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Daniel Brown
• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
• 7 min read

The trail horses are waiting for you in Myra Canyon Ranch's stables. You will start the trail in the forest and once in the open area, you will do a loop around a tiny lake along ridges with incredible views.

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On your free time, you can enjoy incredible lake views and a kitchen / kitchenettes with patio barbecues and you can also choose to do several activities in the surroundings. Myra Canyon Ranch also has all the saddles measured and fitted to the horses and to avoid sour backs and bruises.

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The coronavirus pandemic has pushed many Long Islanders to find social-distance-friendly ways to get out and appreciate the place they call home. Long Island is home to many equestrian trails that offer miles of endless adventures.

Whether someone’s never been on the back of a horse before, or they are a trail riding expert, this is an activity that allows people of all experience levels to enjoy all the beauty the region has to offer. “Horses are for everyone,” says Diana Russo, owner of DDR Farm in Melville, which offers lessons and trail rides.

“It’s usually total beginners, and they go out with this look of horror, and they come back with this happy ever last face.” BABYLON RIDING CENTER Located at Belmont Lake State Park, this riding center provides a convenient location to learn a new skill and take in the beautiful scenery of the area.

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Rides are one hour long and operate every day, weather permitting. It helps the animals recover from any injuries and rehabilitate them for a new life where they can support themselves, namely through going out on trail rides.

DEEP HOLLOW RANCH The oldest working ranch in the United States, this family run business offers not only trail rides but one-of-a-kind beach rides along the Long Island Sound as well. From horseback, riders have a view of the beach, five lakes, the hills of the Hempstead Private Country Club golf course and more.

Preview RIDING CENTER Located in CONNECT-DOT State Park, this equestrian center provides hour-long trail rides along the scenic CONNECT-DOT River State Park Preserve from sunrise to sunset. ROCKY POINT PINE BARRENS STATE FOREST This state forest is home to five horseback riding trails that make up almost 20 miles of bridle paths in addition to trails for mountain biking, hiking, and more.

Sign up for discounts by becoming a Long Island Press community partner here. 10/09/2020 Waste and energy consumption audit today at the ranch.

#CVR #myracanyon #bike #explorekelowna # Kelowna @ Myra Canyon Ranch After fighting rain, wind and chilling temperature they made a wonderful popup dinner at the ranch.

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05/31/2021 Dandelion race in our pastures before the horses get the gate opened 05/27/2021 A sunny morning with Kelowna below you, a fresh coffee in your hand and then you realize that that black spot in the tree is moving and quite loud.

05/18/2021 I asked my skillful daughter Lena Adrian for a sketch to show where we are and this fantastic drawing came up ! The elevations of Kelowna, our ranch and the Kettle Valley Rail Trail and the famous trestles.

If you’re heading up here to enjoy the beautiful Myra Canyon Bellevue Park we encourage you to take care of this special area. We’ve been collecting quite the amount of trash along the roads up here recently.

Dawn is a Kinesiologist and Core Specialist who has designed 20-30 minute videos from beginner to advanced full of tips to re-pattern your core muscles and get the most out of your daily activities (plus stay out of back pain!) 04/25/2021 Update on snow situation CVR / Myra Canyon Trestles at west end at Ruth station.

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