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• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
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People go horse riding for different reasons, but, according to equestrians, one of the most popular is that it gives a sense of freedom. Horse riding helmets are particularly great for beginners because it keeps them safe and provides a sense of security.

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These vents allow the flow of air while riding so that your head doesn’t get hot and uncomfortable under the helmet. The amount of ventilation and the size of vent varies widely, and the one you buy should depend on your needs.

If you’ve had trouble finding helmets that fit your head in the past, this is something you should pay attention to. The good thing is that many of them provide a chart for sizes of helmets so you can buy one that fits.

It is made of 20% mesh so that your head doesn’t get hot and uncomfortable when riding. The Trowel Spirit HorsebackridingHelmet also has a flip-fold removable and washable headliner, making it one of the easiest helmets to maintain.

You’ll be glad to know that it is Set certified and guaranteed to protect your head if your riding takes an unexpected turn. Ovation designed this flaw out of their helmet by providing the PKK adjuster clip and buckle.

Other features include a high flow bent that keeps your head cool during riding and a dial that can adjust the dimensions of the helmet. Even though the dial only adjusts to a small degree, the helmet comes in various sizes that can fit almost anyone.

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You can avoid the helmet -smell when wearing this protective gear because it has a removable and washable liner. It also has three large vents in front that let in lots of air and keeps the rider’s head comfortable.

The Trowel Sport HorsebackRidingHelmet is also available in small sizes, which makes it perfect for kids. As you can expect from any riding helmet, it is Set certified, and it’ll keep your child safe in case of a fall.

This helmet comes in numerous colors so you can choose one that matches your riding gear perfectly. You can also use the dial on the back of the helmet to reduce the size slightly and achieve a snugger fit.

There’s a mesh lining between the holes and your head that helps to filter debris, bugs and dirt out. It has a beautiful painting of a horse on the side that’s hard to miss and even harder to ignore.

If you manage to look past that, the unique blue, purple and green color scheme will definitely catch your eye. Asides from the incredibly fashionable color scheme, this helmet has everything worth having in a riding helmet.

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A word of warning: If your head gets hot and uncomfortable during riding, this helmet may not be for you. However, this is very easy to do because Tipperary provides a very helpful chat complete with head circumference measurements.

Tipperary calls its design an “aggressive style with a cut away profile in a carbon fiber print.” It has incredibly stylish ventilation due to the vents at the top of the helmet. The reason many people get into horse riding is the swagger of being called a cowboy.

Unfortunately, cowboy hats aren’t solid, and they don’t protect your head against impact. The hat has everything from both worlds, including an incredible style and old western appeal, as well as adequate impact protection.

This Unicorn themed riding helmet is for girls who can’t wait to tell everyone about their love for equines. The helmet comes in lovely and friendly colors like pink, blue, purple and a dark shade.

It fulfills all your possible rider needs like a strong and durable casing, and fastening buckles to keep the helmet to your head. The vents are separated from your head by a thin but tough mess made of durable material.

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The English Riding Supply Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet is incredibly durable, and you can wear it for a very long time. These provide a cool current while improving the strength and protection power of the helmet.

It also sports other features, like a dial for adjusting the size and a strong buckle for fastening. This helmet was designed for comfort, durability and style, and you can tell, starting from its overall shape to its interior lining.

And it delivers on that image with a premium design and high quality materials to match. The vents on the helmet are symmetrical and are structurally designed for high flow of air.

Unlike many of the other products on this list, this helmet is designed to fit both sexes perfectly. The helmet has a dial for adjusting the size of the interior, as well as an easy-to-remove and replace mesh for comfort.

Speaking of the outside, the helmet also has a harness and buckle and keep it safely attached to your head. Whether you plan to join horseback riding competitions or do it just for fun, looking for the best horse riding helmets is a must.

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There are risks when riding a horse, and your helmet could save your life in case of an accident. They offer high-quality helmets for a good price, and the Girls’ Schooler Deluxe RidingHelmet is one of their top-selling products for women.

