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1895 Big Thompson Ave, Estes Park, CO “The horses are clearly well cared for and the stables are family run by a really sweet and friendly couple.” In 77 reviews.

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“We didn't know what to expect since we brought along a 5-year-old and this was her first time ever on a horse.” In 40 reviews. “The horses (Champ, Rocker, Old Henry, Cash, and Sawyer) were sweet and calm throughout the two-hour trip.” In 38 reviews.

600 W Elk horn Ave, Estes Park, CO “We had an awesome tour guide who breezed through the rules and got us onto the horses in a pretty quick fashion.” In 4 reviews.

4000 Bear Lake Rd, Prague Lake Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, CO “She also took photos for all of us on our horses which was definitely something I wanted from my experience.” In 7 reviews.

Others offer pack trips that take fishermen to remote lakes and streams. There are plenty of trails to check out, including those at Hermit Park Open Space.

In these wild areas, keep your eyes open for native wildlife, especially deer, elk and coyote, and interesting land formations. Witnessing it from the back of a horse offers a unique experience you won't want to miss.

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Our knowledgeable wranglers, the assorted terrain, and our large herd of good mountain horses make riding at the Bar W exceptional. You’ll ride in places with names like Sunday Creek, Lake Koocanusa, and the Kootenai National Forest.

The Bar W truly is an equestrian’s dream, where time will run a little slower, things will seem a little simpler, and every day will feel like Saturday. A week-long, all-inclusive stay at the Bar W Guest Ranch grants you access to our diverse horseback riding program.

Saddle up each day for a variety of different trail rides and horseback activities for some of the most exciting, yet relaxing outings into the Montana mountains that you could imagine. Ride your trusted mount over foothills, through vibrant forests and up into the mountains, across lush meadows dotted with wildflowers, and discover breathtaking viewpoints and back country lakes.

Sway through the Kootenai National Forest on horseback to the pleasant rhythm of creaking saddle leather and take in the sounds and sights of unspoiled nature. Tie your horse to a wilderness hitching post and stop for lunch overlooking a vivid aquamarine lake with wide, sandy beaches and soak in the cool mountain sunlight.

Near Glacier National Park and sited only 3 miles from Whitefish, our ranch is easy to find and impossible to forget. Our experienced Head Wrangler hand-selects each horse from our herd for every rider based on age, weight, height, and riding ability.

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Wherever you’re at in your horseback riding journey, we strive to match you with an equine partner that suits you and gives you the confidence you need to take your riding experience to the next level. Our experienced wranglers will take the time to make sure each guest receives one-on-one instruction that’s personalized to your riding level.

Throughout your week at the ranch, you’ll put together horseback riding skills worthy of a rodeo queen or king. Try your hand at the basics of team penning, where you’ll get to experience cattle work from horseback.

After that you’ll take a break from the saddle and learn how to throw a lasso from the ground using our steer roping dummies. As an all-inclusive guest, you will also get the chance to learn the ins and outs of barrel racing and pole bending, two of rodeo’s most well know timed competition events.

For the small fries ages 3 and under we can arrange babysitting for an hourly rate, and they’ll get to enjoy a few hand-walked pony rides around the ranch during the week. Cowpokes will get to experience daily pony rides (sometimes on a real horse), join their family in competition on Rodeo Day, learn how to be responsible for the care and feeding of animals with daily chores in the Cowpoke Corner, group games, and western themed arts and crafts.

Cowpokes have their very own Kid’s Counselor, and while they’re around the horses they’ll get the thrill of hanging out with our Wranglers. You’ll get to experience the horsemanship and beautiful country inherent in our spring or fall round-up.

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“Convoying the Great Divide” fills quickly, as it provides a unique and authentic experience few guest ranches offer. Guests of our weeklong cattle drive package will spend long hours in the saddle riding rugged terrain, help bring in the herd, sort cattle, and get hands-on experience vaccinating and branding.

Then after a long day of hard, satisfying work, relax around the campfire for an evening of camaraderie swapping tall tales under the starry big sky. Bask in Big Sky Country splendor with a Bar W wagon ride that will transport you to a simpler time.

Our wagons are pulled by our draft horse teams and the sound of the horses’ massive hooves hitting the pavement in sync with each other, and the sheer strength of our gentle giants creates a truly unique experience that finishes with a great dinner at our gazebo by the scenic Spencer Lake. If you’re visiting the area, or you’re a local looking for a fun event to share with family and friends, we offer wagon rides on a limited availability basis Thursday or Saturday evening.

