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Create family memories with an unforgettable mule ride in one of the most amazing places on earth. Suitable for beginners and seasoned equestrians, horseback riding is a popular activity for TCI visitors (past travelers raved about their experiences).

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One highly recommended company is Provo Ponies, which offers horseback riding excursions both on land and partially submerged in the sea. Recent riders say the horses are friendly, warm and love heading into the water up to their belly level.

Other travelers recommend passing your camera to the helpful guides who will snap plenty of pictures. The beach's breathtaking surf and sand, plus its proximity to a golf course and plenty of shops and restaurants, leave most guests pleasantly satisfied.

Located in an eastern crook of Provincials, Grace Bay touts more than 3 miles of soft ashen sand and open crystalline water to placate sunbathers. Some of the island's most well-liked restaurants, such as Solano Teppanyaki and Sushi Bar, are sheltered along Grace's shore, as are the most popular hotels.

Seven Mile Beach is located on the western side of Grand Cayman Island. With its clear waters and beautiful sands, this is a popular international destination.

The Cayman Islands National Museum has educational exhibits for those seeking to expand their knowledge of Caymanian history and culture. The Cayman Motor Museum is the dream of Norwegian businessman Andreas Gland’s to have a local showroom to share his collection of rare and exotic motorcars & motorbikes.

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Finally, after more than a decade of work, his dream was realized; these motorcars & motorbikes are on display for all who appreciate their significance. Although it is sixty miles from Grand Cayman, Bloody Bay Wall is one of the top drive sites in the Cayman and the world.

This popular dive site is located on the northwest side of Little Cayman. Bloody Bay has numerous caverns and caves, making it an interesting dive.

Smith Cove is located south of Georgetown close to the cruise ship ports. It is in South Sound, Grand Cayman and is a great place for picture taking.

Located north of Seven Mile Beach in West Bay, is a tacky looking gift shop & post office; behind it is a space filled with clusters of burnt-black limestone. When you visit stop by the gift shop & post office to send postmarked mail from Hell.

When making this trek, you will be surrounded by some of Grand Cayman ’s most colorful plant life. This attraction is located in the North Sound area of Grand Cayman Island.

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When you are visiting George Town, don’t forget to check out the Shopping, Dinning and the nightlife. * if for the unlikely event you must cancel, we would be pleased to use your deposit to reschedule your trip to any future date / no expiration.

If you ever have the chance to travel to Grand Cayman on a Caribbean cruise, you’ll be treated to a unique metropolis exhibiting old-world charm and pristine beaches with trendy dining and great nightlife. Consider trying some activities listed below including touring popular parts of the island to truly experience the exceptional wonder and beauty of Grand Cayman.

The ocean waters surrounding Grand Cayman are home too wonderful and exciting displays of marine life, including stingrays, sea turtles and a colorful array of fish. Additionally, journeying along the water’s edge offers you the chance to take in the beautiful scenery of the tropical shoreline.

A short boat ride takes you to this remarkable location, where you can lounge in the clear, shallow waters as friendly stingrays glide gracefully by. For a truly unique underwater experience, you’ll want to enjoy a sea trek using specially designed helmets that allow you to breathe comfortably as you walk along the ocean floor.

There, you’ll be guided to beautiful coral formations, where you can observe the underwater marine life in its entire splendor. Onboard a unique passenger submarine, you’ll be treated to a glorious host of marine life and underwater excitement, including spectacular coral reefs, haunting shipwrecks and more.

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When you paddle your kayak across calm, serene waters, you’ll see plenty of Grand Cayman ’s elegant scenery, including the magnificent mangroves, home to a wide range of wildlife. From the picturesque cityscape of Georgetown to the beautiful beaches, pirate caves, famous gardens and orchards, there’s plenty to see in Grand Cayman.

What better way to truly experience all the tourist sights than to take a land and sea tour aboard a Hydra-Terra Amphibious Bus ! Then cruise through the surrounding waters where undersea cameras enable you to view shipwrecks, marine life and coral gardens.

This easy-to-use mobility device lets you explore the many locations on the island, including the famous Seven-Mile Beach, Grand Cayman ’s beautiful bay and other nearby sights. Explore the famous Barkers National Park and other must-see locations, where you can view blue iguanas and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

The famous Rum Cake Outlet and the Hell Post Office provide ample photo opportunities and great memories. A Gatsby-inspired mansion rests along the edge of a beautiful beach, providing you with a glimpse of luxury, followed by a range of fun, relaxation, and activities to suit every member of your party.

Enjoy local rum and beer, stick your toes in the sand, or take a swim in the crystalline waters. When you cruise to Grand Cayman, you’ll definitely want to take a bit of time to walk among the shops and streets of Georgetown, purchase a souvenir and enjoy some local Caribbean food.

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In 1975, Sharpe was proclaimed a national hero of Jamaica, and the main square of the town was renamed in his honor. In 1980, Mont ego Bay was proclaimed a city by act of parliament, but this has not meant that it has acquired any form of autonomy as it continues to be an integral part of the parish of St. James.

Today, Mont ego Bay is known for its large regional hospital (Cornwall Regional Hospital), port facilities, second homes for numerous upper class Jamaicans from Kingston as well as North Americans and Europeans, fine restaurants, and shopping opportunities. Sandy Valley Ranch is the perfect location for horseback riding near Las Vegas.

Ride amongst the creosote bushes and tumbleweeds on a friendly horse selected just for your ability. • Experienced riders can trot or gallop on designated rides.

All meals include coffee, tea, water, soda, and a slice of luscious homemade key lime pie (‘kept breakfast that is) It is entirely up to the judgment of our experienced professional wranglers to determine if you can safely trot or gallop.

Boasting famous Seven Mile Beach, crystal clear Caribbean waters and a near endless variety of marine life and attractions, the Cayman Islands are a tropical paradise for divers, snorkelers, fishermen and adventurers alike. Immerse yourself in nature as you take a guided walking tour through lush rain forests and crystal caves.

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North Sound Golf Club 18 holes, 6605 yards, Par for course: 71Greens fees: 150 USD The largest outdoor concrete park in the world featuring all levels from beginners to advanced.

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