries would have been if she hadn’t been taking basic safety precautions! These days, I ride in a carbon gray Tipperary Shortage helmet.

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I have a second of the exact same kind one size bigger for winter, so I can fit my fleece balaclava underneath. I choose this helmet because it was ATM/Set certified, lightweight, and comes down lower over the back of the skull for additional protection.

When this helmet wears out, I’ve already decided to upgrade to the Back on Track Trauma Void EQ3. It’s known for its Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (“MIPS”) technology (like that used in motorcycling and ski helmets) and Cool max lining.

You can purchase inexpensive helmet covers in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Or, check out the Fallon Taylor Horse Riding Helmet Collection from Trowel at Amazon for colorful designs that don’t sacrifice safety for fashion.

Paddock or Dress Boots A heel is critical to ensure your foot won’t slip through the stirrup. If you want to go with a dress boot instead (my personal preference), I’m obsessed with the Aria V Sport Zip.

Breeches or Jodhpurs There’s more to skinny, stretchy riding pants than fashion. Fitted clothing doesn’t accidentally catch or tangle in your horse riding gear, and specially designed riding pants typically feature textured fabric on the inner leg and seat to increase your grip in the saddle.

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You may have to try a few different brands to find what fits your body type best, but I almost exclusively ride in Kerr its breeches year-round. In warmer months, I use the Kerr its Ice Film Tech Tight.

In winter months, I ride in Kerr its Sit Tight ‘N Warm Breeches. Pro Tip: Jodhpurs go with paddock boots (and half chaps).

If you’d like a durable short sleeve option to stay cool and look nice, try the Kerr its Breeze Cecil shirt. Pro Tip: Tank tops aren’t recommended, as they provide no arm coverage or protection if you happen to fall off.

I do ride in tank tops when it’s super hot, but I know it’s a risk for scrapes and bruises. Grab a few pairs of Tougher Cool Max boot socks (warm weather) or Storm Block winter boot socks (cold weather), and you’ll be good to go.

Chafing, pant lines, and general discomfort can cut your ride short. Best horse riding underwear for women: Underarm our compression shorts are one of the most popular choices for ladies.

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They’re form fitting, lightweight, wick moisture/sweat, quick drying, super stretchy, have a wide comfy waistband, won’t give you party lines on your bum, and feature anti-odor technology. They’re lightweight, wick moisture/sweat, quick drying, super stretchy, have a wide performance waistband, and feature anti-odor technology.

Gloves protect your hands from rubs (and dirt) if your horse pulls on the reins or if you’re riding for several hours at a time. I also prefer not having a tight Velcro closure on the wrist when I’m riding, so these are perfect.

You don’t have a good feel for the reins or your horse’s mouth, plus most winter gloves aren’t actually warm. The Sags are my go-to solution for keeping feeling in my hands all winter long.

They protect your leg from rubbing and also keep your pants from getting wear and tear. Mesh half chaps are super breathable in hot summer months.

Side note: I’m more of a dress boot gal, so I don’t usually ride with half chaps. But, I’m seriously considering a pair of Aria Terrain II half chap s for my next riding vacation.

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Choosing a true riding jacket will ensure you stay both fashionable and safe in the saddle. The Kerr its On Track Riding Jacket is currently in my cart, and I love the horseshoe stitching, ladies slim fit, and full zip.

They provide a lot of protection for your core (all those super important organs!) I bought the Aware Outline when I started jumping two years ago and love it.

C4 belts are guaranteed to fit because they can be cut to size, have interchangeable buckles, and come in tons of cool designs. As I mentioned earlier, I also ride western with my reined cow horse.

If you’re going to try a western discipline like cow work or trail riding, here’s a guide about what to wear. If you like a more colorful western design, check out the Fallon Taylor Collection from Trowel.

I follow her on Instagram, and she’s doing a great job of making helmets “cool” in the western arena. The most important thing is to have a distinct heel so your foot can’t slip through the stirrup.

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You need one that’ll be comfortable enough for riding and that you won’t freak out about if they get dirty, scuffed, or stepped on (which they will). But, if you’re going to be riding for several hours or routinely swinging into the saddle, it’s worth investing in a pair made for riders.

Recently, I helped a friend gather cattle and decided to leave my chaps behind because it was pretty warm. By the time we got back to the trailer a few hours later, I’d taken countless direct hits from branches and even found a whole pine cone under my saddle horn.

If you plan to compete in western disciplines like reined cow horse, you’re actually required to wear full chaps. That’s why I purchased my long black suede fringe chaps, and I keep them in my trailer, so I don’t forget them.

Best horse riding underwear for women: Underarm our compression shorts are one of the most popular choices for ladies. They’re form fitting, lightweight, wick moisture/sweat, quick drying, super stretchy, have a wide comfy waistband, won’t give you party lines on your bum, and feature anti-odor technology.

They’re lightweight, wick moisture/sweat, quick drying, super stretchy, have a wide performance waistband, and feature anti-odor technology. Call ahead to double-check, or simply pack your own helmet so you can ensure the proper quality and fit.

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Place it upside down in your luggage and pack small items like socks and underwear inside it. If you don’t want to pack a separate pair of riding boots, this is a great option.

The Aria Terrain H2O (gents) and the women’s version have the heel you need to ride and the comfort and structure you need to hike. Get a pair of denim knee patch breeches you can wear both on your ride and out on the town for dinner.

Goode Rider makes really a popular jean breech, and I’ve got my eyes on a dark wash pair from Horse. Put your keys on a simple carabiner you can clip to your belt buckle or get a slightly bigger water bottle/pocket carrier like this.

Soak before you go: I own several soakable neck wraps, and they’re lifesavers in the summer heat. Think breathable: Kerr its Cecil Breeches are my favorite pants for hot weather and beach rides.

They’re durable but lightweight, and the Cecil fabric is designed to Lowery your skin temperature by five degrees. Stay hydrated: Bring your own water and carry it in a holster that easily clips to your saddle like this.

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Pro Tip: If you have access to a freezer prior to your ride, toss a few of these mini ice packets in. I started putting one in my helmet before riding in my summer clinics this year, and they saved me.

That takes a lot of pre-planning to make sure I can keep my hands, feet, and core warm enough to function! #game changer Shoe inserts: I’ve tried them all (including heated socks which didn’t work), and I now buy the Grabbers heated insoles in bulk each winter and put them inside my insulated boots.

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