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Even if you have limited horseback riding experience, you can find a stable and tour that will allow you to get the most out of Parity ’s spectacular terrain. They’re known for their summer fly-fishing tours, and they have horseback riding adventures as well, ranging from one and a half to four hours in length.

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For rides that range from easy to challenging, check out Boulder Mountain Ranch in Parity. The Aspen Grove Trail Ride takes an hour and is easy on the body, which is especially important if you’re not a regular rider.

The Sunset Ride makes the most of the dusk, when the light and shadows transform the forested world as day turns to night. If you’d like a more exclusive and private tour of some of this land, Adventures at Stillman Ranch and Blue Sky Utah each have multiple thousand-acre plots for you to enjoy an afternoon ride.

If you’re not comfortable being behind the reins, sit back in a wagon and let the guides deliver you to a barbecue dinner. Or, after your ride at Blue Sky, enjoy the fares the chefs have prepared with a three-course meal waiting for you upon arrival.

Rocky Mountain Outfitters offers private rides on their stables near Soldier Hollow, a short drive north of Parity, away from the bustling resorts. So bring your curiosity and your love of animals to the wild West and take life by the reins.

As a community it is a place for the arts, recreation, and a deep commitment to preserving natural spaces. There are outdoor concerts, a summer theater, a visiting artists studio and an author series.

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The Foundry Grill, the Tree Room and the Owl Bar are excellent places to dine. In fact, the surface is potassium, magnesium lithium and sodium chloride (which is common table salt).

This famous event has been canceled in two recent years due to the salt crust not forming correctly. If you plan to attend Speed Week, don’t forget to take plenty of water, a sturdy hat and sunscreen.

Ogden is located North and a little West of Parity, about an hour’s drive. Rich with pioneer and railroad history, this little city sits right at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains.

From brew pubs to art galleries to harvest festivals and other events, there are literally 25 things to do on 25th street. It is a 152-acre nature preserve and education center that has walking trails, picnic areas and tree houses.

The center offers a wide variety of classes and workshops for all ages that include art, photography, birding, outdoor recreation, summer camps and more. About an hour and a half south of Parity lies the steaming Diamond Fork Hot Springs (also known as 5th Water).

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Located outside the town of Spanish Fork, it is a 2.5-mile moderate hike in to the hot springs. The first half of the trail follows along the 6th Water Creek, with red rocks rising behind.

After about a mile you will cross a foot bridge and follow a smaller tributary called 5th Water Creek. The water will begin to be cobalt blue and there will be the occasional smell of sulfur which means that the hot springs are nearby.

There are several large soaking pools and water falls so plan plenty of time to explore. From there, keep right at the fork for Big Cottonwood Canyon or left for Wasatch State Park and Midway.

The trail is fairly flat in the beginning and becomes progressively steeper as you approach the lake. In the warmer months the lake is a popular swimming hole for people and their four-legged friends.

Once on the island there is a variety of hiking, biking and horseback riding trails, as well as primitive campsites. Located on Antelope Island, the Fielding Gary Ranch House is an interesting stop.

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If you’ve got a day to spare and a keen interest in winter sports, then taking a tour of Olympic facilities is a must. Though the games are long over, the growing enthusiasm for winter sports has kept these venues busier than ever.

The Utah Olympic Park (the Up) has a wide range of activities that will please any visitor. Home to a 2002 Winter Games Museum, this is the perfect place to begin your tour.

Nestled into the Wasatch Mountain range it is a picturesque home to Nordic skiing and sledding in the winter. The five-acre venue contains a 400-meter speed skating oval as well as two ice “rinks” and a 442-meter running track.

A quick drive from Parity, City Creek is a great destination for shopping and browsing around. In the heart of it all is a fountain with sharply choreographed water shows at the top of every hour.

There is also a stream that cuts through the lower level that is filled with Bonneville Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout. Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the shopping, you’ll wind up a shady road that is closed off to traffic.

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A short walk from the museum is the Tower Deli with huge sandwiches made on homemade bread. The road is dotted with trail heads, water falls, picnic areas, lakes and campgrounds.

An easy stop in Kama's is the Mirror Lake Diner which offers a large breakfast menu as well as burgers and sandwiches. Other popular options are the Oakley Diner and Woodland Biscuit Company, though a little out of the way.

Visitors could enjoy a dance pavilion, roller-skating, water sports and a bowling alley. Lagoon has evolved into a full-fledged amusement park complete with roller coasters and water slides.

There is an especially scary Fright mares haunted amusement park each year around Halloween that features over 700 spooky attractions. The farm is where rugged landscape contrasts with fragrant lavender fields to create a place of peace and relaxation.

There are family fun runs, wagon rides, distillery tours and a rodeo. Salt Lake isn’t the largest city in the world, but we do have some sports teams to boast of.

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Check out both teams at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy (a 45-minute drive). NBA's basketball is exciting to watch, and it was great to see them advance to the Semifinals in the playoffs this year.

Snow basin opens for summer June 9, and has events throughout the summer like outdoor concerts, outdoor dining, free movie nights and mid-week mountain bike races. Trail Riding for individuals, couples, or small family groups on well-trained gentle horses.

Custom horse tours for your family, friends, and small groups. The Meadow is a good starting point for families with small children.

This ride is a stroll through the rolling meadows and is ridden at a walk, with time to stop for photos and grass treats for the horses. All ages can ride, with the smallest riders hand led by an experienced walker.

FOUR SEASONS TRAIL RIDE $65/person Start time Noon Enjoyable anytime of the year, this trail ride is a scenic cruise through the rolling meadows and gentle wooded hillsides. No steep drops or difficult hill climbs. Perfect for riders of none or all experience levels, and those looking to slow down, relax, and enjoy some horse time.

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The summer versions of this ride have more woods time involving rugged, but beautiful and seldom seen forests. Tree covered hillsides and deep woods vistas are abundant on this ride, however staying in the shade makes this ride more challenging for inexperienced riders.

This ride goes into the wooded hillsides and searches for rocks, caves, and waterfalls. We will ride into seldom seen forests and explore nature's secret places.

This is not a beginners ride due to the extreme hillsides and creek crossings, and may not be available after heavy rains or in summer's heat. This ride lasts about 1-1/2 hours, and is a beautiful winters' day outing, or a unique adventure during the cooler parts of the year.

This is an arena lesson, focusing on teaching riding basics and communication. YOUR EXPERIENCE AT EQUESTRIAN RIDGE WILL BE UNIQUE FROM OTHER TRAIL RIDING VENUES.

A SEASONED PROFESSIONAL WILL BE WITH ALL TRAIL RIDES TO ASSIST, ANSWER QUESTIONS, AND OFFER HORSE ADVICE. Hereabout Trail Riding lnstructionBoardingTrainingCampsWorking StudentsBunkhouse CabinCampingContact Scale Correspond Stallion Photo GalleryUpcoming Evenness Online Reservations are required.

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