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2900 W State RT 89A, Sedna, AZ “I highly recommend these beautiful Jeep tours, and if you're lucky, try to get Travis as your driver and guide!” In 82 reviews.

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Soldier Pass Rd, Sedna, AZ “Any and all interested in a horseback outing in Sedna would do well to see Sahara, Doodlebug, Thumped, and Huckleberry.” In 9 reviews.

“The ride gives you a new respect for the horses and the great guides riding up the rocky hills.” In 9 reviews. In this guide, you will find a complete list of 4×4 tours from Sedna, with everything from extreme adrenaline rides to leisurely scenic drives.

Admire the imposing sandstone formations and famous red rocks as you bounce over the wild terrain on this guided off-road tour from Sedna. To capture these incredible memories there are plenty of photo opportunities at all the main landmarks, including the towering Chapel Butte and Bell Rock.

Keep your camera ready as you journey through seven magnificent canyons to reach Dry Creek Basin, which was once home to the early settlers of this region. Discover the old “Van Erin” cabin where your knowledgeable local guide will recount tales of murder and moonshine from the days of the legendary pioneers.

Participants in the afternoon tour will enjoy the colorful sunset as it floods the rocky pinnacles with an enchanting display of light. Feel the sun on your face as you bump along the rough terrain and encounter the staggering natural beauty of Diamondback Gulch.

sedona riding arizona horseback trails alltrails near
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Learn about the incredible geological forces that have shaped this landscape and have your cameras ready for the imposing Chimney Rock and Capitol Butte formations. Following a wilderness trail that is only accessible on Sedna jeep tours, you will journey through the Dry Creek Basin with your guide, encountering indigenous flora and fauna on the canyon floor.

Enjoy astonishing views of rocky spires and looming peaks far away from the tourist crowds, and if you opt for the afternoon departure, make sure you have your camera poised ready to capture the sunset. Explore the photogenic Dry Creek Basin with your friends or family and soak up the environment around the seven canyons from your comfortable open-air jeep.

On this fully narrated 2-hour tour you will learn about the intriguing history of Sedna, as well as enjoying outstanding views over the iconic desert scenery of the American Southwest. Scenic stops on this Sedna 4×4 tour include the Thunder Mountain Trailhead, one of the most iconic viewpoints in the Sonoran Desert.

Travel along the bases of striking red rock formations and watch them change color as dusk falls, giving way to a dramatic sunset. This unique Sedna jeep tour takes you on a safari through the Out of Africa Wildlife Park, giving you opportunities to spot free-roaming animals from the comfort of your off-road vehicle.

On this unusual 3.5-hour guided tour in Sedna, you will explore spiritual gardens at the Creative Life Center and visit a vortex spot at Airport Mesa where meditation is highly recommended. Discover one of Sedna ’s Sacred Wheels at the Amitabh Stu pa and Peace Park, before continuing to see the famous rock formations along the Boston Canyon Trail.

horseback riding arizona sedona alltrails trails near
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Head out along the iconic Dry Creek Road on your off-road tour from Sedna, before adventuring along dirt wilderness trails beneath the bases of spectacular red rock formations. Your experienced guide will teach you about the unique flora and fauna of this part of the Arizona desert, and there will be plenty of photo opportunities to capture memories of this stunning environment.

Discover iconic sights such as Thunder Mountain, Boston Canyon, Doe Mesa and Camel’s Caravan, which are only accessible by joining a Sedna jeep tour. Your adventure begins with a game drive through the Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, where you will encounter native wild animals from the safety of your vehicle.

Next up is a spectacular ride along off-road desert trails to a Verde Valley winery for tasting several premium local wines while learning about the vineyard process. As well as driving through the imposing seven canyons of this red rock desert, you will be able to admire the panoramic view back over Sedna from the iconic Airport Mesa.

Your knowledgeable guide will give you an insight into the history of this significant road between Sedna and Flagstaff, and how it was a lifeline to local settlers before the main highways were constructed. A wilderness epic for private groups of up to 12, this 4×4 Sedna tour is an adrenaline-filled adventure with challenging obstacles and dramatic canyons to negotiate.

The guided 3-hour tour begins with majestic canyons and rock formations before partially ascending the rugged Chiefly Hill Road. Admire viewpoints at Cow Pies or Kodak Corner, and visit the Red Rock Scenic Byway to learn about the Tlaquepaque artist village.

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It begins with an up-close and personal experience of Arizona’s otherworldly Red Rock Range, and a traverse through the famous seven canyons and Dry Creek Basin. On this Sedna jeep tour, you will explore three different biological zones and learn about native plants and wildlife species from your expert guide.

