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Paul Gonzalez
• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
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Halters are such commonplace tack items that they hardly seem worthy of comparison shopping or heightened consumer consciousness. But wander through any tack store or flip through a catalog, and you'll find a surprisingly large selection of halters on the market.

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The halter is probably the most frequently used piece of equipment in your barn, so you want one that facilitates your day-to-day interactions with your horse. Your own expectations for control and convenience narrow the field, and appearance and cost decide the final choice in headgear.

The following questions spotlight the considerations involved in satisfactory halter selection: quality and cost. Answer: In general, when you spend more money on a halter, you get better materials and fabrication, just as you do when you purchase expensive shoes and clothing.

“Cheaper halters are single ply, meaning you take one layer of leather , fold the ends over the hardware and sew the ends,” explains Jeff Child, owner of B Bar B Leather, a tack manufacturer and distributor in Blackfoot, Idaho. According to Schlemiel, double- and triple-ply nylon gives a halter more rigidity so that it keeps its shape and is easier to place over the horse's nose.

Solid-brass hardware and nickel-plated or chrome-plated brass don't rust or corrode as do other metals and contribute to longer product life. A: The two materials look virtually identical to the hands-on shopper, but nylon webbing tends to be much stronger than polypropylene.

Nylon is the better choice when a halter is needed to stand up to rough use and when a tied horse may challenge his restraints. Most of these halters are made from polypropylene, which in rope form is more durable and rot resistant than cotton.

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Handlers who use them say that the greater adjustability and closer fit of rope halters give them better control and make the horses more responsive. “I like the hand-tied rope style halters because they are a lot finer , and the horse seems to have more of a feel for them,” says Slogging.

A: The choice between breakable and unbreakable halters depends largely on your horse, your training practices and your safety concerns. In the other camp are handlers who are concerned that a panicked struggle against an unbreakable restraint can cause serious injury or death to the horse.

Yet a horse running free after breaking his halter faces a new set of risks. Grooming halters are loosely fitting, stripped-down models--just a nose band supported by a crown piece--to increase your access to your horse's face during brushing or washing.

Available in either leather or nylon, they usually have a single buckle for adjustment on the left side of the face. They offer the handler little control, making them best suited to mannerly horses, and then only during close supervision.

Without throat latches to stabilize them, grooming halters can easily slip over the ears and off of horses' heads. Shipping halters address the possibility that in-transit horses, restrained for hours on short ties, may develop rubs on their faces.

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The rubs develop as the horses lean on the ties for balance or bob their heads against the restraint. Additionally, either sort of fleece retains body heat and can raise the temperature of summer travelers.

Training halters are designed with strategically placed straps to put pressure on the horse's head for clear reinforcement of desirable leading behavior. Foal halters have lots of adjustment capabilities, with buckles on the nose band and often both sides of the crown piece, to fit the headgear to the proportions peculiar to younger foals, then to enlarge the halter during their rapid head growth.

Some suckling halters even come with a second, longer crown piece to extend the useful life even further. Usually made of easy-care, durable synthetics, the halters convert to bridles simply by snapping on cheek pieces and attaching bit and reins.

The combination comes in handy during trail rides including stops when horses will be tied and for overnight camping trips. The bridle is applied over the halter, which can then be removed by undoing strategically placed fittings.

The continuous restraint is helpful for horses who have learned the escape possibilities in the interval between halter removal and bridling. Show halters focus on appearance as part of the total presentation picture, but control also matters during in-hand classes.

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Quarter Horses compete in thick leather halters decorated with elaborate silver fittings. Morgans, Pass Finds, Tennessee Walking Horses and other gained breeds show in halters with thinner leather fittings, silver detail or colorful patent-leather caves sons and brow bands.

Looking at old black and white riding photos can be a fun blast from the past. Anatomical bridles, in particular, are designed to avoid putting pressure on horses’ sensitive facial nerves or pinching the ears.

The brow band is also typically straight and snug across the horse’s forehead. Anatomical bridles, on the other hand, are strategically designed to avoid key facial nerves, relieve pressure points, and increase muscle freedom, and boost overall comfort.