It has an exclusive PKK adjuster buckle and clip that keep the helmet in position while riding. Plus, with its high flow vents, your head will stay cool and fresh throughout the ride.

The removable breakaway visors and a washable liner make it easier to clean this helmet. It would fit perfectly no matter how small or big the head is because of the adjustable clip and buckle.

It features an extended back shell and an easy-adjust dial to provide a more secure fit. The carefully shaped visor and strong stainless-steel mesh vents provide additional comfort.

You can also remove the Ovation Women’s Protégé RidingHelmet ’s mesh liner for easy cleaning. What We Don’t Like Picking the right Ovation Women’s Protégé RidingHelmet size could be a problem.

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Product Highlights The Tipperary Shortage Equestrian Sport Helmet has amazing resistance to impacts. It’s also equipped with a foam interior cradle that would provide additional protection and comfort to your head.

The Tipperary Shortage Equestrian Sport Helmet also has rear and top vents that offer more comfort and sufficient airflow. On the other hand, the reflective strip and the flexible visor of the Tipperary Shortage Equestrian Sport Helmet offer more protection.

What We Like The overall design and protection are the best reasons to opt for the Tipperary Shortage Equestrian Sport Helmet. What We Don’t Like The sizing is a bit off even if you’ve already bought a Tipperary helmet in the past.

Product Highlights The Trowel Sierra HorsebackRidingHelmet features a low-profile design with leather and nylon covering for added protection. The Refit Pro Fit System of the Trowel Sierra HorsebackRidingHelmet is one worth mentioning.

As for the helmet ’s Flipped system, it would allow you to adjust and make the padding thinner or thicker depending on your head’s size. Product Highlights The Tipperary Shortage 8500 RidingHelmet is made from high-density ABS material for a durable build.

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It features a contoured drop back shell with a flexible visor for more protection. The interior is made of foam, providing a smooth and comfy experience while you are horseback riding.

The Tipperary Shortage 8500 RidingHelmet also has a rear reflective strip for safety precautions, especially when riding at night. What We Like We love that the Tipperary Shortage 8500 RidingHelmet ’s overall design fits perfectly for women who want to ride in style.

What We Don’t Like Sizing is a bit difficult to determine, especially if you haven’t bought any helmets from Tipperary. Product Highlights The Trowel Liberty HorsebackRidingHelmet comes with a low-profile design and durable construction.

The Trowel Liberty HorsebackRidingHelmet ’s dial-fit system provides a better fit no matter how big or small your head is. The IRA Equality Helmet is a stylish and comfortable choice for inexperienced and intermediate-level riders.

Product Highlights The Equality Helmet features an IRA (DFS) Dial-Fit-System for quick size adjustments. It has five front and four back cooling vents that would allow the air to circulate properly, providing ultimate comfort while riding.

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They offer a wide range of helmets, including the Trowel Sports HorsebackRidingHelmet. Product Highlights Despite its lightweight construction, the Trowel Sports HorsebackRidingHelmet is known for its durability.

Product Highlights The Medalist RidingHelmet features a soft and fast-drying cool-on lining. The Medalist RidingHelmet also has a Velveteen outer shell that ensures protection of your head.

The Medalist RidingHelmet offers top and rear ventilation for better air circulation and comfort. What We Don’t Like The material used in the construction of the Medalist RidingHelmet can attract too much dust while you are riding.

The Tougher Show Time Horse RidingHelmet is a popular choice if you are looking for a traditional-style helmet. Product Highlights The Tougher Show Time Horse RidingHelmet comes with a matte finish.

The Tougher Show Time Horse RidingHelmet ’s Cool max liner can provide more cushioning. It also has an adjustable chin strap that would provide a snug fit and ensure the helmet stays in place.

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What We Don’t Like The Tougher Show Time Horse RidingHelmet has inconsistent sizing. Con: If you’re planning to buy the best horse riding helmets, you should know the most important features you need to check.

The helmet should cover your head and forehead completely to provide more protection. There are some horse riding helmets that are fully focused on the features instead of the design.

They prefer style more than safety since they’re confident with their skills, believing they won’t meet any serious accidents while riding a horse.

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