The famous Stanley Hotel sits over top of the town in all its glory. You can take a quick drive through or spend days exploring the many mountain lakes and ponds.

Take along a picnic basket and sit and enjoy the serene settings. There are Elk, Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Moose and even the smaller creatures like fox, rabbits and the occasional bald eagle to watch for.

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For more information, visit Rocky Mountain National Park online. Trail Ridge Road Visitors to our area will want to drive the highest national highway in the country.

As Hwy 34 winds itself over the top of our Rocky Mountain National Park just to the west, it becomes known as Trail Ridge Road. Trail Ridge Road is the highest paved highway in the country as it passes over the top of Rocky Mountain National Park at more than 12,000.

It is typically open for traffic from Memorial Day weekends to late September each summer. Early summer travelers will experience driving by walls of snow perhaps as high as 15'.

Horseback riding Right next door at Somber Stables you can go for a horseback ride into the hills of Estes Park. Stanley Hotel We have a wide array of local attractions that continue to wow our visitors and keep them coming back time and again to our wonderful area.

Built in 1909 by F.O. Stanley of Stanley Steamer fame, to be the most modern 5 start hotel of its day. The hotel has drawn more recent notoriety from the fact that Stephen King got his idea to write his book “The Singing” from the time he stayed at the Stanley.

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Convenient location -- 1.5 miles to downtown Estes Park, 5 miles to Rocky Mountain National Park Our beautiful town of Estes Park is located in a high mountain valley at 7,500 feet elevation with breathtaking views of surrounding 10,000 to 14,000 ft mountains. Historic Park Theater & Café The Historic Park Theater hosts live music and events and is the oldest original operating movie house in the United States, bringing you film classics, documentaries, independent film, as well as first-run blockbusters in Dolby 3D and surround sound.

We gratefully welcome any and all donations to help preserve the ongoing operation and restoration of this unique historic site. During summer, their expert Hike masters lead hikes of varying difficulty to many locations in the area.

The tram will take you above the tree tops to the cool summit of Prospect Mountain where you can stay all day or return whenever you wish. From the observation platform you can plan your itinerary while being thrilled by the panoramic view of Longs Peak, the Continental Divide, Rocky Mountain National Park and the village of Estes Park.

The Colorado West greets you as you drive up Old Stage Road, the path used by stage coaches years ago to connect Colorado Springs with the historic mining town of Cripple Creek. With a wide variety of horses, we can match everyone from the novice to the experienced rider to a suitable mount.

Already called the ‘base camp’ to Rocky Mountain National Park, the Town of Estes Park provides a place to stock up on last-minute gear, enjoy a meal, and stretch your legs around a scenic mountain town. But taking a few days to enjoy the activities and lodging just outside the park is a great option for anyone traveling with children or book ending their vacation with modern amenities.

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The town’s trails and marina offer mountain views and fresh air for popular activities like hiking, running, biking, and paddleboarding. Keep a mask (or neck gaiter) handy to wear when passing others on tight trails.

*As the response to the virus can change, check for updates regarding individual businesses and specific activities. If you want a flatter, easier route, the loop around the lake is just longer than a 5K, giving you room for a warm up and cool down.

The easy-to-access park and pump track offer skills sections for beginners and experts alike. Rapid Transit Rafting has run floats for 35 years, their guides meet or exceed the state’s safety standards, and they offer different itineraries.

Coordinate with Backbone Adventure Rentals, and they’ll have your ride waiting at the trailhead. Anyone interested in learning to climb can get lessons or hire a guide from one of the town’s outfitters.

The Y also offers archery, horseback riding, white water rafting, and climbing for an additional fee. You can rent a car or take a train from the airport to Denver’s Union Station and connect to the city’s transit system.

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From the east, there are several highways and smaller roads from nearby cities Fort Collins, Longmont, Boulder, and Denver. Visit Estes Park provides a mileage and time chart to see how close the town is to other cities and attractions.

Driving is nice, but the driver often misses the views and wildlife along the winding roads. Thankfully, the Bear Lake Park & Ride is running to trailheads, so you can skip the traffic and get farther into MNP.

The town’s free shuttle, Estes Transit, has modified its routes and times this year. Whether you want to make dinner part of your vacation memories or just grab a quick bite, Estes Park ’s restaurants offer fine dining, family-friendly options, and a market for fresh ingredients and snacks.

The shops and open-air markets are full of unique items to help make your trip more memorable, or comfortable if you need to change up your gear. Making Estes Park a part of your Rocky Mountain National Park visit gives you access to more activities and lodging options with some comforts of home.

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