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• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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Whether you are just visiting or have lived here your entire life, horse-back riding should be a part of your Kentucky experience. The state is known for its vast bluegrass, perfect for grazing thoroughbreds, but Kentucky is also home to many adventures you, yourself can try on horse-back.

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We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life. While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date.

With Big Red Stables, you can experience a lot of what Kentucky has to offer. A trail ride around their 200-acre farm on beautiful Tennessee Walking Horses is their feature attraction, but you can also explore nearby Eagles Nest and Shaker Village on horseback.

Explore the mountains of eastern Kentucky with the Stables at Creekside Glen. Ride along an abandoned railroad track or on a ridge, overlooking the valley.

Double J Stables offers one of the few opportunities to check out Mammoth Cave National Park by horseback. With over 85 miles of trails, the sky's the limit for adventure, and they can even accommodate all levels of riders.

Head deep into a lush forest with Whispering Woods. With miles of trails on over 250 acres, you'll experience flowing creeks, wooded hills and wildlife on a ride that is great for both beginners and the more experienced rider.

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Whisper Valley may just provide one of the most beautiful trail rides in the state. Located within the canyon system adjacent to Daniel Boone National Forest, this trail follows a creek where you will see waterfalls and caverns under a canopy of thick forest.

The 35-minute ride will take you around the perimeter of the park so you can get a unique perspective of this Kentucky treasure. This bed and breakfast is a charming getaway on gorgeous property that allows you to relax while trying out a little adventure.

The experienced staff will personalize a riding lesson for you and then take you on a trail to test your new skills. They specialize in an individualized experience, aimed at teaching you more than just how to stay on a horse.

They will tailor your ride to your ability and interests and the scenery is spectacular. Adventure awaits as you explore the rolling hills of southeastern Kentucky and the Daniel Boone National Forest.

They provide almost everything you need for this extreme excursion, just prepare to become closer to nature. Visitors rave about the beautiful trails, well-trained horses and top-notch customer service.

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Experience the popular Mammoth Cave area by horseback. Kentucky is known as horse country for good reason and the fun is not limited to the racetrack.

A Cincinnati native who has lived in Kentucky for over 10 years, Andrea's heart belongs both in the Queen City and the Bluegrass State. Since then, she has written for a number of print and online publications, as well as published a children's book.

Purple Heart Trail Tom Wallace Recreation Area Length: 1.9 mi • Est. This a nice family friendly loop located in Jefferson Memorial Forest south of Louisville KY.

Jefferson Memorial Forest Length: 10.6 mi • Est. This trail begins at the Welcome Center of Jefferson Memorial Forest and winds its way up a ridge to an awesome view of Louisville's skyline.

Continue on to Mitchell Hill Trail and the Horne Reservation. The trailhead starts just across the road from the parking area of the Welcome Center.

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Daniel Boone National Forest Length: 8.9 mi • Est. Following the Shelter Trace will return you back to your starting point at Stone Cove.

Canal Run starts at the Stone Cove Recreation Area. This path curves and winds along the shores of Cave Run Lake, offering extensive lake views before it turns up the Canal Creek embayment, where more views await.

From here, it rejoins the Shelter Trace and winds over low hills that stand between quiet creeks and returns to Stone Cove. The Kentucky Horse Park is a popular attraction in the Bluegrass State for locals and tourists and a visit really is a must-do at least once in your life.

While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date. The Kentucky Horse Park is located outside of Lexington and is a beautiful destination that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Visitor ages 7 and up will love adding on a horseback trail ride to their visit, which is available April through October. This ride is perfect for beginners and your guide will make sure you feel safe and comfortable.

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If members of your family are younger than 7, there are also pony rides available for kids ages 2-12, not exceeding a weight limit of 90 lies. Both horseback riding and pony ride tickets must be purchased at the Visitor's Center ahead of time, so be sure to ask about it when you arrive.

And while you wait for your time to ride, check out the horse shows, presentations, and other activities throughout the park. And if you'd like to make this an overnight getaway, check out the popular campground at the Kentucky Horse Park.

