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Our equestrian facility is conveniently located to all the major Dressage show grounds in the southeastern United States. Our equestrian center includes both an outdoor and covered arena with professional footing for the horses, mirrors for the riders and lights to enjoy riding in the warm Florida evenings.

We provide our dressage clients with superior, qualified training in a professional but friendly equine atmosphere that will assist in achieving goals with both horse and rider in mind. In central Florida we can offer year round dressage training with head trainer an owner Susanne Benny a Pferdewirtschaftsmeister (FN), Licensed International Trainer and FEI Grand Prix Dressage Instructor, USAF Gold Medalist and Competitor.

Child ages 3 – 11 must be accompanied by an adult Departs from Pioneer Hall at 6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. On select evenings, a fireworks ride will replace the 8:30 p.m. outing No reservations are accepted. Advance reservations for groups can be made with 24-hour notice by calling (407) 824-2832.

This horse-drawn decorated “sleigh” ride is a fun way to celebrate the holiday season at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. Guests will be presented with a special limited-edition pin created just for this experience.

Make time afterwards to walk through the barn and see where the horses live. A relaxing and cozy 25-minute carriage ride through Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.

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$55.00 for 25 minutes (includes tax) Tickets are sold by the carriage drivers Cash and Disney Resort guest room charge only. Carriage Rides may be cancelled due to weather problems.

A relaxing and cozy 25-minute carriage ride through Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort $55.00 for 25 minutes (includes tax) Tickets are sold by the carriage drivers Cash and Disney Resort guest room charge only.

Carriage Rides may be cancelled due to weather problems. This 45-minute to one hour guided trail ride goes through the wooded areas of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.

Cancellation of rides may occur due to inclement weather. Small storage lockers to hold cameras and backpacks are provided at no charge.

Pick up tickets on the same day at the Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground Kennel at least 30-minutes prior to start of ride. We use the latest tandem serotonin techniques to provide the safest, most enjoyable hang gliding experience possible.

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Wallaby Ranch offers a truly unique atmosphere for visitors, students, pilots and their families, and friends from around the world. In fact, you can reach the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean in well under 2 hours, so the options of where to enjoy the sun, sea and sand are plentiful.

Soaking up the Floridian sunshine while lounging on the beach or strolling on the boardwalk are highly enjoyable alternatives to the attractions and amusements found in Orlando, so take a look at what we consider to be the best beaches in the Orlando area of Central Florida. Cocoa Beach was home to Kelly Slater, the world’s most successful surfer ever, so it is a great place to pick up a board and ride the waves.

The well-maintained shores around Cocoa Beach are wonderful for relaxing as well as taking nature walks around the coastline. This quintessential beach town is great for leisure time, with waterspouts and deep-sea fishing both popular.

With beautiful tropical plants and palms lining the beach, it really is a paradise for those who love the sun, sea and sand. It is home to many endangered species, including sea turtles that come to the beach to lay their eggs in the sand.

You’ll find horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, swimming, fishing, and boating. The 13-mile stretch of white sand that makes New Smyrna Beach so wonderful is just an hour's drive from downtown Orlando.

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Located on the stunning Atlantic coast, the beach is popular among surfers and sunbathers alike, as well as anyone looking for a picture-perfect day out close to downtown Orlando. Adventurous visitors can attempt to surf on the famous eastern waves, which has been listed among the world's best.

Quiet and residential, the town of New Smyrna also has some important sites that should be visited during your time at the beach, including the New Smyrna Beach Sugar Mill Ruins and the historic downtown region with its quaint cafés and restaurants. At the end of last year, Uber reported that the car service app took riders on one million trips daily.

In 2014, there were 5,597,551 MTA subway riders bustling through New York City on the average weekday. And 5.9% of commuters in Portland rode bikes, as reported by the League of American Bicyclists in 2013.

With the demise of traditional stables, the increase in heavy traffic, and the normal delays associated with this journey, a person should allow at least six months to ride from New York to San Francisco. 10-12 gallons of water is the amount of daily hydration most adult horses weighing 1,000 lbs require for good health.

Tom Sea Executive Producer and Host, Best of America by Horseback ; Trail Master For example, I left the Atlantic Ocean on January 2 and arrived in San Diego, California on May 16.

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But when you take people away from their morning latte or favorite TV show, this puts them in a whole new world. As part of his role as a Trail Master, Sea has made the cross-country ride himself, traveling over 3,000 miles, alongside 256 participating riders, with stops at 83 host towns.

Andrew Needham, an associate professor of History at New York University who specializes, in part, in the American West, crowdsourced our question to fellow historians (he admitted he doesn’t know much about horse travel). It took two weeks to get from New York City to Chicago by land before rail connection, provided there were good conditions (no mud, snow, etc.).

And then there’s the good ole Pony Express, which delivered letters and packages by horseback from St. Joseph, Missouri, across the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, and Sierra Nevada, to Sacramento, California (with the help of nearly 200 relay stations where riders exchanged horses). Needham and his colleagues advise that Pony Express riders switched horses approximately every 10 miles and took 10 to 13 days to get from Missouri to Sacramento.

Needham and his colleagues explained that a horse needs to be res hod every four weeks under heavy travel. Today, we're asking equine enthusiasts to calculate how long it takes to traverse the country on horseback.

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