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• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
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Cowboys and their horses played a vital role in the area’s history, and horseback riding remains a popular outdoor activity to this day. With trails that lead past looming mountain peaks, through dense forests, and over grassy meadows, travelers can discover some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

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No matter what your age or skill level, horseback riding in Jacksonville will be an incredible adventure that you’ll never forget. Guests can enjoy guided horseback rides atop the East Grow Venture Butte with Spring Creek Ranch.

Perfect for equestrians of all skill levels, their one, two, or three-hour trips travel through the Grow Venture wilderness with scenic views of the Eton Mountain Range and the famous Snake River. Their unique trail rides take place at an elevation of 8,000 feet in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, where guests will experience unparalleled views while winding through trees, brush, and wildflowers.

Export to Trail Guide Create Guidebook Download GPX Print Friendly Map View Trail MapS end to App The Jacksonville Community Pathway System offers 27 miles of trail through some of Wyoming’s most beautiful country and connects the towns of Jackson, Eton Village (a popular ski town), and Wilson.

Winding through the Jacksonville Valley, the trail is nestled among the Rocky Mountains. On the north end of Jackson, you can pick up the North Pathway to head north to Moose, headquarters of Grand Teton National Park, which sprawls more than 300,000 acres and offers camping and a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities.

East of the trail is the National Elk Refuge, home not only to elk, but also bison, bighorn sheep, moose, deer, and other wildlife. You can also park at the Jacksonville and Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center (532 N. Cache Street, Jackson).

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We rode from Wilson Rd past the Eton village. We stopped to take a picture of a moose and noticed he was a wood cut out.

Trail is paved the entire way and even though it rides alongside the road, it really isn't that bad. Watch for moose though...esp the life size models.

The entire Jackson pathway is interconnected which the RTC map is in error. We parked at the huge transfer shuttle parking lot which is central to the main trail and spurs.

There are lots of views, turns, hills and benches. Great way to get around the hole “, esp when the main highway into the town is jammed with vehicles and the only bridge in town is under repair and 50% of the car lanes are closed...

Yellowstone Paddle and Saddle, Horseback Riding and Rafting Package We are now offering a Saddle and Paddle package for those interested in both horseback riding and rafting.

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This is the only package of its kind that offers horseback riding inside Yellowstone National Park. Our guides can answer almost any question about the park, from the smallest flower to the largest carnivore.

Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra Be sure to check out the number one selling CD in the Park by your outfitter and guide, Jet Hit. You can download samples of this full scale violin concerto that was inspired by the Park and recorded by the Slovak Radio Symphony.

* Every morning from May through September, we deliver one of our tasty continental breakfast baskets to your front door! Our webcam is located at our guest ranch between Cody, Wyoming & the east gate of Yellowstone National Park on the North fork of the Shoshone River.

Our webcam currently updates every half hour with a view of our barn and corrals with beautiful Jim Mountain in the background. The owners were great and the ranch was just off the main highway so easy to find.

The bathroom is not big so could be challenging if there are a lot of women in your group :) The beds were comfortable. There is no TV and you'll likely not have much for cellular connection unless you sit by the Wi-Fi extender which is on the front porch.

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The refrigerator is good-sized and there is a coffee maker & microwave but you will have to grill for meals (or make cold sandwiches). Csteinhorst 10/12/2020 Whiskey Creek cabin # 8 was perfect for my husband and me to relax in a spacious place with awesome mountain views.

Hospitality, great service, perfect cabin, peaceful!! Jeannette C 8/28/2021 We had a wonderful couple of hours on the trail with Macy as our guide.

The breakfast baskets delivered each morning are such a nice touch. Ash922 7/01/2020 Took a guy's trip to Yellowstone and wanted to spend our last day outside the park doing something besides seeing bison and hot springs.

Decided to “play cowboy” and go ... read more horseback riding in the Wyoming countryside. S_mt brown 6/14/2021 We received the name for this location as a referral from another ranch that was booked for the night we needed to stay.

There is no internet or television and it is on a very busy highway however we enjoyed sitting on the porch and just being present to the experience overall. Throughout our 7-day trip out west, this was the most at home place we experienced, and we did not want to leave.

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The cabin was very clean with many details tended to making you feel very welcome and cared for. We commend this team for being detail oriented and creating an experience that would make many people want to return while charging a fair price.

The absolute best way to see beautiful Wyoming and the ... read more mountains is from the back of a horse! At this point, we are putting into place all measures to support being able to open this summer, including extra sanitation measures between guests, customized housekeeping options, and updated cancellation/rescheduling policies.

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