Head shaking, face rubbing, and a bit resistance can all be signs of discomfort. Your first step might be trying a bridle that offers slight improvements, like the ExionPro that allows more ear movement and pads sensitive areas around the nose and over the crown.

The short answer is “it depends.” Your horse, budget, and preferences will help you decide on the “right” bridle. The headstall and brow band clear all sixteen ear muscles and doesn’t put any pressure on surrounding nerves.

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Sensitive neck and throat areas are also pressure-free, and hinged cheek pieces ensure a wider field of vision for your horse. This bridle comes standard with Stubbed’s innovative flash system that can be removed.

This innovative bridle comes in two variations (Alpha/Beta) that differ only in the width of the nose band and whether the brow band has crystals. It bypasses critical blood vessels and arteries, as well as relives neck pressure.

Dispersed poll pressure, ear cutouts, and elastic bit cradles take comfort even further. As a result, your horse’s range of movement, extension, and flexion should improve.

The padded crown piece has ear recesses for optimal movement and comfort. With summer on its way, there are many places in the greater Seattle area where individuals can ride a horse on a woodland trail.

Their instructors have a vast amount of years as horse people, training and teaching classes. There are many programs for children, though some stables offer adult classes and trail riding.

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Its classes cover four different riding styles: Western, Equitation, Hunt Seat and Dressage. Its show teams successfully compete at the local, national and international levels, winning many awards and honors.

Sunrise Stables recently relocated to a property closer to the Monroe Fairgrounds, and is about 50 minutes northeast of Seattle. Trail rides are offered throughout the year and are guided by one of the stable staff members.

In addition to riding skills, students learn horse grooming and safety. Skills learned in the classes include riding, balance, grooming and safety.

This farm mainly works with Arabians and Hanoverian horses, which are trained to be calm, gentle and patient with riders. Owner and instructor Maureen O’Connell Doherty is a trained artist and experienced horsewoman.

Private and semi-private lessons are offered throughout the year, and students learn in a nurturing environment. Throughout the summer, the school offers Art & Horse Camp weekly from the end of June through August.

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Karen Invested is a mother and professional writer/photographer, who lives in the greater Seattle area. She continually researches locations to visit, and/or entertainment opportunities for family outings and/or photo shoots.

Even if you have a generous budget for your new gear, it’s important to find quality equipment for the best price. Although tack and apparel collections grow with time, we’ve listed all your basics to get you started.

Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the necessities for both horse and rider to help you with a no-fuss shopping experience. Most horses will be sold with a halter and lead, and some states even make this a legal requirement.

However, most owners will want to buy a personalized or decorative halter of their choosing for their horse. Rope halters, especially narrower strands or knot-nosed editions, provide more adjustment through the crown and throat latch, and better control.

Tough 1 seems to find the top of every list as a high-quality yet economical option for a wide range of products. Most English pads are simply flat and moisture-wicking fabrics to provide a barrier between a horse’s back and the saddle.

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Western saddles are much bulkier and heavier in nature, so a thick and high-quality pad is essential for the horse’s comfort. Toilet’s T3 dimmable half pad with the Pro-Impact inserts is made in the USA and features three full-length pockets to create a perfect fit.

The COUNTOURPEDIC uses wool felt and foam for almost a full 1 of close contact support. The bottom of this pad is antifungal and antibacterial and allows the back to stay cool when in-use.

There is a wither cut out and precise contour to flow with a horse’s natural spine curvature. The split design allows the pad to move with your horse, rather than against it and has a cut-out cinch area for a closer fit.

Cow person makes quality and butter-soft leather ware for cowboys, trail riders, and any western tack enthusiast. The entire Cow person lineup is full of stunning functional pieces rated for demanding work or pleasure.

However, we found two reputable and quality brands at different price points to cover your curb and snaffle a bit needs: This Tyler Level 2 sweet iron bit features a 5.5 shank with a lower port.

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It has a copper inlay and sweet iron polish to keep your horse salivating. Suitable for a variety of horses, training, and competition styles, Steel always delivers quality and balance.

Extremely durable with quadruple stitched soles Machine washable Thick comfortable antimicrobial insoles Available in half sizes They will use quality and thick denim able to withstand friction from the saddle, no bedazzling on pockets, and a longer hem length than normal.

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