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Free introductory lesson with hourly rides! Specializing in: Private and Group instruction Special Needs Children and Public Film, Commercial productions, Cast, Stunt and Background performers Member of BCP and Accra CIA Certified riding instructor Certified Farrier Please refer to our reference letter site for more important info.

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We're also so close to the Washington border it's easy for folks in Sums, Bellingham, Blaine, Lyndon, Fern dale, or surrounding Whatcom County area to get to us and enjoy the trails. Experience the fun of riding horses in a beautiful setting with Back In The Saddle Again.

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We now begin the long road to recovery, but it’s one my mom feels privileged to be able to walk, and one she intends to finish by running. 2020 Senior Start Dates Classes are offered the following weeks Tuesday 10:00 – 11:30 AM Wednesday 10:00 – 11:30 AM Thursday 9:30 – 11:00 AM January 7 – February 11January 8 – February 12January 9 – February 13February 18 – March 24February 29 – March 25February 22 – March 26March 31 – May 5April 1 – May 6April 4 – May 7May 12 – June 16May 13 – June 17May 14 – June 18June 23 – July 28June 24 – July 29June 25 – August 30August 4 – September 8August 5 – September 9August 6 – September 10September 15 – October 19September 16 – October 20September 17 – October 21October 27 – December 1October 28 – December 2October 29 – December 10 (no class Nov. 26)Get in shape by exercising while on horseback.

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Did you know that a one-hour English riding lesson is the equivalent of a 45-minute aerobic workout? Many people with joint problems, arthritis, and low muscle tone improve their overall health by riding.

Extended mounting blocks are used to make it easy to get on and off your horse. A certified therapeutic riding instructor will teach the class and make sure everyone is moving in the right direction.

Anyone with major medical problems will need to have a doctor's form filled out. Don't forget the reason Wild wind can offer these classes so safely is because our riding instructor is not only a trained horse person but a certified therapeutic riding instructor.

Research has shown that riding helps prevent memory loss. It is an active avenue for keeping your brain exercised, and keeping the connection between the brain and muscles working well as you must learn to give your horse instructions by using your brain that must then transfer the instructions to your muscles and other parts of the body in order for the horse to understand what it must do. As people grow older they have a tendency to do less and less.

Riding is a year-round activity that helps keep you outside in a healthy atmosphere and continues to let your world expand. Riding is helpful for reducing stress in the body and mind and doing something new that you can be successful at.

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Some people will need to spend more time just getting to know the animals while others will be ready to ride the first day. Your actual riding lessons will also be done at each person's comfort level, some people will move faster and some slower and what is nice about riding is there is no time frame you have to keep up with.

That’s the same as walking quickly for 50 minutes, five days per week. Keeping in balance on the back of a horse uses isometrics, where your muscles work against each other to maintain an upright position. Seniors who started riding had far less urinary complaints because of the exercise and the stimulation of the urinary tract and circulatory systems, helping keep the kidneys flushed.

Try our Introduction to Horses class on offered on Saturdays, then get your friends and come out for some fun. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a horse and now, finally you are lucky enough to have both the time and money to make your dream come true.

Chances are if you can afford the time and money required to own a horse, and are in reasonably good health, the answer to that question is no! I grew up in the horse world, have been riding since before I was born and was raised at a stable that offered boarding, training and lessons.

But even if you haven’t had the same sort of background as myself, there’s no reason that you too can’t enjoy as many aspects of the horse world as you’d like to. The strength, balance, body awareness and agility it takes to do many other sports will help you as you learn to ride and care for a horse.

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Even if you haven’t run a 5k or hit the gym in a while, or maybe never, you can still start learning to ride. There are a few muscles along the inside of your upper leg that will feel extremely sore for the first little while.

Even a hot bath with Epsom salts can ease post ride soreness. If you’re dealing with something like arthritis, back problems, joint replacements or other health issues, these are going to affect how you ride.

But I can attest to the fact that the ground has hardened up a lot in the last thirty years (something I blame entirely on something to do with the soil and not my age). Helmets, safety stirrups, boots, and chest protectors will help you feel more confident.

For inspiration here are links to just a few examples of people who aren’t giving up what they love because of a date on the calendar. Montana is quickly becoming the destination in the United States for ranch vacations.

