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• Sunday, 13 December, 2020
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Experience fun in the sun on the Hocking River at the tubing capital of HockingHills ! We are home to the MEGA TUBE FLOAT on the scenic Hocking River hosted every summer in August.

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We offer a variety of different river trips for canoeing, kayaking, or tubing. Paddle the waters once plied by Native Americans and early settlers in the HockingHills region.

Special outings include Moonlight tours and great beginner's... The lake sports northern pike, bass, bluegill, crappie, catfish and sausage.

We wanted to bring that same sense of adventure and love of nature to as many of our family and friends as possible. Each site has electric and water, shower house with flush toilets.

Uncle Buck's guided horseback rides offer a unique way to explore the 27,000 acres of the Males State Forest.... Soaring Cliffs offers a zip line experience unlike any other in the HockingHills.

The lines are set over a natural gorge complete with sandstone rock formations, wildlife, and a seasonal waterfall. Because all launch and landing sites are at ground level, guests have the opportunity...

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Visitors to the HockingHills Canopy Tours Zip line Adventures can explore the treetops during a trip above caves and rock cliffs. Zip liners are suspended on a network of cables, getting a bird's eye view of the Hocking River, native wildlife, plants, and rocks.

Blue Rock Station is an experiment in Green Living and the home of Ohio's first earth ship, sustainability tours, workshops, publications and more. Retreats for women gathering together for hiking, kayaking, birdwatching, photography, and Native American teachings for the purpose of connecting to the Earth.

These mindful adventures feature aroma therapies, yogic breathing practices, guided... With a state wide network of professional guides we lead private treks for...

If you’re a more casual rider or just starting out, there are several area stables offering guided tours and trail rides. Following lunch and a bit of story telling, you’ll ride a couple more hours back to the ranch.

This is an experience that will take give you a new view of the HockingHills and provide you with a great vacation story to tell! The Lookout Rock Trail is a two-hour ride that provides riders with views of an abandoned railroad bed, marshes, forest and beaver dams.

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When you’re planning which HockingHillshorsebackriding experience to take part in, don’t forget to book your stay at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls. Surrounded by the beauty of the HockingHills State Parks, our property is the ideal place to get in touch with nature and restore your spirits.

Our Inn B&B Guest Rooms, Cottages, and Cabin Rentals offer the utmost comfort and rustic charm for the perfect getaway. And our restaurant, Kindred Spirits, offers the best casual fine dining experience in the morning, so you can enjoy lunch and dinner without leaving the property.

And of course, your stay includes a delicious full breakfast each morning so you can take on all the HockingHills adventures on your agenda. #grateful #horses are extremely healthy and well-trained.

My horse's name was bunny, and he seemed to be former polo pony! I was able to see lots of awesome Birds on the amazing ocean views.

I'm always so impressed when I see someone has found their passion in life and is able to enjoy it daily. I was so #grateful for the training because this was my first time riding a horse.

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There are cattails growing everywhere and the grass is 3 feet tall. I remember a few years ago when this sketchy place was still in operation and a horse dumped a rider by the cave and was trotting down the road loose as a goose and I thought this place is doomed.

Everything is cooked over an open fire, much in the same ways Cowboys of yesterday and today would do it! After an hour or so of eating, telling tall tales, bad jokes, and a few good one-liners, we mount our fearless steeds and ride off into the woods for another couple hours of incredible trail riding before heading back to the ranch.

There are times, naturally, where we get a mixture of all types of riders, and we have trails to accommodate everything in between the super steep and the not-so-steep. Parties of 10-20 people must pay a minimum $100 deposit at time of booking.

Parties of 20 or more must pay a minimum $200 deposit at time of booking. If you make a reservation 8 days or more in advance, receive $2 off per rider.

Canoeing and HorsebackRiding Special: We have partnered with Hocking Valley Canoe Livery/ HockingHills Adventures to offer a great outdoor fun experience. Please visit our packages section for great deals on the HorsebackRiding and Canoeing outdoor experience.

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Equestrian Ridge Farm Hocking Hills Region, Ohio 45654 Equestrian Ridge Farm is pleased to make your acquaintance and hope you will sign the guest book on the CONTACT US page and let us know what you think about our site and our vision.

In addition to our training and instruction program, Equestrian Ridge Farm offers for-sale a few special IBERIAN Horses and Ponies yearly. Please check back for updated photos and current event schedules.

Hereabout Trail Riding lnstructionBoardingTrainingCampsWorking StudentsBunkhouse CabinCampingContact Scale Correspond Stallion Photo GalleryUpcoming Evenness Gift Certificates available for Riding, camping, or cabin stays.

Each visitor to HockingHills has been extended an invitation to witness our Earth’s magnificent beauty and to recognize Her extraordinary ability to give so much and ask nothing in return. Our wish for each of our guests is to feel that magic and to obtain a genuine connection to this truly extraordinary place.

In 2007, HOCKINGHILLS CANOPY TOURS STARTED A Airline REVOLUTION IN OHIO! All the adventure courses and tours that we design and create at our facility near HockingHills State Park are completed with a commitment to our “world-class” status.

(Source: www.thespottedhorseranch.com)

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