Take a step back in time and enjoy the old west on horseback with an exciting one-hour guided tour. With several species of wild flowers and fresh running water, our well groomed trail captures the natural beauty of the great outdoors.

It checks most boxes for reasons to travel and is truly stunning the second you round the corner to view those red rocks. If you live in Phoenix it is the perfect place to get some cooler temperatures and escape the city.

If you are from Phoenix or Southern Arizona then it definitely is a great place to escape a little of the crazy heat. Like many people, you may not know Sedna had some nice wineries and I highly recommend checking them out… thus they being #2 on my list and I’m not that much of an alcoholic.

While these aren’t grandiose wineries like in California, they are still quaint little spots that can make for a fun 2-6 hours depending on how serious you are in your drinking… I tend to go for 6-8. DA Ranch is also a big favorite and probably the best alongside Page Springs.

horseback riding arizona sedona alltrails trails near
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I say hike in the morning then be a winner and go winery hopping in the afternoon checking out Javelin Leap and Oak Creek early then making it to Page Springs around 5pm. The ATV places will give you a map of areas to check out but be sure to go up Chiefly Hill Road having maybe the best view of Sedna.

If you are going to Devil’s Bridge definitely ATV or 4×4 there as the 45-min walk each way down the vehicle path is a waste of time to get there. I highly recommend going to Groupon or scouring discount websites to see some available options to save as much as 50% off.

There is also horseback riding, a Hot Air Balloon rides and even Helicopter Tours aren’t as pricey as you’d think. If you take a helicopter ride, the 15-minute tour is cheaper and really you get a perfect experience even in that short amount of time.

However, it is open to the public and please go in to check out the view of Sedna though the giant stained-glass windows. Donate to the Church and light a candle as well… surely that will cleanse you of your sins or at least make you feel better about yourself for a few minutes.

There are some great places to grab a meal in Sedna offering amazing views, romance or snuggling up to a fire. Another must do is L’submerge Brunch, while stupid expensive, it makes you feel like how Aladdin must have felt at his first meal inside Jasmine’s palace… imagine the scene in Hook when Peter finally imagines all the food in front of him… that’s how I felt.

horseback riding arizona sedona alltrails trails near
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You can move at a slow pace through the shops and checkout all the quirks, get your fortune told, lay by the pool or sip some wine on your hotel’s patio. Either way there is a ton of relaxing things you can do if adventures or dabbling in alcoholism isn’t your forte.

The shop areas are so cute and quaint, especially when lit up at night and there are a ton of patios to grab a cup of coffee with a view or people watch. They are supposed to be intersections of electromagnetic earth energy and said to help with reflection, meditation, energizing, vision and higher clarity.

We are in an Instagram world and this place will be sure to provide you with plenty of “liked” IG pictures for some time to come. Please DO NOT be those people who stand on Devil’s Bridge forever or the point at Cathedral Rock while others are patiently waiting to take a picture.

You will have to pay for it thought as it is very pricey but for the cost I would pick it over L’submerge DE Sedna Resort & Spa L’Submerge de Sedona Resort & Spa is perfection and it comes with a cost. The 4 options above separate themselves from other others but come with a cost, however if you want a good place to stay without paying a fortune checkout any of Sedna Rouge Hotel & Spa, Polo Diablo Resort, A Sunset Château or the Hilton Sedna Resort at Bell Rock.

Domains Active Recently Wildwesternhorseback.com Come and experience a world of forgotten ways and lost traditions, inspired by the Old West. Our rides offer spectacular views of the Mingus Mountains, the Verde Valley, as well as sights of the red rocks of Sedna.

horseback riding arizona sedona trails alltrails
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Horsinaroundadventures.com Rustic trail ride My wife and I make a point to arrange a horseback riding trip whenever we travel to Arizona. The facility is at the end of an approximately mile long rock, dirt road.

Surrounded by spectacular red rock formations and soaring sandstone cliffs, people from all over the world experience the magnitude of Sedna and its surrounding Verde Valley. Horsemesaranch.net Sedona's Premier Equestrian Facility” If you've dreamed of riding your horse in the Red Rocks of Sedna, Arizona, you just found the place to make your dreams a reality.

Our first full day was spent with a Jeep tour, horseback riding, and wine tasting. I can't thank the staff enough for their kindness, the jokes, and the personalized time they spent making sure we enjoyed ourselves.

Trailhorseadventures.com SedonaHorseback Rides provide the most memorable and scenic horseback rides in the Sedna Area and the entire Verde Valley. Groupon.com Discover Horse Riding Deals In and Near Sedna, AZ and Save Up to 70% Off.

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