With our state’s spectacular views, untouched wilderness, and trendy spots like Bozeman and Whitefish, it’s the perfect balance of civilized and wild. There are dozens of locations around the state who offer the authentic Montana experience on horseback.

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Whether you’re looking for an upscale or rustic ranch experience, you’ll find the perfect match (or several) in our list of the 10 best Montana horseback riding vacations: Big Sky Yoga Retreats (Gallatin County, Montana) Ladies, this one is for you.

If you’re a horse lover who also wants to deepen your connection with nature and fill your creative funnel, this vacation is for you. Horseback riding retreats sell out early, so book far in advance.

This truly spectacular lodge offers posh suites and cozy cabins for vacationers in addition to a huge selection of activities. The Silver Bow Club offers horseback riding as well as helicopter tours, ATV adventures and so much more.

This is the perfect option for those looking for a mix of luxury accommodations, while still enjoying the rustic heart of the Last Best Place. About a 45-minute drive from historic Butte and close to some of Montana’s coolest ghost towns.

Lone Mountain Ranch (Big Sky, Montana) Located in one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Montana, Lone Mountain Ranch offers the perfect balance of luxury and rustic authenticity. From the honeymooner to the family with small children, everyone will have a great time at Lone Mountain Ranch.

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If you want to ride, fly fish, hike, and dine in style, this is a perfect fit. Rides venture into the Gallatin National Forest and Lee Met calf Wilderness for an authentic Montana experience.

Located near Whitefish, this ranch offers guided rides for vacationers of all ages and experience levels. At the Bar W, you can boost your skills with their horsemanship clinics, or learn to barrel race, sort cows, or even steer wrestle.

Kids can enjoy the amazing watermark, and adults can relax with golf, shopping, and fine dining only a short drive from the ranch. Bar W Guest Ranch packages are all-inclusive, which means horseback riding adventures, meals, and accommodations are included in the cost.

This incredible vacation spot offers a unique opportunity to enjoy Montana views on horseback while learning or enhancing your horsemanship skills. While gorgeous trail rides are included, the focus for this family ranch is on creating a bond between horse and rider.

This is the ideal spot for families and individuals looking to fully experience Montana with a memorable horse partner. Enjoy the cozy, small business atmosphere with a focus on horses and authentic ranch life.

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While the park can be enjoyed by hiking along the many trails, driving along Going To The Sun Road, or rafting along the river, the best way is by horseback. Swan Mountain Outfitters offers trail rides for all ages and experience levels.

The folks at this spectacular ranch near the Bob Marshall Wilderness offer unforgettable pack trip adventures. From three to nine day trips, there’s a great option for novice and expert riders alike.

Camp under the stars with pack trips that take in the best views Montana has to offer. Triple J Wilderness Ranch takes full advantage of each, with guided trail rides and pack trips for guests on their sprawling property.

They also offer kids programs and a huge variety of other activities to keep every family member happy and entertained. This ranch requires traditional riding gear, which means cowboy boots are a must.

Paintbrush Adventures (Absarokee, Montana) Ever wonder what life on a working cattle ranch is really like? You’ll soak up the breath-taking views of south-central Montana, while learning the ins and outs of cattle ranching from the back of one of their well-trained mounts.

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The beautiful ranch combines high-end living with incredible rustic adventures that will appeal to every family member. With gourmet and campfire dining options, you can choose from rustic or refined at this comfortably luxurious locale.

Plan to enjoy this ranch during the summer months to take full advantage of the lake. The Bar W Guest Ranch offers a truly authentic Montana experience, with guided trail rides as well as horsemanship clinics and the opportunity to learn about and participate in rodeo events.

Ditch the station wagon and enjoy the outdoors in true Montana fashion on the back of a trusty steed. Triple J Dude Ranch is one of the top-rated trail ride providers in Montana.

They pride themselves on the highest quality ride, from offering extraordinary scenery to ensuring that horse and rider are perfectly suited to one another. Whether you’re looking for a honeymoon getaway that is every bit as luxurious as it is romantic, or something a little more family friendly, there are amazing horseback riding vacation options all over the state of Montana.

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