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8005 Race Track Rd S, Tampa, FL “He was not shy about letting me take his picture and sharing his curiosity between the volunteer and me.” In 12 reviews.

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14900 State Rte 52, Land O Lakes, FL “We went to dinner to a restaurant nearby recommended by Amy and had a delicious burger!” In 2 reviews.

12231 Main St, San Antonio, FL “ Wrestle is always willing to work with us towards our goals and make them happen.” In 2 reviews.

18029 Lake Reflections Blvd, Tampa, FL “A beautiful ground, well-kept stables, dry riding arena, safety of rider and horse are a priority.” In 2 reviews.

12169 Sweet Hill Rd, Polk City, FL “The last time I rode a horse was over 30 years ago, but the patient guides and horses at II Ventures put me at ease.” In 4 reviews.

“You can specify whether you would like to trot, Gallup or just walk the horses through the trails.” In 10 reviews. “Saddle Up Riding Club has amazing opportunities for all, and is definitely a 'don't miss' in Tampa Bay.” In 2 reviews.

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4316 Avalon Rd, Winter Garden, FL “We board our horse in Winter Springs (near our home), but it is worth the drive every week to work with Alexa.” In 2 reviews.

The area surrounding San Antonio is home to a considerable number of impressive equestrian centers worth your time. This company will give you sumptuous discounts if you show up on their premises with a group.

So if you are looking for an affordable horseback riding facility to hang with your family or friends any time of the week (except Mondays), this establishment should be somewhere on top of your list. If you are active military personnel, you stand to benefit from this facility’s 10 percent discount for groups of six people or more.

While there is a variety of horses, in addition to the likable environment and long nature trails, their prices may appear a little high to some people even with discounts. There is plenty to do at Hollow Tree Ranch: horseback riding, horse camping, riding lessons, competition preparation, and even throwing a birthday party for you or anybody you love.

With Striker Trail Rides, one hour is enough if you haven’t been on the back of the horse for a long time. Plus, if you are out for a beautiful ride into the hills on some excellent horses of San Antonio, you might want to do so in this facility.

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It is situated in Hill Country in Borne near Ta patio Springs which is a mere 25 minutes drive from San Antonio. Turkey Creek Stables has been providing a fun and safe horseback riding environment for San Antonians since 1988, accruing a great deal of experience during the entire time.

As the name suggests, the company has Turkish roots and it could mean you are visiting a culturally diverse place with plenty of foreign bred horses. The facility is consists of three sections; one boarding stable and two spacious practice areas.

The facility is situated at the intersection of Henderson Pass and Cypress Hollow Drive. This small family-friendly facility offers lessons, training, and boarding for persons as young as 5 years old.

Sanded, one of their main instructors, has over 30 years of experience in an array of horsemanship areas including dressage, evening and pony club, jumpers, and hunters. The facility sits on a 40-acre property close to the intersection of Gardner Road and Pvt pass.

Located between Borne and San Antonio, just a few minutes’ driving distance from Interstate 10, Diamond C offers a safe and fun retreat area for adults and children that enjoy horseback riding. You can hold a party on their premises at an hourly fee of about $200 exclusive of such necessities as food and decorations.

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Riders are matched to lesson horses before practicing the techniques in the facility’s outdoor or indoor riding arenas, jump courses, and turnout pastures. Either way, all riders interested in horsemanship showing opportunities can work with a professional team of trainers while preparing for competitions.

It is a family owned-and-run ranch located 22 miles to the south of Burleson City. If time permits, the first afternoon ride takes you to our local village, San Agustin, with its ancient church from the 1700s.

Then cross dry stony valleys up to the cliffs at 'la Copy' in Santiago Othón. This celebrates when the waterfall miraculously sprang from the wall, a phenom- non attributed to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

On Sundays there is a charming local fruit and vegetable market, on holidays the town hosts a small rodeo. After a little stop for a drink and a snack in San Miguel de la Victoria, the landscape changes as the trails lead into the green forests of Canals.

Here the barbecue restaurants offer tacos filled to the brim with succulent meat. It was built on the spot where an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe was found in a rock, which now forms part of the altar.

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The ride from the cathedral meanders back through the small surrounding villages of Canals to the overnight stables for the horses. The first part of the ride follows forest trails and crosses hill slope fields; but the real treat of the day is to be found in the wide, flat, well-irrigated lowlands of the lake of Huang (approx.

This day's riding takes you to a wide open landscape of low impact agriculture and common rang eland. Enjoy a picnic on the shores of lake, relax, and prepare for the two-hour ride through the small villages and woods to the 'Agra Escondido', where the horses are left stabled overnight.

The trail, passing San Miguel DE as Piers leads into the canyon where wild horses roam. You'll visit the 'Peregrines Petrificados' a natural rock formation, where it is said that “the Pilgrims turned into stone because they did not want to finish their pilgrimage”.

Here the river is mixed with a volcanic warm spring so it is quite nice for a swim while the horses are resting. This ride offers the chance to canter / gallop home, sound in the know- ledge that after such a long day out a soothing swim and a hot shower await.

This restaurant is unique in offering the dubious delights of Mexican 'Telenovelas' (soap operas) on the TV and a collection of 'Santa Puerto' dead saint statuettes lovingly displayed in the corner. If you have time, enjoy a short morning ride before we bring you to the airport to catch your flight.

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