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Wherever you go, you’ll eventually stumble upon some horse grazing in the beautiful EU fields. They are absolutely beautiful and it comes as no surprise that horse riding in EU is a popular experience of tourists to enjoy.

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Travelers from South East Asia, Japan, US should bring the right adapter. In the 60s the horses of EU were an endangered species due to industrialization.

This was a big success and now over 2000 horses are registered and can be found anywhere on the island. Spring and autumn have the best temperatures to enjoy going for long walks on the beach and horse riding in the mountains.

One of the most beautiful places in EU Island is Songs Ilchulbong, also called Sunrise Peak. It was also one of the filming locations of the Korean drama Warm & Cozy ( ).

You can book your package online through Tracy and for 50 000 KRW you get a 20-minute horse riding experience. Upon arrival, you get a riding hat and jacket which you have to put on and then you get paired up with a horse.

I have been wanting to go horse riding on the beaches of EU for ages. After take off my fears quickly disappeared and I managed to relax just a bit.

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I was actually quite sad when the 20 minutes were, so I’ll have to come back next time and book a longer ride. What I liked about this place is that the horses that aren’t used that day have a big meadow to graze in and look very well-kept.

At EU Land you can experience horse riding in the countryside. With a guide you’ll be going to the top of Nair Orem and enjoy the stunning scenery with mount Callahan in the background.

It is much watch performance when in EU as it features about 60 professional male and female riders from Mongolia. A: Spring and autumn are by far the best times to enjoy riding a horse in the countryside or on the beaches of EU.

In the horse riding park you’ll receive a vest and a protective hat. A: Most horseback riding experiences last between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the package booked.

Why not pin it! Have any questions about EU horse riding experiences? Oswald is a fantastic destination for families, honeymooners and everyone in between who wants a magical experience amongst the red sand dunes of the Kalahari Desert.

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It offers some incredible opportunities to get up close to giraffes, buffalo and much more whilst not disturbing the wildlife in the slightest. With your own guide, you can enjoy the beaches in and around Cape Town on horseback with the beautiful Chapman's Peak Drive overhead, not only is it scenic, but it is also very accessible.

With 60 horses to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect four legged friends for your adventure through Five Oaks’ 70 acre nature park. During your guided trail ride, you will see Mount Lacoste, an idyllic mountain lake, and the remains of an authentic moonshine still.

Smoky Mountain Navigator also offers an exclusive Five Oaks Riding Stables coupon that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of! This popular vacation destination is home to a wide variety of friendly critters that you can pet and hand feed, including deer, goats, camels, zebra, kangaroos, reindeer, donkeys, and many more.

Travel back in time to a simpler era with a trip to Big Rock Dude Ranch at Ponderosa. Guests will enjoy a scenic 3.5-mile trail ride that gives you a sense of what it was like to navigate the mountains 200 years ago.

After going horseback riding in the Smoky Mountains, visitors to Big Rock Dude Ranch can enjoy all the other great onsite activities. Some fun options include taking a guided ATV ride, casting your line in the stocked fishing pond, discovering precious stones at the gem mine, dining at the Chow-Boys Café, and getting to know the animals at the petting zoo.

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A giant adult amusement park, EU has activities galore as well as, some pretty fun and oddball attractions to fill your travel itinerary. From Trick Art to Teddy Bear sand female divers … EU aims to keep its tourists and honeymooners, entertained, informed and well-oiled for humor.

Read EU Island Travel Survival & Essentials Guide. Advice: Have the tourist information desk at the airport, map out EU ’s top attractions for you and tell you which buses to take to get there.

The EU Hanna Museum is dedicated to the history of these heroic women who started a diving tradition that is now growing extinct. The museum is small with four exhibition rooms sharing displays of the old lifestyle such as fishing nets, old Hanna diving suits.

Korean drama fans may be a little disappointed as the museum does not feature contemporary celebrities nor is it a film studio. Getting to the Trick Art Museum EU : Sergio near Sponge Folk Village.

Open in 2004, Loveland is EU Island’s sex-themed park, which showcases 140 boldly erotic sculptures and curious and humorous artwork about sex in Korea. The park houses statues of erotica of curious nature and a museum building with more fun sculptures, hilarious art work and a pleasure store where you can buy souvenirs, a condom and maybe even a dildo.

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As a fan of Harry Potter and the Shining, I was curious about maze parks. While Ginseng Maze Park is rather small, it still challenges your skill to find your way out.

Despite its chic resorts and theme parks, EU is probably the only place in Korea whose “natural” beauty is not a result of heavy cosmetic surgery. Outside the main tourist cities, EU life feels down-to-earth, rural and pretty Au natural.

The view from Songs Ilchul-bong (otherwise known as Sunrise Peak) overlooks the volcano crater and the island. This stop also lands you near the ferry pier for Udo Island.

Did you know one of Korea’s top UNESCO site is not a landmark but a group of women? EU has female divers called haeneyo, and they are actually free divers, holding their breath underwater to catch fish and shellfish.

The restaurant is run by Hanna women and it is a perfect way to have a UNESCO prepared meal of fresh seafood and sashimi. If you think Susan’s Malachi Fish Market is the bomb, this is a must-try bucket list of EU Island.

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Hanna Restaurant EU Island near Sunrise Peak Getting to Jusangjeolli Cliffs: Take Airport Limousine Bus & stop at International Convention Center.

Oedolgae Rock is also a Korean drama film location of Daejanggeum. But either way, it is impressive and a gorgeously unique natural wonder of EU Island.

Nearby are restaurants if you’re hungry and if you’re up for a puzzling challenge there’s the man-made Ginseng maze, just 3 minutes away. EU Island has twenty walking paths called Ollie Trails.

The routes are marked by arrows, sculpture or colored tags and promises to lead you through the *most* drop-dead, picturesque mountain scenery, neighborhood backyards and breathtaking beachfront shores. Beautiful beaches, sweeping cliffs, woven backstreets and rural country charm… it’s all worth a day trip.

I’ve heard you can risk around the island in under an hour by scooter! If I didn’t explore the inland veins of the neighborhood streets, it’s possible I would’ve made it within that time frame.

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Jung mun’s beaches are nice, but that’s not the spectacle of worship you’ll die to see; it’s the top resort hotels! From jacuzzis, heat lamps near pools, hiking trails and casinos, in the Jung mun Resort neighborhood, you’ll find more things to make you groan with envy.

Unfortunately, you won’t find many food options in the area, other than a neighborhood 7-Elevens and hotel restaurants. At night, the poolside chairs emit a red UV light for warming.

Camping and BBQ grounds at the Shill Hotel EU Jung mun beach Meanwhile, the regular bus and taxis are great for skirting around the island and giving you a nice ride.

The bus routes are fairly simple to spot on the map but you’ll still need occasional help with knowing which number to catch or where the bus stops are from your hotel. The top two most popular tourist spots with the greatest number of hotels (aside from the airport area) are Jung mun Resort and Sergio.

The beauty of it is that you have budget hotels and alternate options to explore like Smart, restaurants and cafés or the marketplaces like, a 120 stall indoor market of produce, seafood and household items. Sergio bus station is located a little more in the city and it will connect you to a lot of places you’ll want to see on the eastern side, such as Sunrise Peak, Udo Island, Oedolgae Rock and more.

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I stayed at EU Hiking Inn (wasn’t keen on it but it’s located near the airport shuttle bus drop). Seems Hotel in Jung mun Resort is a popular film locations for K-dramas Boys over Flowers, Gun/Palace and Secret Garden.

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