And you can visit so many places around our state that celebrate this beautiful animal, with the Kentucky Horse Park as the most popular. And for more information on the Horseback Trail at the Kentucky Horse Park, visit its website.

A Cincinnati native who has lived in Kentucky for over 10 years, Andrea's heart belongs both in the Queen City and the Bluegrass State. I tested many of the options myself, while filing “Equitrekking Kentucky,” a high definition episode that’s part of my Emmy winning TV series on PBS.

Located not too far from Shaker Village in an area of beautiful meadows, forests and rolling hills, this family farm offers a personalized riding tour on smooth Tennessee Walking horses. Riders of varying experience levels can enjoy a taste of life on a Kentucky family farm.

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I rode a beautiful, seven-year-old, bay Tennessee Walking horse named Shadow along with Emily, her husband Drew and 9-year-old niece. Over 20 years ago, Emily's mother started the Big Red Stables, a business on the farm through which they board horses and guide trail rides.

Emily talked about her childhood, as we rode past the stables and up through open meadows to the top of a rolling hill, where we could look out over the 200-acre farm. As I listened to Emily’s childhood stories of riding bareback down into the creeks, I realized that she was ale to experience freedom that doesn’t seem to exist in a lot of places today.

She told me with a laugh they’d ride out and “do things that today they’d say are bad for your health,” which I thought that sounded like lots of fun. After passing through one of the many stone fences which dot the countryside, our group came to a vast, flat field where Emily used to play a game that she called Kentucky Derby with her friends.

We raced up a hill and stopped in time to ease onto trails lined with cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Our horses stood quietly in front of this historic structure as Emily conveyed her hope of passing the family farm down to her son.

“There are places like this where the woods are growing back up in and around the settlement areas, because, you know, at one time a family lived up here on this hill and farmed this land and raised children, and yet there’s a hay field in the bottom where my mom harvests hay for our cattle and our horses and it’s- it’s special because it’s a mixture of the old and the new.” Shaker VillageWhere: Harrods burg, Kentucky Best Sights: Waterfalls at the site of the Old Mill, historic stone fences and open meadows.

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I rode Big Red, a large Rocky Mountain Horse, owned by a local resident who frequents the trails here. You can bring your own horse and ride at Shaker Village or saddle up on a guided tour with the Big Red Stables.

Well known today for their crafts and design, the Shakers believed that God is within us all and received their name for the fervent manner in which they danced, sang and shoot during prayer. We rode along a dirt road lined with two old stone walls built by Irish, Scottish and English immigrants that came into this area in the 1800s.

As we rode, Don described the pioneers, Native Americans, Shakers and Civil War cavalry who passed down this road before us. Passing a field of wildflowers, including delicate clusters of purple phlox, we crossed a stream and rode down Shawnee Run Trail by the old mill site, an important area for the Shakers.

There’s a beautiful cascading waterfall here, which powered the old mill and makes for a great photo opportunity. Boarding facilities feature fully-equipped stalls with shavings, a heated tack room with Hot & Cold Running Water and five large paddocks.

It was a great way to end a day of riding and truly immerse myself in this interesting, historic area of Kentucky. 45 minute guided trail rides depart every hour Memorial Day-Labor Day, weather permitting and some weekends during Spring and Fall.

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My senses heightened, as my horse’s hooves crunched through leaves scattered on the dirt trails. Riders have been known to see white tailed deer, wild turkey, blue herons and Canadian Geese here.

One of the highlights of riding here is the approximately 10,000-acre lake, which is surrounded by acres of serene Kentucky forest. Best For: Families and riders over 7-years-old who’d like to ride their own horse and have access to good camping facilities or saddle up at the park’s stables.

With over 100 miles of diverse trails for horses and the well-equipped Wranglers Campground, many people travel to Land Between the Lakes (LBL) to ride. I was able to ride out with Randall Mitchell, a park ranger, on a fit 12-year-old mare named Misty from Equine Adventures.

The riding trails bring travelers through rolling woodlands and alongside isolated shores. Lots of people camp here for the week and make their own fun by fishing, biking, riding horses and getting into nature.

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