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Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
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Our Horseback riding in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica provides you with the opportunity to explore a very rich and beautiful Mountain of Costa Rica which offers waterfalls and fantastic scenic views. The entire horse back riding tour is performed with a Bilingual Guide who is there to answer all of your questions and is also there to provide helpful tips on how to ride the horse as well as information about the area.

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The horseback tour is a great way to enjoy being in nature and a chance for you to unwind and relax. This is the perfect combination of mixing a fun horseback ride with a great interaction with nature. Having the chance to spend time swimming and enjoying the Waterfall is going to be one of the highlights of your vacation to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Since our horseback riding tour is in nature, we also get the opportunity to show you some wildlife like iguanas, different types of birds, butterflies, lizards, monkeys and the list goes on. Costa Rica has a wide variety of animals which can be spotted easily in a Lush Mountain area which is where we will be taking you for the Fun HorsebackRiding Adventure. The following information is our prices per person for the Horseback Adventure as well as the Safari 4×4 Full Day Trip.

Tim Harley Great trails, nice horses, comfortable saddles and friendly guides. One of the highlights was stopping at a beautiful waterfall, for a refreshing dip in a natural pool.

Jason Reed I have enjoyed riding horses for a long time but I have never been horseback riding in such a beautiful mountain area. Quick tip: breakfast and lunch is included so don’t worry about bringing your own food, they provide it for you plus transportation.

The best part of the horseback tour was getting to swim in the Waterfall, the water temperature was perfect. I am not an experienced rider but that was not a problem as Carlos gave me helpful tips, plus the horses they have are well-trained.

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Alvin Wick Christopher was the best guide, very friendly and you can see he takes excellent care of the horses. This horseback tour was so much fun, spending time at the waterfall made the experience even better.

I recommend this horseback tour for anyone looking to do spend time in nature and enjoy beautiful mountain views. Georgia Higgins My boyfriend and I did the horseback riding tour in Manuel Antonio with Carlos who is a fantastic guide.

Before we got to the Waterfall, Carlos pointed out a Scarlet Macaw which was eating from an almond tree. Customer satisfaction is very important for us and this is why we take great pride in having the best gear for our Horses and for our Customers. Our goal is to ensure you have the besthorsebackriding tour while vacationing in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and it helps us to have the Best Equipment.

Our regular ManuelAntonioHorsebackRiding Tour involves you and your group with other people as well joining the horseback adventure. However, you, we provide Private Horseback Tours which is a great option for those who want to be exclusively with their group.

Prepare yourself for a fun horseback riding adventure where you will get to encounter various animals, as well as amazing mountain views & a beautiful Waterfall where you can enjoy swimming and take in all the nature that Manuel Antonio has to offer. We have a hardworking staff who are there to ensure you have the best time while always remaining safe on the horse.

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This time we took Tom and his Family on a Full Day Horseback Adventure. This tour takes approximately 40 minutes and during that time a guide will carefully explain curious facts about the activities that have favored the development of the area, as well as the history of Queens and surroundings.

Tu canes Tours Private Transfers in Costa Rica 2019 Went on the tour along with my husband, mother, grandmother, and brother, and we had a blast.

We were picked up promptly at our hotel and transported to the park in a… Danny was superb in every way...kind, knowledgeable, sensitive to everyone.

Orlando, Miguel and Antonio are amazing guides and hosts. My husband and I just went on this trip and it was incredible from start to finish.

Kayak tour with great guides through the mangroves We booked the Tour, and we were picked up at our Hotel perfectly on time.

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The park was too crowded, but Danny (Daniel Blanks) was a real… This was our first tour with this company and Danny excelled as our knowledge guide.

We'll reserve your spot today, and you can cancel up to two days* before your experience without making a payment. We provide a completely customizable horseback ride for all skill levels and do only one tour a day.

All my animals, including horses, sheep, dogs and my cat, are allowed to graze and move freely every day. All horses are ridden witless, which means no metal in their mouths, and receive natural horsemanship training.

