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LakeTahoeHorseback Stables and Trail Rides LakeTahoehorsebackriding lets you explore scenic areas on a regal looking animal. Horseback riding in Lake Tahoe is a family friendly activity that welcomes kids and grown-ups to give it a try.

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Address: 355 Alpine Meadows Road Tahoe City, CA 96145 LakeTahoeHorseback Stables and Trail Rides LakeTahoehorsebackriding is fun for everyone, including Grandma Marge as well as Little Timmy.

Be prepared with proper clothing and equipment, no matter how short the hike. Day riders can obtain a permit at the self-service stations located at the trailheads.

Take Highway 89 north from South Lake Tahoe approximately 8 miles to the Bayview Campground across from Inspiration Point. Offering magnificent views of Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe, this steep trail leads you up the side of Maggie's Peak into Desolation Wilderness.

Panoramic views of the High Sierra, the Truckee River Canyon and Lake Tahoe can be seen from this trail. In the spring, just beyond the lake, beautiful meadows filled with wildflowers can be enjoyed.

One mile past Carson Pass, turn at the sign that says “Woods Lake.” A portion of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) begins on the other side of the highway.

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The trail to Showers Lake is 5 miles long, leading through meadows with views of the surrounding mountains. A third option is the long trip up the PCT to Highway 50 near Echo Summit.

Difficulty: Moderate Elevation: 6,240'/8,880' Mileage (one-way): 6.3 to Stony Ridge Lake After crossing a short bridge, look for a small cabin on the left and park in the dirt lot by the Desolation Wilderness sign.

This moderate ride takes you along the northernmost part of the unofficial Tahoe -Yosemite Trail. After following a road for approximately 1.3 miles, the trail passes a small spring, parallels Meek's Creek and continues upward into a forested valley.

Park at the Sooner Summit Rest Area located along Highway 50. Several views of the Carson Valley as well as glimpses of Lake Tahoe can be seen along this forested trail.

Off-road vehicle (Oh) roads can be used for loops and access to Kings bury Grade. The right fork eventually leads you to Tunnel Creek Road which is gated, meaning you will need to come back the way you came.

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The left fork leads you down steep switchbacks to North Canyon Road. Towards the bottom of the switchbacks, there is a primitive campground with pit toilets and picnic tables but no water.

A connector trail leads around Sooner Lake and back up to the parking lot. This prevents your horse from digging a trough around a tree and injuring the root system.

Keep stock out of the camp area and spread manure piles to speed the breakdown. The HorsebackRiding Trail information contained within this page courtesy of the US Forest Service.

Details Chart House Tahoe Is A Seafood And Steak Restaurant. Details The Sole Domain Restaurant Tahoe Is A Fine Dining Establishment.

Address: 111 Country Club Drive Incline Village, NV 89451 Early Mormon pioneers hired Indian guides to tour them through the Zion Park on horseback.

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More than a century later, Zion National Park remains home to some of the most scenic horseback riding tours and trails in the Western United States. Many of the old pioneer trails and horseback riding roads remain and provide guests of the ranch a range of horseback rides through rugged, Rocky Mountain high country.

Our horses are young enough to enjoy the ride, strong enough to make the climbs, and obedient for safety reasons. These rides can be separate of our Dutch Oven Dinner experience and can be enjoyed by children and adults.


Enjoy a sunset ride then return for a ranch tour to meet the baby cows, goats and horses. You will have a Campfire set up for you so bring your roasting gear and snacks and enjoy a quiet evening together.

Rent well-trained horses and ride along with professional instructors who will focus on your first time riders, beginners and kids. Our rides are individually instructed with our specialty in safety and horsemanship.

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