Best Horseback Riding Near Phoenix

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
• 8 min read

You can request a quote from this business View Aaron's Recording Do the crazy ups and downs first, then the smooth sailing’ last, especially in the morning.

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View Matt's Recording Don Bell reviewed Dixie Mountain Loop Trail View Don's Recording Beautiful up and down trail through cactus and dessert landscape.

View Ben's RecordingView Karen's Recording Vern BY BEE reviewed Dixie Mountain Loop Trail The hike comes to 6 miles round trip from the trailhead parking lot with these 2 peaks included.

Good for Kids A few years back I hosted a travel show that aired on Delta flights worldwide called “State X State.” For one episode, the network wanted me to explore what I thought best showcased Arizona.

Hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking and even ATV rides are offered, and when the chow bell rings, the food is downright delicious. My first stop is about 5.5 hours from Palm Desert and about 90 minutes from Tucson International Airport, in a very remote and stunning part of the state.

Rancho de la OSA is a magical adobe hacienda on a 540-acre ranch a mile from the Mexico border. In the late 1800s, it was bought by a cattle baron named Col. William Surges, who built the beautiful hacienda in the center of property.

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Lyndon B. Johnson and Franklin D. Roosevelt have been guests, along with John Wayne whose favorite room is still in use today. I really enjoyed sitting on one of the brightly painted Adirondack chairs, breathing the fresh air and taking it all in.

A mile from the ranch entrance, Savage is a small town of 12 people and has a local store with gas pumps (but make sure you fill up on the main highway) and an amazing bar open only on Saturdays. The small ranching town of Privacy has great history, a really amazing dive bar called La Giant Canting and an artist co-op, as well as hiking, birding and offloading, all worth checking out.

Activities at the ranch include a Chuck wagon breakfast, and horse rides into Tombstone and its surrounds. I opted for the off-road tour to see Native American petroglyph and the old train tracks and ruins nearby.

The Bird Cage Theater is one of the most haunted places in the U.S., and the copper mining town of Bis bee, located about 30 minutes south, is definitely worth seeing. It feels like a time capsule of architecture and history, not to mention there are many great places to eat and shop for art and antiques.

For more natural adventures, you can head to Kirchner Caverns State Park for a tour of limestone caves. The first thing I notice is how green the desert looks, and to most people’s surprise, the town is cooler than Phoenix and receives summer monsoon rains.

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This, in fact, makes it a great place to get your feet wet on the dude ranch scene for the city slicker. It has 43 guest rooms, a heated pool, spa, tennis court, petting zoo and, of course, lots of horses.

I really enjoyed my time at the ranch, with its spacious and modern rooms and outdoor fireplaces all set under pale Verde and mesquite trees. From leading trail rides and sharing a meal in the dining room, you feel like family wherever you go.

For $20, there is something for everyone, including rides for kids, horses, stagecoach and train tours, great food and a museum of films and props. In and around these great ranches, if you have the time, I think it’s worth checking out the Lima Air & Space Museum, the village of Tuba (which is full of galleries and shops), and the beautiful Mission San Xavier del BAC founded by Father King in 1692 with current construction completed in 1797.

Come to Cody and enjoy a relaxing Western getaway that puts you in the heart of Yellowstone country when you step out your cabin door. Cozy into a cabin in the woods just outside Yellowstone National Park to discover what “getaway” really means.

Slow down your Yellowstone road trip long enough to settle in to a lodge built from native timbers in the early 1920s by Cody's first county sheriff, Henry Dale. Due to its almost century-long history, the Shoshone Lodge authentically carries forward a beautiful display of craftsmanship seldom seen in the modern age.

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Get out of the car and settle in to a front-porch rocker to listen to the wind whistle through the trees and Grinned Creek flow by. Due to the increase in concerns about COVID-19 and the safety of the public and our staff, Rawhide Western Town & Event Center will not be open to the public this year for Thanksgiving or the Rawhide Snowy Christmas season.

Rawhide will still be available to book private holiday banquets; where the magic of the season can be brought to invited guests in a safe and controlled environment. With over 18 unique and versatile venues within the property, Rawhide is a perfect fit for all styles of private and public events.

For Lost & Found: Call 480.705.2900, Email Info@Rawhide.com or come to the Rawhide Admin Office on north side of Rawhide Event Center weekdays between 9am-4pm. Rawhide Western Town & Event Center and Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park take our guests' and our associates' safety as our highest priority.

Displays, classes, and workshops are offered to interpret and understand the Sonoran Desert found right outside the Center’s doors. The Center is also a good stop for those planning a longer, more challenging hike, in this part of the Preserve.

The exhibit hall offers interpretive information on the preservation of the Phoenix Mountains, local geology, archaeology, Sonoran Desert plants and animals, and the cycle of the Arizona sun. The Center also features exhibits from affiliated agencies, a synopsis of the tuberculosis camps in the area from the early 1900s and work from local artists.

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There are centuries-old Hohokam petroglyph, evidence of turn of the century campgrounds and abandoned local mines for a variety of minerals, mostly cinnabar. Visitors will be able to witness the rich desert ecosystem which includes saguaro cacti, pale Verde and mesquite trees, creosote bushes, coyotes, javelins, jackrabbits, rattlesnakes, chuckwallas, quail, cactus wrens, and roadrunners.

Program topics include: Wilderness First Aid, Plants and Animals of the Southwest, Geology, History of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve, Hohokam Culture, and more. Find trail maps and talk to the staff for information on hikes or mountain bike rides in the area.

Pick up brochures and pamphlets on a variety of topics related to the Sonoran Desert and the Mountain Preserve. Find unique gifts including jewelry, field guides, educational books, hats, T-shirts, water, snacks and local artists crafts.

Submit your quote request today to be contacted by a horse transportation company looking for your business. Browse the MovemyHorse directory of horse boarding facilities in the USA and Canada.

Browse by location to find the most convenient horse boarding stable for your trip or move. 125 foot inside barn hall, trailer can be parked in for sleeping over, 2 cross ties and one wash r... Mountain View Stable 6032863759 full/rough boarding (to the right person) matted stalls, all day turnout (weather permitting) lighted riding ring on 84 acre farm.

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Pole Creek Ranch Bed & Breakfast 3073674433 We have 7 acres of pasture plus several outdoor corrals and indoor stalls. Our B&B is a handy place to stay to keep close to the horses with reasonable rates.

We are FULL service boarding, training and breeding facility, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, near Lima/Dynamite. Dir... Blacksmith Inn 2087456208 We board horses for people that stay at our Bed & Breakfast.

Outdoor pens and corrals, no indoor stalls, $10.00 per horse with reservation. Country Farm Setting Located in the Beautiful Santayana Mountains Area of the Great Smokes in Western NC.

Good... Kelly North 9704848714 Located in north-west Fort Collins, we have accommodations for both overnights and long term boarders. Kelly North offers 75+ acres of pasture and large runs with shelter.

Understanding that every horse is special and requires stress-free hauling, we intended to help by interjecting ourselves into the process. MoveMyHorse provides owners with multiple quotes from competing haulers, which enables them to make an educated decision on their horse transport needs.

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Likewise, we help horse shipping companies by providing them with opportunities to bid on jobs they may not have been aware of. Our service enables them to fill their trailer while helping an owner safely move their horse.

We have also added some addition services to our website that will cater to the entire equine community. We are dedicated to becoming the best equine resource the web has to offer and look forward to our sixth year of operations.

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