Learn the history of Manuel Antonio and get up close and personal with tropical plants and wildlife as you ride through the Cori Private Ecological Reserve. Stop for a dip in a natural pool fed by the waterfalls of Queered Arroyo, visit a botanical garden and eat Costa Rican Canada back at the ranch.

Leave the crowds of Manuel Antonio National Park behind on this horseback riding tour through lush Costa Rican rain forest on the private Cori wildlife reserve. Polish off your tour with a plate of home cooked barbecue while you chat with your guide.

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Being one of the main sources of income and having a large area of exploitation in the region, African palm plantations are a fundamental part of the economy and ecology of the area, on this tour the guide explains the importance of interaction in the ecosystem, collection process, uses of vegetable oil and crop history. Set off on horseback through the mountains and trails around beautiful Manuel Antonio on this full-day, guided tour with lunch included.

East of Manuel Antonio in the town of Wonders, this small, family owned company was formed in 1985. NASA Mountain Breezes, as the company name translates, is an apt name when you take the tour via horseback or 4×4 to the secluded waterfall located on private property.

As you are ambling along mountain roads and paths, your guide will point out various natural features of the area, the flora and fauna. The goal of your ride is a beautiful cascade of water runs year round and pours into a natural swimming pools that is sprayed by the falling water and keeps a mist flowing through the jungle.

This tour will take you in Safari style vehicles to La Reserve Los Campsites much higher up in the mountains were you will visit three different waterfalls with recreational time in the pools below. Rates per person, all tours include pickup at your hotel as well as a Costa Rican style breakfast and lunch, served with coffee and natural fruit drinks.

It's recommended that you bring long pants, sturdy shoes, swimming suit, towel, sunscreen and insect repellent. Typical Costa Rican hot meals, (Breakfast and lunch) dinner will be included on afternoon tours served with natural drinks.

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Costa Rica’s diverse, beautiful landscape and extraordinary biodiversity can be explored and enjoyed in many ways from cars and ATVs to hiking and rafting. Explore Costa Rica with a knowledgeable and friendly guide, providing interesting information about the location, landscape and endless wildlife you’re sure to come across.

Once you’ve returned to the stables, your guide will take you on a steep but safe hike to the La Fortuna Waterfall. Costa Rica is focused on letting visitors enjoy the countries natural beauty while protecting it for future generations, this includes the Arena Hanging Bridges.

The private natural ecotourism reserve consists of 250 hectares of tropical rainforest, giving visitors a chance to experience the vast array of wildlife, birds, flora and lush vegetation. After a wonderfully scenic drive to Hacienda Polo Azul, you’ll be prepped for your horseback ride along the gleaming Sarapiqui River.

The best way to enjoy the lush countryside is on horseback, allowing you to truly appreciate the picturesque view of Pas Volcano’s slopes, pastures, and the local Banjos Del Too community. The province of Guanacaste is situated on Costa Rica’s northwest shoulder, bordered by Nicaragua in the north and the Nicola Peninsula in the south.

The Aguilar de Osa Eco lodge horseback ride is an amazing adventure that takes you across sweeping deserted beaches, rainforests and hilltops with awe-inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean. The tour will also take you hidden waterfalls and treasures tucked deep into the surrounding tropical jungle of the OSA Peninsula.

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The Lap Rios Eco lodge is lodge is perfectly situated to grant visitors beautiful views of Golf Dunce and the lush green rainforest. During your ride, your guide will take you up a hill on horseback to view the landscapes and lead you through farmlands before finally reaching the gorgeous beaches of Lap Rios.

Copa de Arbol Eco lodge is a beautiful Costa Rican location that offers both soft shores and lush jungle experiences. Discover the thundering waterfalls deep in the jungle or bask in the sun on the beach of Rio Clark, a popular freshwater lagoon (a tourist favorite, for its stunning beauty).

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