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Horseback Riding on Kauai | Hawaii.com ALERT: Hawaii is now open with Pre-Travel testing program as an alternative to the 10-day quarantine. This quiet and serene experience takes you to dramatic ocean bluffs, to cattle pastures and to dense tropical rainforests.

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Small groups of horseback riders enjoy guided trail rides through the gorgeous Kalihiwai interior and along Kamookoa Ridge on Kauai ’s North Shore. Other tour itineraries may include the Canada Mountains, Bali HAI, Panini Reef and the Kilauea Lighthouse.

Most rides end up at a natural mountain pool with a lovely waterfall for relaxing swim and a picnic lunch. We did the 90-minute ride through the botanical gardens on the range property.

It was a great day with amazing views of the surrounding landscape. Our tour guide, Juan, was very knowledgeable about the area and all the different plants and trees.

Kauai HorsebackRiding Tours can be found on both sides of the island. This is largely a function of the fact that Kauai is a rural island with numerous cattle ranches and a long history of horses being a part of the fabric of the island.

In fact the introduction of cattle in 1793 by Captain George Vancouver paved the way for the wave of Mexican/Spanish Vaqueros (cowboys) who brought their horses over to the islands to tend to the cattle ranches. There are a number of fantastic horseback riding stables on Kauai, and we offer some of them at discounted pricing.

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You can actually ride beside the white sands of a beautiful beach along the coast in the Point area. This is the sunny side of the island and your ride along the sea cliffs by the ocean will give you an opportunity to look for whales during the season and enjoy the sea life found along the shoreline in addition to enjoying the horseback ride.

Located on a working cattle ranch you may see upwards to 50 or so of the most beautiful horses to be found on the islands. How about a horseback ride through the beautiful ocean view ranch lands along the Franceville coastline.

This is the magic land of Canada with its 'Bali HAI' mountain landscape with mists and rainbows. Waterfalls, streams and jungles surround you as you ride on perfectly cared for horses of the highest quality.

Get really adventurous and include a zip line with your horseback ride on the same outing. Passengers will need to either take a taxi to the departure point or have Tom Barefoot's Tours arrange for a Rental Car shuttle to pick them up directly at the dock.

It does seem to be a bit unfair but believe me, with these folks, their horses come first, and they want to make certain they are not putting them through any undue stress... read more. Ten years later the first horse showed up on the Big Island.

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Within a short time there were big ranches that happened on Kauai, primarily in the Honolulu region or in the north shore, kind of up in here and to this day we have lots of horseback riding up there. Jungle, lots of waterfalls and creeks and beautiful vistas of the ocean surrounding.

We have a number of different types of horseback rides that are there and different levels of horsemanship that, can happen within the scope of a couple of different companies that we have in that area. It's the dry side of the island so it's not as jungle but it is better generally speaking if it's going to be cloudy up north you're going to have a great day down south.

If you have any questions about to Tours or Activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or check out tombarefoot.com. Hawaii Horseback riding is a much more popular category of tours than you might expect.

Maui has numerous HorsebackRiding Stables on many parts of the island. Ride a horse across the wide-open pastures of a working ranch under volcanic peaks and rein up near a waterfall pool, or explore a pristine shoreline hidden by former sugarcane fields: You’ll see parts of Kauai many have missed, while helping keep its treasured Danilo (cowboy) culture alive.

Ride along bluffs, across foothills toward the coast, past secluded beaches and bays, across sugar cane fields, and even waterfalls. A couple of horseback riding companies offer guided tours ranging from 90 minutes to five hours, which includes stops for snacks, photos, picnics, swimming and time to soak in the views.

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Some local horseback riding companies are working cattle ranches, which also offer tropical jungle rides, ride and swim tours to a secluded waterfall, where time is taken to cool off with a swim and picnic lunch. Cm Country Stables invites you to join us for a horseback ride on Kauai ’s magnificent South Shore.

Be our guest for a guided horseback tour into the beautiful and legendary Maya’slept wilderness area. Discover the panoramic beauty of hidden valleys and secluded beaches on a horseback ride.

The weather is always great here in sunny south Kauai … Let’s go riding ! Our varied and diverse rides offer picturesque coastal views and spectacular mountain scenery.

Experienced guides share this very special area known as Maya’slept. Small personalized groups offer a relaxed and memorable horseback experience.

After your adventure come in and browse our General Store ~ A Unique Western Boutique Toys, Jewelry, Household items, Purses, Logo Wear, Cowboy Hats & so much more. He did lead us to protection in a grove of trees when it was raining the hardest.

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It is so refreshing to be out in beautiful nature and riding a horse along the beach and among the trees on the hillside. The scenery was lovely, and Marty, our guide, explained a lot about the flora and fauna there.

She was a lot of fun, and Fabio, my horse, was charming, as one would expect. We loved getting back into more remote areas not accessible by vehicle, and seeing the pristine beaches and Hollywood movie sites.

The horses are top-notch and impeccably well-trained; great for all levels from beginner to advanced. Incredible views on horseback Trail guide Bronson was very kind and professional.

Franceville Ranch stands alone as one of the most exclusive and pristine locations for horseback riding and waterfalls in all of Hawaii. We are a 2,500–acre working cattle ranch in the heart of the north shore on the island of Kara’i.

Steeped in history, it is home to a family owned and operated business that has been providing world-class adventures on the ranch for over 40 years. The ranch is surrounded by the majestic Canada mountains with verdant pastures, romantic waterfalls, and miles of private jungle trails.

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Our guides are educated in natural horsemanship skills and will share their knowledge of Hawaii’s history, flora, and fauna. Experience true Danilo culture with a special touch of island Aloha.

From the Spanish ethanol who taught the Hawaiians how to ride horses and herd cattle. Loved everything about this ride and the Franceville Ranch facility, staff and property.

You can find our list + descriptions of horseback riding tours on the Big Island directly below. Saddle up, ride through the wide-open spaces of Aimed, the lush rainforest around Hilo, or explore the trails in and above Wait’o valley for amazing sightseeing and back country waterfalls.

Horseback riding tour in the hills above Aimed with views on Fauna KEA. Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Heather Goodman Several ranches offer the opportunity to explore their (often very large) range as part of a guided horseback riding tour.

Offers small group tours of approximately one and a half hour in length riding through their 220-acre working cattle ranch for $120 per person . The Silver Crest Farms tours take you on a 1.5-hour ride through the lush jungle of Sappho.

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