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Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
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Once you have a general idea of the types of things you’d like to do with your horse, find yourself some local experts who can guide you in the process. As a beginner, it’s important to gain knowledge from seasoned horsey people in your discipline of choice.

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If you’re currently in the beginning phases of your equestrian journey, this post is designed to give you some insight into 15 of the bestriding horses for beginners (and beyond! These intelligent and affable horses are known for their flashy coloring, willing natures, and good work ethics.

Paint horses are often chosen as beginner mounts because they have a reputation for being strong, docile, and trainable. If you’re a very new beginner, an experienced paint horse can teach you a lot about being a good equestrian.

Jean , via Wikimedia Commons Suitable Disciplines : Saddle seat, showing, driving, jumping, dressage, trail riding However, there are plenty of calm Saddlebags in lesson programs, teaching precocious beginners the ropes.

Things to consider : The Saddle bred is a graceful and athletic breed, and is an excellent choice for the beginner who may want to perform on the flat. A young beginner could show his horse in a lead-line class, and a good Saddle bred could grow with him all the way into adult competitions.

Known for their easygoing dispositions and willing natures, the versatile Appaloosa can be a great choice for a beginner rider. Found in nearly every discipline, Appaloosas turn heads in competitions with their unique spotted coats.

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Carefully bred for thousands of years by the Bedouin tribes of the Arabian Peninsula, these horses often create lasting bonds with their owners. If you take time to search carefully, you’ll be able to find an Arabian to suit your needs, even if you’re new to the equestrian world.

These gentle giants can make excellent mounts for larger adult beginners. Overall, these gentle giants are friendly and trainable, and many appear in lesson programs teaching adult beginners the basics.

Things to consider : The tallest of the pony breeds, Connemara's often reach 15 hands high. Small and docile enough to teach children to ride, the Harbinger is also stout and strong enough to handle many adult riders as well.

The Harbinger is an excellent beginner horse, with a calm disposition and a willingness to work. Things to consider : While the Harbinger is known for its easygoing disposition (they are selectively bred for a good temperament in Austria), they can be stubborn.

Versatile, athletic, and trainable, the Quarter Horse is a solid choice for both experienced equestrians and beginners alike. With over 5 million Quarter Horses in the world today in nearly every discipline, you’ll be sure to find one to meet your needs.

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Things to consider : A Quarter horse is bred for athleticism, speed, and performance. They may need time to settle down, and proper training to make them safe and easy to handle.

However, there are many, many experienced and safe Quarter Horses serving in beginner lesson programs all over the country. Consider choosing an older and thoroughly trained Quarter horse with a calmer temperament for your first mount.

The Missouri Fox Trotter is a smooth gained horse from the Ozark Mountains of Tennessee. Known for their ambling “fox-trot” gait, these surefooted horses can comfortably cover miles of rough terrain.

Shetland ponies are small and relatively easy to handle, which makes them perfect mounts for the smallest of beginners. They make excellent trail horses, and they are flashy performers in the show ring.

Things to consider : While the running walk may be desirable for beginners or riders with physical limitations, some may want their horses to trot and canter. It can take some time to get used to, but many beginner riders find the running walk to be much more comfortable and easy to sit than the standard two-beat trot.

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Thoroughbreds excel at show jumping and other speed competitions (such as fast-paced rodeo events). Things to consider : While they are intelligent and trainable, a young Thoroughbred right off the track may not be a suitable partner for a beginner.

With a good temperament and suitable training, a Thoroughbred can make an excellent partner for a bold beginner. The Welsh Cob is a larger version of these versatile ponies, capable of carrying teenagers and adults.

Winner of Best Northwest Escapes HorsebackRiding in 2009 and 2010, this century old cattle ranch has nearly 50,000 acres, 70 horses to ride, and a bunch of experiences to be had. Northwest families can load up their kids and pets and literally “head out” on excursions that include cattle drives, trail riding, hearty meals, western-themed accommodations and friendly hosts packaged up in an all-inclusive daily rate that makes for a memorable experience.

Each of the ranch’s seven cabins are themed with names that have come out of popular western folklore, like The Ponderosa, The Virginian, or Rawhide. The new Ranch Spa can pamper you with skin care treatments and massage, or you can mosey on down to the China Bend Vineyard for organic wine tasting.

Other activities include fishing, hunting, hiking, overnight camping and saddle & paddle adventures. Or you can head out on an overnight excursion with your own pack mule, leaving the ranch in late afternoon, you’ll ride your horse about an hour and a half to your campsite.

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There is a sandy beach within a short walking distance where you can have a bonfire, swim, play in the water, fish, explore or just relax. Kali Equestrian Center, providing the BEST in Phoenix HorsebackRiding, is located in the heart of the Gila River Indian Community Reservation.

Friendly, qualified wranglers will advise you of the surroundings and what you need to know about our well-trained horses during your horseback riding adventure. Kali Equestrian Center is located in Chandler and serves the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.

We cater to riders, from the novice to experienced, singles to large groups, and families with children. Our horseback rides are enjoyed by customers that simply want an experience on a horse in the Arizona sunshine.

To avoid the Phoenix heat, we leave earlier in the day so you can enjoy your horseback trail ride. Whether it is Summer or Winter, within a 24-hour notice we can provide Private Horseback Trail Riding at any time.

We recommend advance reservations to ensure your horseback ride time during your stay in Chandler or the Phoenix area. Please check in 15 minutes prior to your scheduled horseback riding time for our group to depart promptly.

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