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• Tuesday, 20 October, 2020
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No trip to the Old West is complete without a horseback ride through GrandTetonNationalPark ! We offer 1 and 2 hour horseback rides departing from Jackson Lake Lodge and Colder Bay Village, and 1 hour rides from Headwaters Lodge.

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Take in the beautiful vistas while riding among wildflower meadows and pristine lakes under the towering Eton peaks. Our wranglers will guide you along the trails while providing insight into the area's history, wildlife and flora.

Riders must wear shoes that are closed-toed and cover the entire foot. Rider information (height, weight, age and experience level) for each participant is required at the time of booking.

For safety reasons, riders must speak and understand English fluently. For rider safety, backpacks, binoculars, and video cameras are not permitted.

Two hour rides are scheduled daily with morning departures at 9:00 AM and 9:30 AM late-May to early-October. Colder Bay Village 2-Hour Horseback Ride This two-hour ride provides opportunities for viewing the stunning Grand Teton Mountain Range, and travels past Heron Pond and Swan Lake, winds through lodge pole pine forests, and ends in a meadow with iconic views, ideal for pictures.

Colder Bay Village 1-Hour Horseback Ride This shorter, one-hour ride from Colder Bay includes scenic views of the Eton Range, Swan Lake, Heron Pond, pine forests, and wildflower meadows. Please check with the Activities Desk upon arrival for available hours and to purchase a ticket.

grand riding horseback teton national park alltrails wyoming trails
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Headwaters 1-Hour Horseback Ride Enjoy a one-hour horseback ride through scenic woodlands, past mountain views, and along river overlooks in the John D. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway. Explore the most popular horseback riding trails in GrandTetonNationalPark with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers and nature lovers like you.

Goodwin Lake Trail • (Jackson Hole) • The Goodwin Lake Trail is one of those cheater hike/rides that start by driving your car to about the 8,000-foot elevation effortlessly expediting your buns to the high country (my favorite kind). This trip is popular for its proximity to the town of Jackson and GrandTetonNationalPark ; it’s relatively short length and ample sensory rewards.

Backpacking the Eton Crest Trail takes about three days but this hike is no place to rush if you can budget the time. Ambitious backpackers or horseback riders can extend the trip to seventy-five mile treks along the entire crest of the Eton Mountains with some creative trail daisy-chaining.

Much of the Eton Crest Trail cuts a serpentine path through GrandTetonNationalPark and the adjacent Jeremiah Smith Wilderness, rarely dipping below 8,000 feet. This rugged mountain environment’s jagged spires, alpine meadows, glaciers, lakes and vistas provide a challenging trip with limitless and rewarding sections for off trail exploration.

Cascade and PaintbrushCanyon Loop Trail • (GrandTetonNationalPark) • The Paintbrush Divide trail makes up the first part of a great loop hike that carries you across the Divide (10,720 feet), passing Lake Solitude as it winds back down to the Cascade Canyon. A snowfield makes the trail a bit tricky as you cross the divide until early August.

grand teton national park riding horseback alltrails trails wyoming
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After August is easily traversed without the need of an ice axe, trekking poles are always useful on extreme day hikes and make the small snow excursions even easier. The top of Table Mountain offers the best vantage point in the Tetons for close-up views of the massive west face of the Grand, upper reaches of Cascade Canyon, and the U-shaped glacial valleys and canyons on the west side of the Tetons.

This hike is widely regarded as one of the most outstanding in the entire region and it bears the signature of the essence of the Grand Tetons. The Trail from campground goes north along Big Elk Creek, and heads for miles into the heart of the Snake River mountain range.

You climb imperceptibly through sagebrush and wildflower meadows interspersed with groves of conifers and aspen. When you draw up close to the creek you start ascending through forest and small meadows and for a while lose the views of the mountains.

Then up a little farther you see it, God accidentally misplaced one of Yosemite’s water falls halfway up this canyon. The trailhead’s beginning elevation is 6,950 feet and is at the edge of a giant meadow valley and the river has already radically changed character it is now in a spring rush down a steep canyon.

The trail climbs steadily through forest interspersed with meadow with regular jogs over to the mountain edge for views of the Little Grey's River hundreds of feet below. Shoal Falls Trail • (Jackson Hole) • The Shoal Falls trail begins in the scenic alpine wonderland of Granite Creek a good home base to explore this amazing area.

grand teton national park horseback riding alltrails wyoming
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Intermittent waterfalls splash down the canyon rim in early summer add to the hiking experience. Tar ghee Creek Trail • (Island Park) • Tar ghee Creek Trail I must say was a pleasant surprise, I have driven by the mouth of the canyon many times and never gave it a thought, as it is unimpressive from the driver's seat at 55 miles per hour on Highway 20.

