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James Lee
• Saturday, 05 December, 2020
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Sandy Valley Ranch is the perfect location for horseback riding near Las Vegas. Ride amongst the creosote bushes and tumbleweeds on a friendly horse selected just for your ability.

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• Experienced riders can trot or gallop on designated rides. * • You can work with our unruly cattle on round-ups or in the arena rustling them into a pen.

Check out the prices for horseback riding below, and give us a call to get started on your western adventure! Experience the thrill of galloping through the desert-like the Pony Express did 200 years ago.

It is entirely up to the judgment of our experienced professional wranglers to determine if you can safely trot or gallop. Our company offers a full two hours of drive time; where you chase our guide through, hills, rock climbs, sand dunes, and desert washes.

Brandon was our tour guide, and he picks us up from the hotel and shuttled us and another couple to the dunes. Once we were at the Dunes Brandon and the team there gave us our safety talk and told us not to be Daniel.

Once we finished the safety class Brandon was also our tour guide within the dunes. This was my first time driving a UTV and Brandon and the staff took timeout to make us feel comfortable.

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We did get dusty, but it isn’t the kind of dirt that runs your clothes or sneakers, but you’ll definitely want something to change into and a jacket in the winter. We didn’t wear gloves and it was cold and windy, but the seats actually kept us pretty warm.

Very professional guide who taught you all the ropes before putting the big girl panties on! My friends and I found this while looking for stuff to do while in Vegas and got the thrills we were seeking outside the strip and away from those money pits that just don't ever seem to pay back what you put in.

The slower you go, the more they come around and teach you the techniques to drive faster in different terrains so you can keep up. Yes.... if you're in agreement to those questions then doing this will be a more memorable adventure to start your trip off right or finish it with a bang.

First the customer service at Las Vegas Elite Off-road is unparalleled, the employees are professional and helpful with any questions I had. Devon our driving guide kept the tour both safe and interesting for the entire duration of the ride.

Devon was excellent in his execution of tour guide, he ensured all was good in our vehicle at regular intervals throughout the ride, would 10/10 drive with him again. Overall Las Vegas Elite Off-road knows how to provide an amazing off-road driving experience.

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We had 2 of the best hours of our holiday being driven by Tim around the desert outside Las Vegas. We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience, Tim was a great guide and really drove well and got up to speed when he could. I would recommend Elite and their tours to anyone we know who is heading on holiday to Vegas.

Our vehicles offer elite performance with actual 4-wheel drive, amazingly powerful engines, automatic transmissions, long travel suspension, elite safety features such as roll cages, doors, window nets, and seat belts! Twice the horsepower, 4-Wheel Drive and long travel suspension make our Can Am's able to navigate through terrain and scenic landscapes unseen by any 2-wheel drive buggy.

I got a job at the Henderson REI store, and during that time I learned that there’s a lot more to Vegas than smoky casinos and glitzy nightclubs. Venture just a short drive from the strip, and you’ll discover hot springs, snowy mountains, red rocks, and plenty of cool hiking trails.

In this blog post, I share some of my favorite outdoor activities and things to do in Las Vegas The trail gains 1,100 feet, so you’ll get a decent workout along with some beautiful views of the surrounding mountains that look nothing like you would expect in Vegas.

Charleston in the early spring In Lake Mead, my favorite hike is Anniversary Narrows. The trail begins in a wash and ends in a twisted narrow slot canyon with a variety of colors and geologic features.

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The is a paved bike path that connects Lake Mead National Recreation Area to the towns of Boulder City and Henderson. The 35-mile trail circles the edge of the River Mountains with beautiful views of Lake Mead and the Las Vegas Valley, giving bikers a taste of the Nevada desert.

There are many access points, but one of the easiest to get to from the strip is at the Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino (2800 South Boulder Highway, Henderson, NV 89002) where there is a large parking lot. When choosing your direction, you must decide whether you’d prefer mostly downhill with a few short punches of steep uphill (clockwise) or long gradual climbing for the majority of the day with a few fun descents (counter-clockwise).

They are the best bike shop around and are conveniently located less than a mile from the trail access point at Bootleg Canyon. Go the easy route and take a scenic drive through Red Rock National Recreation Area.

The 13-mile one-way route traverses the best scenery in the park and provides plentiful opportunities to pull over and snap some photos of the bright rock formations. Spend your morning out on the lake exploring the numerous coves, and afterward grab lunch and a glass of wine in the village at one of the several lakeside restaurants.

The easiest to get to on foot is Arizona hot springs, which is a beautiful pool located in a narrow slot canyon just above the river. Getting there requires a moderate 5.6-mile round trip hike and a climb up a 20-foot ladder that was installed by the National Park Service.

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Several outfitters in the area rent kayaks and will drop you off below Hoover Dam and pick you up 12 miles downstream at Willow Beach. Along the way, you can stop and relax in the hot springs, explore side canyons, and sit back as the current pushes you downstream.

More than one party may be booked on this tour vehicle while adhering to social distancing guidelines. After a quick ride from your Las Vegas hotel in one of our custom Pink Adventure Tour Trekker vehicles, you’ll be ready to explore Red Rock Canyon.

Encompassing about 197,000 acres, the area features a wide range of ecosystems, wildlife and multicolored views. Part of the Keystone Thrust, the Wilson Cliffs are 3,000 feet high and are a popular hiking and climbing destination.

Thousands of years ago, Wilson Cliffs’ towering walls were the perfect canvas for tribal artwork. Your Certified Interpretive Guide will explain the meaning and history of these ancient pictographs.

Home to an impressive array of plants and wildlife, The Spring Mountains’ rich biodiversity thrives thanks to nearby springs that give the mountains their name. Don’t forget to ask your guide about the ponderosa pines and hundreds of plant species that flourish here.

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Awaiting you near the end of your tour, the Calico Hills are truly a grand finale. These rock formations are ancient sand dunes with fossils of animals and plants preserved within their layers.

Water is stored in natural tanks, which feed the area’s unique ecosystem. Depending on the time of day, you’ll see why these hills are named “Calico;” a kaleidoscope of pinks, reds and oranges shift with the changing light.

Before ending your incredible day, take the paved trail up to Red Rock Overlook. You’ll see all the landmarks from your tour at once and leave with incredible photos and memories of your beautiful Southwest adventure.

The tour was amazing and John (not sure of his last name) was fun and informative. Tour was wonderful, Red Rock Canyon magnificent and the guide, Debbie, did a fantastic job, very good information, took amazing pictures of us.

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