Best Horseback Riding In Kananaskis

Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
• 8 min read

As soon as you reach the river bed onward the hike becomes quite beautiful and the waterfall at the end is truly magnificent View Taylor's Recording This is a fairly easy hike except the length.

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View Alex's Recording Once you pass Turner Valley the Hwy dead ends at the trail head parking lot so you can’t miss it. This trail is one of the roughest I’ve been on, starts out not too bad then bam not great.

Tons of exposed roots and “washboard” style ruts from all the horseback riders. At about the 4.5KM marker you have to are to the left and cross a small creek to keep on the trail.

View Shane's Recording A long, but enjoyable trail with a mixture of packed earth, mud, rock, riverbed, and tree rooted earth covered in pine needles. The tall falls are beautiful while the surrounding mountains and hills are picturesque.

Trail is easy to follow, but first you must cross a stream to start the hike. Lots of loose rocks roots and open holes.

Alana young reviewed Elbow Pass Trail to Tombstone Campground and Lake Fairly easy river crossing at the beginning, it was less than a foot deep but very cold.

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Trail was fairly easy to follow except when you get to the dry river bed. The falls and sights along the way are worth the minimum elevation gains.

Highly recommend sandals for crossing the river at the start! View Amanda's Recording The trail has a very gradual incline with various types of terrain.

Have to cross the river at the beginning and hike along the creek for the duration. It took us about 2 hours to get to the falls where we enjoyed a chilly dip and lunch before beginning on the way back.

Lots of horse poop and people traffic was fine! Recommended companies offering horseback riding tours and trail rides in the Canadian Rockies including Ban ff, Can more and Kananaskis Country.

Enjoy the views of the Canadian Rockies from Horseback on a guided trail ride. With over 300 horses, we will offer a style and duration of ride to suit every taste and level of experience.

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Brewster Mountain Pack Trains, the oldest outfitting company in Alberta, caters to groups and individuals taking pride in providing a backcountry adventure of a lifetime. Ride the Historic Horse drive trail to the famed Brewster Company Ranch.

Brewster’s two and four-day horseback pack trips are riding tours through the awe-inspiring magnificence of the Ghost River area, bordering Ban ff National Park. Minimum age 7 years old and maximum weight 250 lbs, no experience required.

Cross ZEE Ranch can host your next private function in our unique “donut” surrounded by spectacular views. Mouth-watering barbecue fare is prepared outside and served inside to be enjoyed regardless of the weather.

With aspen forests that shine golden yellow leaves while snow-capped mountains stand majestically behind them, you will feel like you stepped into a photograph. “The Barn” equally reflects the atmosphere of the foothills with a cozy and unique space to relax in at the end of the day.

Most of the precipitation falls from May to August; June sees the heaviest rains on average. Our guide Neil first founded the ranch in 1991, where he combined adventure and nature, with his love for history and horses.

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He is passionate about his region, and takes pride in showing riders the beautiful country and horses. Respect the magnificent nature that surrounds the region and the fantastic team of horses that will take you there.

During the camps, Neil and his team do their wonderful to preserve the natural environment for the future generations to come. His wife Undone is also part of the team and looks after the guesthouse and helps train the horses.

The riding team will provide a waterproof soft bag (80 l) for the riders to put their luggage in during the trail. There are no recycling facilities in this area, so take your used batteries, aerosols etc back home and dispose of them appropriately.

The Covid-19 precautions worked well for the time we were in proximity to the staff. The facility has so much more to offer than what can now be open due to the pandemic.

We are so happy to hear that you had such wonderful time on your trail ride with Rachel that you left us feedback!! We LOVE that your daughter is now super interested in working with horses after spending the time with Rachel.

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Reviewed June 16, 2021 via mobile Great experience my daughters first time, and she loved it. Staff were great the social distancing measures were in place.

Reviewed June 15, 2021 We have ridden at Boundary Ranch many times over the years. I loved the whole 2 hours going through the narrow trails through the woods.

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