The Tar ghee Creek Trail starts in a mixture of meadow and conifer and aspen forest at about 7,000 foot elevation but you soon leave the aspens behind and the first three miles are an easy meander along a pretty canyon bottom of open meadow and conifer woods. Turquoise Lake is a remote getaway deep into the Grow Venture Wilderness.

The Grand Teton ’s, Moose Creek Trail, is entirely within the Jeremiah Smith Wilderness in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest................... Hikers can take the road to the end but if you are pulling a horse trailer find a turnout before you get into as situation you wished you were not in.

Willow Creek Trail (Jackson Hole) • Willow Creek is a major drainage system for the Wyoming Range, the scenery is fantastic and provides prodigious, geographic, flora and fauna viewing and there are many trails you could get lost on. The trail is popular with horseback riders, mountain bikers, hikers hunters, and fisherman.

Willow Creek's headwaters begin high in the Wyoming Range on the south end of Jackson Hole. Fisherman may with to trying to outwit the feisty native Cutthroat that make Willow Creek their home.

horseback riding teton grand national park alltrails trails
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These fish are native, not stocked, so they offer a challenge for the most experienced fly fisherman and an opportunity to advance the skills of the novice. Trout lake sits in a depression on a high bench above the Soda Butte Creek Canyon south of Cooke City.

You don’t have to worry about boiling hot geysers or super volcanoes at Grand Teton, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the rugged mountains, beautiful valleys, and the abundant wilderness wonders that the park has to offer. You’ve probably seen it before (well, a picture of it at least), the weathered wood, grassy valley, and blue mountains (and herds of bison, if you’re lucky) in the background make it insanely photogenic.

Goo sewing Ranch is a little further off the beaten path, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have loads of amenities that make it well worth a stay. Private cabins, decked out to rustic perfection, outstanding staff who will work with you and your horse, loads of other activities (from massages to fishing trips to ATVs), plus a bar and super nice dining room, and more make this the coziest cowboy experience in Wyoming.

Flat Creek Ranch is a little more luxurious, offering claw foot bathtubs, four-course dinners, an outdoor sauna, and capacity to hold no more than 14 guests at a time. You’ll still get as much of the dude ranch experience as you want though, with guided hikes, horseback rides, fly-fishing trips, and more.

There’s also hiking in the Grow Venture Mountains and fishing in Granite Creek, and the stunning GrandTetonNationalPark is only about an hour’s drive away. The row of old homesteads, set against the majestic Tetons, and home to herds of bison, are a popular place for tourists to take some pictures.

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The retro exterior and neon sign make The Antler Inn feel like a classic roadside hotel, but the inside is a perfect blend of modern and vintage Western vibes. If you’re looking for an iconic photo op in Jackson, head to George Washington Memorial Park to pose for a pic with the city’s famed antler arches.

They’ve got an awesome restaurant on site, a cozy library, a lounge with roaring fireplaces, even the fitness center is done in the outdoorsy hardwood theme. It offers the best views of the surrounding mountain scenery, and since it (like the whirlpool hot tub) is heated all year round, you can even enjoy it during the winter.

Take a shuttle out here, and then rent a boat or hike the four-mile loop around the water, it’s a great place to spy wildlife and soak in the views. Of course, instead of panoramic ocean views and rolling waves, you’ll have to settle for the surrounding mountain scenery and crystal-clear lake waters.

The views of the mountains reflected in Jackson Lake’s water are incredible, and there’s great trout fishing here and plenty of places to rent a boat. The John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway is the scenic road that connects Yellowstone to GrandTetonNationalPark.

The scenery between the two parks is vastly different, so a drive along here will take you from volcanic lava beds to soaring granite mountains…plus the wildlife you can see along the way is great, and the Snake River is absolutely stunning. Grand Teton is home to some pretty incredible wildlife: wolves, elk, moose, big horn sheep, coyotes, and more have called the park home for centuries, but it’s only recently that the park ’s population of grizzly bears has begun to boom.

(Source: www.alltrails.com)

They offer accommodations in adorable rustic cabins, include meals with your stay, and they plan excursions for their guests, like fly-fishing trips, horseback riding lessons and tours, river floats, and much more. The winding Snake River, which starts in Yellowstone, weaves for over 1,050 miles, a small portion of which is located in GrandTetonNationalPark.

Winter means many things are closed, but some people are drawn in by the snow sport opportunities and lack of crowds. Summer is the most popular time to visit, since the weather is warmer, although fall and spring bring fewer crowds and equally breathtaking views.

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