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Get a perfect taste of the mountainside wilds around the Arena Volcano in one crazy FULL DAY fun combo of two exciting sports: canyoning down waterfalls and whitewater rafting. On this Arena Combo you'll rappel tropical waterfalls through the magical Lost Canyon and then go rafting down one of the most beauty...

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When you do Gravity Falls, you'll jump off high canyon walls into deep, crystalline pools of water and rappel down rushing waterfalls! Get your adrenaline flowing on this extreme Costa Rican jungle expedition NEA...

Get as close as possible to the volcano while hiking through well-maintained paths that weave through the lush Costa Rican rainforest. Your nature guide will point out exotic plants and wildlife and explain the history of this fascinating volcano and area of Costa R...

You will love the hike down to the Fortuna Waterfall because you can see all the natural beauty of the rainforest as well as the birds and wildlife that live there. Once you arrive to the Fortuna Waterfall, prepare to be blown aw...

Our Safari Float is a smooth two-hour paddle down the quiet Sarapiqui River on the class 1 section and is great for nature lovers of all ages, especially children and their parents! Your naturalist guide will paddle and steer your boat as you float down the river an...

This tour will take about four hours beginning at the bottom of Zeta Tree -a small town located 1,24 miles away from Fortuna center-. As you arrive at a modern stable, an expert local guide will pick the right horse according to your experience.

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After incapacitation, we’ll start our journey through pastureland, cattle farms, and into the rainforests where no vehicles can get. On the way, you may have the opportunity to spot different amazing animals like toucans, peccaries, sloths, monkeys, and many others.

As you get to the entrance of Fortuna River waterfall, the horses will be left behind in a “horse parking.” Then, you’ll walk 500 meters (1600 ft.) to the facilities of Fortuna River Waterfall. A couple of meters away from the main entrance, you’ll have the chance to explore an open-air butterfly garden full of colorful flowers.

Also, this primary rainforest, part of the Arena Volcano National Park, might be ideal for the sighting of different animal species. Later, after witnessing the fantastic view of the waterfall from a lookout, you’ll start your journey to the base of that impressive water body, which jumps from a height of 210 feet, falling in a deep green pond.

Once there, you’ll have the opportunity to swim in the fresh waters of Fortuna River or just let yourself unwind in the beauty of the place, searching a deep connection with nature’s elements. Additional information Please remember that the hike up and down the waterfall is fairly demanding, and not advised for people with limited mobility, physical ailment, or a heart condition.

Created in 1991, this national park shelters a vast array of flora and fauna, as well as some major attractions known for its scenic beauty like the Arena Volcano, Cerro Chat, and Fortuna River Waterfall. The place where tourism gathers and the strategic location to reach every attraction in the area.

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Features Arena Volcano right to the West and offers views to it from almost every single place in the city. Horseback Riding Arena This is a combination of horseback riding and hiking in this beautiful scenery.

These horses are trained to take you all the way up to the waterfall trough green areas of pastures, forest and high hills. The views of San Carlos valleys and the Tropical Forest that surround the waterfall are spectacular.

At the end of the road will let the horses and will walk dawn through a trail all the way to the base of the water fall, which is 65 MTS. Here you can always swim in its natural pool On the way back we Hill come through a privet farm of 400 hectares, where will be able to see Toucan, oriels, a large variety of flora and fauna we will also able to see one of the larges trees in the area We will ride through different lots of cattle and at the same time we will cross 3 different rivers.

Our tour is the only one which goes through a private farm, and we take care of our horses with blood samples every year. Costa Rica’s diverse, beautiful landscape and extraordinary biodiversity can be explored and enjoyed in many ways from cars and ATVs to hiking and rafting.

Explore Costa Rica with a knowledgeable and friendly guide, providing interesting information about the location, landscape and endless wildlife you’re sure to come across. Costa Rica is focused on letting visitors enjoy the countries natural beauty while protecting it for future generations, this includes the Arena Hanging Bridges.

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The private natural ecotourism reserve consists of 250 hectares of tropical rainforest, giving visitors a chance to experience the vast array of wildlife, birds, flora and lush vegetation. After a wonderfully scenic drive to Hacienda Polo Azul, you’ll be prepped for your horseback ride along the gleaming Sarapiqui River.

The best way to enjoy the lush countryside is on horseback, allowing you to truly appreciate the picturesque view of Pas Volcano’s slopes, pastures, and the local Banjos Del Too community. The province of Guanacaste is situated on Costa Rica’s northwest shoulder, bordered by Nicaragua in the north and the Nicola Peninsula in the south.

During your ride, you’ll be educated on the history and natural surroundings, including the Queen Natives and nearby Manuel Antonio. The tour then takes you to the pristine crystalline waters surrounding the Tacoma waterfall, where you can cool off before making your way back to the private ranch and treated to a delicious traditional meal.

The tour will also take you hidden waterfalls and treasures tucked deep into the surrounding tropical jungle of the OSA Peninsula. The Lap Rios Eco lodge is lodge is perfectly situated to grant visitors beautiful views of Golf Dunce and the lush green rainforest.

During your ride, your guide will take you up a hill on horseback to view the landscapes and lead you through farmlands before finally reaching the gorgeous beaches of Lap Rios. Copa de Arbol Eco lodge is a beautiful Costa Rican location that offers both soft shores and lush jungle experiences.

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Discover the thundering waterfalls deep in the jungle or bask in the sun on the beach of Rio Clark, a popular freshwater lagoon (a tourist favorite, for its stunning beauty). A slight mist hung quietly over the top of the trees and birds sang cheerily in the distance.

We stopped to observe a giant Cab tree and took some photos. Trotting just a hundred feet more, we reached another viewpoint that overlooked the Arena Volcano National Park.

The Arena area has always captured our hearts, delighting our eyes with lush forests. Compared to the arid and yellow desert of Guanacaste that we saw for nearly 8 months of the year, being surrounded by all this intense green was certainly a welcome change.

About halfway in, a light sprinkle came down and I turned my head to the sky, licking the raindrops off my lips savoring the cool fresh water. My horse had the same idea, pausing to nibble on some dewy grass.

It’s hot but gets plenty of rain so the air feels crisp and refreshing. One of the bestLaFortunahorsebackriding tours! Arenal Volcano hiding behind some clouds parents had never gone horseback riding before and taking them through a nature reserve in the rainforest was, in my opinion the best way for them to try it for the first time.

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If you’ve ever been horseback riding before, you’d know there’s a reason why cowboys always wear jeans or long pants! You can bring a camera but I don’t recommend a DSLR if you’re not comfortable on a horse.

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