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• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
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“They get a lot of barns and riding time, this time it's more fun and games type riding than they get to play games in a log cabin, sleep in bunks, and have a pancake breakfast.” In 2 reviews. “ Sarah brought out two glistening white, chubby little ponies (one was Pegasus and one was a unicorn).” In 2 reviews.

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“However..... Reindeer has created a wonderful environment for you to experience the joy of moving in your body.” In 2 reviews. “ Riders are held accountable for taking care of their assigned horses all the way from tacking up to cooling them down at the end of the lessons.” In 3 reviews.

“I would highly recommend them as a barn for the serious competitor through the person just wanting to start out.” In 4 reviews. “Bracken hollow Stables is a wonderful place to learn to ride, sharpen your riding skills and learn how to care for horses.” In 4 reviews.

“I've ridden at gold creek for almost 2 years now and my trainer has never abused her own horses or the school horses.” In 4 reviews. “The cabins for the younger kids are quite “posh” (nice bunk beds, indoor bathrooms and showers, decks with fire pits to make 'stores by at night).” In 2 reviews.

“It has been a wonderful opportunity for my daughter to learn more about her passion and ride in a beautiful setting.” In 2 reviews. “There are a lot of places close to us near our home in the May Valley area, but nothing felt right until we stumbled upon NW NHC in Fall City.” In 3 reviews.

“My daughter has been learning from Adana for about two years now, and she loves it.” In 3 reviews. And care a lot about the safety of the horses.” In 7 reviews.

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19012 SE Lake Young's Rd, Renton, WA “I've been riding at PTR for over a year now and it is the best barn I've ridden at.” In 4 reviews.

Loved the haunted house, and the various animals you can pet as well as horse rides!” In 2 reviews. “In addition, Carol will be teaching two separate weeks of intensive riding camps for children this summer.” In 4 reviews.

“Our daughter has been going to Phoenix Farm for a few years now, and we only have good things to say about Teri and her team.” In 4 reviews. “ Katherine goes out of her way to improve her students, she is an inspiration to all the students.” In 3 reviews.

“The only real downside of this place is there is an l-o-n-g waiting list to get a stall in the barn.” In 2 reviews. “It has been awhile since I rode with Lisa, but I can tell you not only did I learn, but had the time of my life.” In 2 reviews.

“ Maya works hard with all her students and takes great care of all ponies.” In 2 reviews. I work with all breeds of horses, and riders from age 12 on up who wish to pursue Dressage as a better form of communication and balance.

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My goal is for you to have fun through games and challenges with safety as my highest priority. 30 years ago I was Certified by the Certified Horsemanship Association and keep that certification current by attending continuing education classes, seminars, conferences and lessons for myself.

We have over 30 years experience and provide good quality school horses to learn on. I stress rider position, relaxation and balance with the horse in order to create harmony.

I never lose sight of the joy of the journey, the highs and lows, the satisfaction when the lightbulb comes on and the horse and rider are in synch. KL HT offers exceptional instruction for all ages and levels of riding.

English, western, dressage, Hunter/jumper, evening and trail riding. 15 years in Snohomish County, Kimberly has a unique and successful approach for teaching and training both horse and rider with her variety of disciplines she had done over the years.

Whether you are looking to ride for fun, try a new seat, go to a local show, or compete at the state level, Kimberly can help you reach your goals. Magnolia ridge is a full service training program for Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation and Ponies.

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My daughter and I are both long-standing members(20+years) of the Used, USA, and Shea. Horseback riding lessons offered for beginners, intermediate and advanced students and specializing in both English and Western disciplines.

We value safety above all else, and we aim to arm students with knowledge concerning how to keep both themselves and the horses safe. We make sure that students don’t feel too pressured to advance and let them go at their own pace.

Lessons take place both on the horse and on the ground where the students learn everything from how to properly groom and saddle their hours ... View Profile. Blue Heron Farm specializes in hunters, jumpers, and equitation.

We pride ourselves on providing a safe, positive atmosphere that builds community and the love of horses. GCS offer riding lessons for all ages and levels of evening, dressage, and Jumping, as well as training for horses from breaking to the finishing touches with owner/trainer Tanya Thompson.

Tanya Thompson grew up riding in the Pacific Northwest as both a Pony Clubber and a Young Rider. She has been competing in the sport of three day evening for over 25 years and has had the opportunity to ride and train with some world's leading equestrians.

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Hollywood Hill Equestrian Center Inc is located close to downtown Joinville. Lessons cover on the ground working around the horse as well as mounted.

Fun and very educational Classes are Taught by our CIA Certified Instructor Lynda Slipway. Sage Meadows offers one-on-one, private riding lessons in various disciplines including hunt seat, jumping, western, dressage, and showmanship.

This includes teaching proper horse handling, grooming, tacking, maintenance, equine anatomy and vocabulary, as well as equine vet and health care practices. Teaching proper horsemanship not only prepares our students for horse ownership, but also teaches important life lessons of hard work, responsibility and the love of caring for animals.

I offer quality instruction dedicated to the education of both the rider and the horse. With teaching experience of 25 years and the ability to offer riders the opportunity to achieve personal riding goals in a safe environment.

Expanding riders potential by teaching leadership and empowerment skills with horses. For more than 50 years, with an unsurpassed reputation and proven success record, Corbett Stables has been training, instructing and producing champion horses and riders, both juvenile and adult, in Washington State’s one of the most recognizable names in the American Saddle bred community, we specialize in Saddle Seat, Equitation, Driving, Hunt Seat, and Western disciplines.

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Our objectives are to develop each rider's potential and help them confidently attain their personal horsemanship goals, all while emphasizing fun and safety in a family-friendly environment. We strive to foster lifelong, supportive professional and personal relationships ... View Profile.

Kirsten (Kirk) Smith specializes in building a program to meet the needs of the horse and riders at their current level and discipline, creating achievable goals, and stretching their skills and progressing safely and patiently. She also offers quality lesson horses which are also available for full or partial lease.

Welcome to R & J Equestrian, where we focus on clear, quiet communication between horse and rider. Basic Horsemanship can be easily overlooked in today's world of instant gratification.

Our Journey began back in 2012 when we went from backyard cowgirls on a mission to become the best horsewomen we could be. The goal is to push for more and varied knowledge, while sharing our passion for horses and creating lifelong partnerships with these amazing animals.

Trainer: Rachel has had a lifelong passion for horses that, much to her mother's chagrin, has never gone away. We offer lessons and instruction currently only for riders whohaul-in with their own horse.

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