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James Lee
• Friday, 09 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Love the trail, very easy and close to the parking lot, about two miles. I took my parents and they loved it. They didn’t go to the bottom of the fall for safety reasons, but they enjoyed the whole view from the top.

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Jan Garcia reviewed Rainbow Falls via Devils Post pile Trail People were jumping into the water as their prize once they reached the bottom part of the trail.

Unfortunately recent nearby fires meant the sky was entirely hazy and smoky The only bad part today is the smoke and ashes from forest fires rolled in a caused a gloomy day.

Arrive early as previous reviewers have stated especially if you don’t want to hike mid heat. Otherwise, trail is easy to follow and shaded for 0.6 miles the rest is open sun.

Make sure you go all the way to the last parking lot to start at the Duck Lake trailhead. Trail to Duck Pass from Emerald Lake was steep and then evened out just a bit until Barney.

View Matt's Recording It was a perfect day, temperature between 55 and 65 degrees. We got there before 9 am and there were plenty of parking and not too crowded, but half of the hikers weren't wearing a mask.

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Ashley Macatangay reviewed Rainbow Falls via Devils Post pile Trail “Did the half-day (4 hr) trail ride on July 6 at 8 a.m.

The ride was gorgeous & the mules were very sturdy.” In 12 reviews. “Thank you so very much, banking wonderful memories for my own kids now and Randy helped accomplish this and then some.” In 6 reviews.

1012 E Line St, Bishop, CA Read on to know what to expect on a guided ride in the mountains and to find out which pack outfit might best suit your family’s needs.

Many families travel with water and snacks for their little, however when horseback riding, most pack outfits prefer you avoid bringing backpacks or purses. For a longer half-or full-day excursion, the pack outfits will kit out the horses with horn bags on your saddle.

You can stash water, snacks, your phone and a jacket in the bags and not worry about bringing along a backpack. These little riders can go on a 20-minute Walk & Lead ride on a safe and experienced horse or mule, while led by a parent or accompanying adult.

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The pack station also offers a wide variety of family-friendly options for children starting at age 7 that include 1-2 hour rides, half and full day excursions. For older children, the pack outfit also offers a full-day option, which is an eight-hour ride that takes you to Barney Lake at the base of Duck Pass.

Convict Lake Resort and Pack Station is located just a 20-minute drive south of MammothLakes. World-famous for its beauty, the 170 acre, crystal clear lake is nestled in Convict Canyon in the Sherwin Range, with towering Mount Morrison to the south, and surrounded by aspen trees along its shores.

Located in Reds Meadow (where you’ll also find Rainbow Falls and Devils Post pile National Monument) the pack station is a 45-minute drive from MammothLakes. The McGee Creek Pack Station offers trail rides through stunning vistas of the John Muir Wilderness.

Longer options take riders into the John Muir Wilderness, including the Horsetail Falls ride, a 2-hour loop, the Beaver Pond Ride, a half-day (4 hours) trip that goes into McGee Canyon and stops at Beaver Pond for pictures and wildlife viewing. Choose from a variety of guided horseback riding adventures to suit your interests, price point and ability level.

Explore further off the beaten path in the MammothLakes Basin on a 2-hour guided horseback ride adventure. Check the MammothLakes Pack Outfit website to see what lakes are on the schedule, as different routes are offered throughout the week.

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Offered Monday, Tuesday and Fridays throughout the summer, half-day trail rides are open to guest ages 10 and up. Choose from three different routes, each with a unique perspective on the beauty of the MammothLakes Basin and the backcountry area.

Guest ages 10 and up are welcome to join the ride to Barney Lake at the base of Duck Pass. For younger guests, ages 3 to 6, MammothLakes Pack Outfit offers walk and lead rides.

From gear transportation and knowledgeable guides to backcountry kitchens with a cook and stay-in-camp wranglers to care for the livestock, you can create the perfect pack trip for your group. Each summer, MammothLakes Pack Outfit offers a special multi-day trail ride to Bodies State Historic Park.

The pack trip includes a full service camp, with meals provided by a cook, and a knowledgeable guide to show you the Bodies ghost town and other sites along the way. Join in the annual MammothLakes Pack Outfit horse drive at the start or end of the season.

This traditional working horse drive is for the true cowboys at heart who want to join in a unique western experience. All riders work as part of the crew on this hands-on pack trip, so basic riding experience is required.

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Expect partly cloudy skies and winds to calm down throughout the day to close out this holiday ski weekend. A storm is forecast to move into the region this evening, hopefully bringing fresh snow.

Perforated, ventilated, and single-layer neck gaiter style face coverings are not allowed. Join us on the edge of the John Muir Wilderness to explore the best of the High Sierra by horse or mule.

Known for exceptional safety and the care we give our horses and mules, we offer spot trips or ‘drop camps’ and tonnage* trips to beautiful high country lakes, sparkling streams and emerald green meadows. Our service will take you to areas of the John Muir Wilderness as well as Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.

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