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Cooley Ridge Trailing'kola Forest Reserve Length: 3.6 mi • Est. As of June 2020 (COVID-19 response) The summit area is now open for sunrise viewing and must be reserved on Recreation.gov.

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There are a couple of easy trails around the area, but this one takes you up to the top of Pu'u Wei'AWA'a. Some like to take their bikes up and do the downhill, while others just enjoy the open views from the top.

This is an easy hike with views of all the main mountains on the Big Island. Puppet Pagalu Forest Reserve Length: 8.7 mi • Est.

Series of horse, biking and hiking trails in the Pukukea-Paumalu Forest Reserve located in the northernmost district of Oahu. The Pupukea-Paumalu area is rural, largely undeveloped, with rolling terrain and a 300-foot tall bluff approximately 1,200 feet inland from Kamehameha Highway.

Three gulches run from Maura to Sakai, created by three intermittent streams: Paul, Elena, and Klunawaikaala. Consisting of 1,144-acre City- and State-owned property, the area is being developed and maintained as a shared community resource.

There are more than 15 miles of single track and jeep roads linking up from behind the Human Elementary School all the way to Puppet. There are many linking trails and a unique multi-junction area in the middle called Liaison Junction.

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Hikers can enjoy the forest walk or look forward to the cliff views overlooking Sharks Cove and the Three Tables. College Trailing'kola Forest Reserve Length: 5 mi • Est.

Upper Walker Forest Reserve Length: 15.2 mi • Est. Pu'u O'o Short Loopier Walker Forest Reserve Length: 7.4 mi • Est.

Visit an ancient fishpond, flower and fruit gardens and see if you can recognize filming locations for Hollywood blockbusters Jurassic Park and Pearl Harbor. 1- or 2-hour options give you the flexibility to fit this tour into your busy schedule, and expert horse wranglers will ensure you a safe, fun ride through the Key'a'AWA Valley.

Take a sunset horseback ride with your own private guide for a peak experience of Danilo (Hawaiian cowboy) life on Oahu. Your guide selects a gentle horse for you, then leads you along a mountain trail to a scenic lookout point with views over the windward side of Oahu.

Dinner by the campfire consists of your selection of protein accompanied by salad, flu mash, roasted marshmallows, and non-alcoholic drinks. Planning a romantic excursion in unfamiliar territory may be daunting, but these sweethearts' tour takes care of all the details for you so that you can impress that special someone.

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With a private guide, embark on a 2-hour relaxed ride through the Oahu scenery, then take a break for a picnic with sandwiches, fruit, dessert, and a bottle of sparkling cider. At sunset, Oahu’s North Shore becomes magical, with colorful skies and billowing clouds that make you feel like you’ve stepped into a painting.

This special time turns into an unforgettable experience when you witness it from horseback, traveling through quiet forests and beautiful mountain trails. Book Now and SAVE This ride is fantastic and it’s also perfect for exploring the island before the beach gets busy.

We allow our horses to ride a longer time when it’s cooler for their comfort and health. Our beach horseback riding is for ages 6 and older and our weight limit for riding a horse is 300 pounds.

Book Now and SAVE We call this our “Family Favorite” because it’s just that, a favorite with families and younger kids that can start horseback riding on the shortest ride to let them experience the thrill of riding a horse on the beach at the most affordable rate. The Family Favorite horseback ride may be in the morning and/or the afternoon, depending on the time of year.

Please refer to the date you plan to come to South Padre Island for the then current ride schedule. Our beach horseback riding is for ages 6 and older and our weight limit for riding a horse is 300 pounds.

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We will take you along the moon-lit beach and sand dunes on horseback while watching the moon glisten off of the ocean waves and see the stars as never before. Experience the Island differently as we cross through the remote sand dunes to the bay side of the Island for an unparalleled view of the Gulf of Mexico and Laguna Made moon-lit waters from atop a high sand dune.

We do our best to time the rising of the moon over the ocean as you are at our scenic sand dune lookout spot. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes that won’t fall off your feet for this ride (flip-flops are hard to find in the dark).

For chilly days it is a good idea to bring a light sweater or jacket. Our beach horseback riding is for ages 6 and older and our weight limit for riding a horse is 300 pounds.

If you cancel your reservation more than two (2) days prior to your activity date, your payment, less a $20 per person administration fee, will be refunded to you. No refunds or ticket transfers will be given with less than two (2) days notice prior to your activity date.

The answer to all the above is one of my favorite places: Koala Ranch on the island of Oahu. Even if you haven’t heard the name Koala Ranch before, odds are you’ve seen it many times.

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Most movies filmed in Hawaii were filmed here: Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Jumanji, 50 First Dates, Lost, Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla, Pearl Harbor, You, Me, and Degree, Mighty Joe Young, and Along Came Polly to name a few! If you have plans to visit Oahu, I highly recommend spending time at Koala Ranch.

I started visiting Koala Ranch fifteen years ago (wow, that makes me feel old) when I was in high school. My mom actually went to high school herself with John Morgan who owns Koala Ranch.

In addition to those Secret Island visits, I’ve paid to go on the majority of the tours they offer. ), or simply spend the day at a beach filled with countless water activity options.

In 1850, King Kamehameha III sold a chunk of land at Koala to Dr. Merritt P. Judd. Over time a few more purchases were made, increasing the acreage to 4,000 eventually, and today the ranch is owned by The Morgans, decedents of Dr. Judd.

If you haven’t rented a car, they also offer round trip transportation from Waikiki for an additional $15 per person. The terrain of Koala varies from dense Hawaiian rainforest to broad open valleys.

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While getting caught in some rain is certainly not unheard of, the majority of tours I have been on have been spent primarily under the strong sun. If you don’t do well in heat, I recommend booking an early morning tour if you will be doing something active.

Koala Ranch offers a handful of different tour and activity options, most of which I have personally done! As they note on their site, many tours sell out 2-3 weeks in advance, so book as early as you are able.

Note: when you book your Koala Ranch tour through a link on this post we are able to make a small commission at no additional cost to you! As with the majority of tours, you will ride through Jurassic Park filming locations (plus other TV shows and movies) on the northern half of the property.

If you know how to ride a bike and are able to pedal, this is the Jurassic Park tour I recommend most. This is yet another Jurassic Park tour, taking you to many movie filming locations through the valley.

And because ATVs can go places other transportation cannot, you’ll get to go off the beaten path a bit more in this tour. The tour includes 7 zip line sections, 2 suspension bridges, and 3 nature walks around five minutes in length.

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In addition to LOST and Jurassic Park, you’ll see 50 First Dates filming locations like the penguin road, the house from Mighty Joe Young, and more. You’ll also visit a WWII army bunker full of Koala movie props and memorabilia.

One unique thing about this tour is that it ventures down to the southern part of the ranch. This is where the Mold’I Pond, an 800-year-old ancient Hawaiian fishpond, is located.

It’s the perfect place to spend a day away from the craziness of Waikiki or Lanka. The hardest thing about visiting Secret Island is deciding whether to lay on the beach, on a lounge chair, or in a hammock.

It’s also great if you don’t want to be at the beach stressed constantly about your stuff getting stolen (a common issue in Hawaii). It is of course still possible here, but because you’re with a group of people on a tour and there’s no access to the public the odds are much smaller.

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