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• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
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As the situation evolves, things are changing rapidly, and we want to make sure you have all the information you need to manage your tour as easily as possible. Calling and speaking to a Customer Service Agent may take longer than usual during this time, so we encourage you to leave a voicemail with a valid call-back number, and we will return your call in the order it was received.

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Horsing’ Around is famous for the ultimate riding excursion… Our mission is to create a lasting and memorable impression upon each and every guest! Our expertise is providing custom experiences that are suitable for beginners and avid riders.

We take great care and pride, in providing a fun and safe adventure for our Guests. This was a trail ride with the horses kept too close together with head-to tail formation.

The guides were knowledgeable and skilled so that put us at ease, so we could enjoy the ride. As an aside, when we finished the ride we went to the Dancing Apache winery which is on the same road about a 1/4 mile away.

He helped us feel comfortable and confident on the horses and showed us the most incredible views. We not only got to take in the scenery, but we also got to ask him a million questions about the ranch, horse training, Arizona, etc.

The horses were all very tame and safe for all ages, even kids. Jetandbrunch Excellent companionship with Horses we had a family reunion in The area and were staying in Oak creek Village.

sedona riding arizona horseback trails alltrails near
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Ages of riders ranged from 7-54. We had a great time with our guide and horses. As sun was setting during the last cowpoke ride of the day in Jan, 2018 we enjoyed great scenery and companionship.

Max was very intuitive to the type of ride we were looking for and was very knowledgeable of the area being an Arizona native and provided a wealth of interesting information on our ride. Felt completely safe and comfortable riding Fajita.

Max did a great job of orienting us to the horses, and he put us at ease that we would all be just fine. Max took the lead on the tour and his associate, Justin, followed along in back.

Highly recommend... A big shout out to my horse, Red Apple, for being such a good girl! Jerseygirl1816 great, chill horseback ride through the canyon We did the 1.5-hour horseback ride through the canyon and lucked out that nobody else was in our group, meaning the two of us got a personal tour with our guide, Justin.

He led us through a dusty, rocky trail and told us about all the plants and animals that thrive in this habitat. He also told funny stories about all the horses' different personalities on the ranch.

horseback riding arizona sedona alltrails trails near
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Jen Cowpoke Ride I am an experienced rider, however I haven't ridden much in the past few years. Max took time on the ride to point out areas of interest, which I appreciated.

Max and Justin (our wranglers) did a great job with the group. Todd Great Experience My husband and I went on the 1.5 hr ride.

She was very attentive to the whole group, and keep us all laughing, while still providing information on plants etc along the way. Had a really great trail ride & wine tasting package done with Horsing' Around.

I had this sassy, wonderful gelding named Goldie Locks who made the trail ride very enjoyable and fun! Horses were well-matched with riders, and the staff was well-trained and handled all situations really well.

! And that she did ....... after about 15 minutes I was relaxed and totally enjoying every twist and turn on the trail. With a little prodding from Jodi, she recommended that we ride up to the bluff on the mountain across from the ranch.

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! My horse was so sweet and beautiful. After we reached the bluff, my heart sank.... The views were spectacular and breathtaking !! This bluff is a VERY special place +I would absolutely recommend Horsing Around Adventures to anyone and everyone. A must- book a private ride with Jodi, you will NOT regret it thankyou "“Jodi”for being part of so many beautiful memories that I have of my "“0th"”b-day +~ Gods Speed ~ Carol Forrest- NNY.

My wife is an experienced rider while I've only ridden once....about 30 years ago. The woman that checked us in was very friendly and clearly knew what she was talking about concerning horseback riding.

They created such a positive experience that after we left, I told my wife that we should ride more often. Our guide was very knowledgeable of the area and gave us lots of good information.

My husband looked at a few riding places and called out to the owner of Horsing' Around before we left. They also accommodate all sizes of adults, not just a low weight minimum as with most we found.

The week before we left we booked for our first day a 2-hour private morning tour and was soon glad we did. Lakota took the time to ease my husband's concerns, as well as brush me up on my riding skills since it had been awhile.

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He took the time to teach him how to handle his horse in a reasonable, layman's terms manner, all the while allowing us to have an incredible first day of our trip. Depending on the time of year, morning rides are really nice.

I will want a 3 hr ride next time Thanks so much Lakota and HHorsing Around for making our trip memorable! The staff made us all comfortable before and during the ride, and they chose the horse that “fit” each of us best.

Highly recommended for something different and fun to do in the Page Springs/ Sedna area, you'll be glad you did it. Our guide was Luis, and he made what could have been a quiet horse ride enjoyable and filled our small group with laughter.

If you are easily offended I suggest you either stay home or get a sense of humor. Definitely the kind of guy you’d want to grab a beer with after. We never expected to go to Arizona and pick ourselves up a Mexican! We had a small group, but he made sure we got the most out of it.

Good times! But remember you are going back country trail riding, and set expectations accordingly. Estate Rustic trail ride My wife and I make a point to arrange a horseback riding trip whenever we travel to Arizona.

horseback arizona riding sedona alltrails trails near
(Source: www.alltrails.com)

The facility is at the end of an approximately mile long rock, dirt road. I was driving a rental car and was somewhat concerned about damage from rocks and the pitted ‘road’ surface.

There is no conventional bathroom at the office (there is an outhouse which was not particularly inviting), The vistas along the trail were spectacular and our guide was very forthcoming regarding taking photos of us. The horses are well cared for, well-behaved, and the scenery was great.

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