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• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
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A wonderful loop with two vastly different trips through the Smokes: one smooth and easy beside a river, and another that climbs through the woods and over streams. Porters Creek Trailhead Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 7 mi • Est.

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This is a nice wooded hike along Porters Creek with an old cemetery, historic farm site, and a waterfall. At about the 0.6 mile point, there is a series of rock walls and old building foundations from an old settlement.

The gravel pathway continues to the 1.0 mile point, where a short spur trail leads to the Historic Farm Site. Past the barn is the Smoky Mountain Hiking Club Cabin, built in 1934-36.

This well-marked trail continues its gradual ascent for an additional 1 mile to the base of the waterfall. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 14.9 mi • Est.

Your hike will begin along an easy wide and popular path to Grotto Falls. From this point you will start a steady climb to Trillium Gap maybe sharing the trail with the Llamas carrying supplies to Mt Lacoste. At 2.8 mi you reach the junction of Brush MTN Trail which is a good resting point before the final 3.6 mi. There are several creek crossings which are tricky along with the rocks and roots.Your trail will reach the backside of the cabins of Mt Lacoste, turn left at the sign that reads “AT Shelter”. The grassy path will go beside some more cabins before reaching the junction of the Boulevard and Rainbow Falls Trails. The piped spring you pass is for overnights that can treat the water, if you need a re-fill the is a pump well near the lodge. For a lunch break you can sit on the porch of the lodge or take a side trail to the Cliff Tops and enjoy views from 6550'! Return using Trillium Gap Trail.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 16.8 mi • Est. Your hike begins at the Jake's Creek Trailhead located on the road past the old cabins of Element.

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This trail follows the old railroad grade that served the Little River Lumber Co. in the early 1900s. At 2.6 mi Campsite #27 is on your left it is small but level, heavily used and horses are permitted here.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 30.4 mi • Est. You can leave a second car or arrange for a shuttle to pick up at Davenport Gap or Big Creek Ranger Station.

The implications of making extended winter hikes at these elevations can't be overstated. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 14.4 mi • Est.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 6.4 mi • Est. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 9.2 mi • Est.

Located in Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountain Riding Stables is a great place to go horseback riding. Ride through the forest and have great views of the mountain creeks.

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You’ll actually ride on trails in the national park, meaning the terrain isn’t flat. Smoky Mountain Riding Stables has a variety of horses from 13 to 17 hands tall to accommodate the various sizes of riders.

Animal lovers will definitely have fun controlling their horse and following the guide along the trails. You’ll be out on the trail for 1 hour, and children 6 years old and up can ride by themselves.

See one of the most beautiful areas differently with Cases Cove Riding Stables. A trail guide takes you and your horse along the path, showing you the way.

There are lots of riding stables and a wonderful variety of terrain throughout all the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains available for horseback riders visiting Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. You can pick a trail ride that suits all your family members, from youngest to eldest, many with guided tours and even dinners by a campfire.

Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburghorsebackriding truly offers a horse and a trail for every rider, no matter the age, experience or preference. From camp fires with hearty cooking to gentle hay rides and luxury cabanas, the diverse possibilities accommodate all members of the family from the very young to the elderly.

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Provides guided horseback, carriage and hay rides for National Park visitors who want to experience nature differently. Petting zoo, kids playground and picnic areas all free to visit.

The trails at Five Oaks Riding Stables will take you through scenic forest coves and majestic hilltops and afford you views of the splendid Smoky Mountains. This stable offers several rides and keeps some of the most knowledgeable and skilled guides and riders in the region.

Enjoy a peaceful view of the Great Smoky Mountains on the back of a well-trained horse. Our natural beautiful horseback riding trails inside the National Park await you with an experienced guide that just might lead you into a flock of wild turkeys, a herd of wild deer or even black bear climbing a tree.

All horseback rides are great for beginner through advanced riders, with beautiful wooded scenery and mountain streams. Our 40 head of well-trained & experienced mountain trail horses makes for a fantastic ride.

Their sizes range from 13 to 17 hands tall to meet the needs of all our riders. Due to the natural Great Smoky Mountains National Park terrain, our guided horseback rides are at walking pace.

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ATV ages 12 and up can drive their own and under 12 can ride with an adult. If you have children under 6, we do ask that you do the UTV with car seats and booster seats.

Guests under 16 years old will need to be accompanied by a paying adult on all activities. Ride Timeout tours leave out every 15-20 minutes on all three attractions.

High up in the Smoky Mountains, between thick patches of leafy trees and evergreens, lives a herd of horses that spend their days strolling through trails without a thought for the bustle of city life below. Up there, the Janell Ranch horses carry tour groups along a 4-mile trail, showing them more than 260 acres of trees and mountain views.

In addition to friendly horses and breathtaking vistas, Janell Ranch also hosts the longest zip line in the Smokes. Janell Ranch is located right next to Hollywood, the world-famous attraction in the Smokes.

We are family owned and operated, and Safety & Customer Satisfaction is our #1 concern. Based on other reviews, we completed online waivers prior, arrived ~20 minutes before opening and therefore missed the wait times.

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Boys teen & pre-teen ages couldn’t pick a favorite as they loved all! Very friendly staff, cozy ranch feel & one of few places that allowed kids aged 12 to drive the ATV.

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