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This type of hosiery will wick excess moisture away from the skin and prevent a build-up of nasty odor-causing bacteria so you can enjoy your ride. The latest update to this article replaces one item, giving you an excellent choice of horsebackridingsocks for warm summer days when breathability and moisture-wicking are key to keeping you comfortable.

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The Rocky Racer Trail is ideal for summer when excess material and padding lead to sweat, heat retention, and ultimately skin that is more sensitive to chafing or blistering. This pair utilizes a specially-developed formula made to rapidly wick sweat away from the skin, keeping you absolutely dry, no matter how hard you’re going (or how hot the temperature is).

Mesh breathability panels increase fresh air circulation, allowing your body to cool down, without actually having to stop. The arch of the Rocky Racer Trail features compression support that’s especially beneficial to those suffering from plantar fasciitis, but it also serves the purpose of preventing bunching in the toe area.

The seamless construction minimizes irritation, while the heel and toe area enjoy higher levels of protection through the strategically placed cushioning. As for care, these socks are coated with Poly gene, a great piece of technology that protects the fibers from bacterial growth, lowering the likelihood of odors, and allowing you to go longer between washes.

As for cost, it’s about average compared to the other products listed, and you get the benefit of a lifetime guarantee against tears and functionality loss as well. This pair is made from an ideal blend of materials that provide both the comfort and functionality needed to ride.

Their easy pull-on closure system allows for a customized fit and ensures that your socks don’t slide down throughout the day. Their socks are made with an innovative Fresh 24/7 technology that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria while making a healthier environment for your feet.

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Sparkle socks are made from a comforting polyester blend that includes 6% nylon and 2% spandex for a stay-put wear. This pair of Tougher socks offers a cool looking neon exterior and comforting interior design.

Its well-ventilated build allows for adequate airflow and helps to prevent a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria for an all-day fresh feeling that wearers love. It's made from an excellent blend of materials and delivers the kind of performance-enhancement required for riders of any skill level.

This option’s neon detailing is ideal for riders who are looking to add some extra personality to their attire and the knee-high length is perfect all skill levels. These socks feature an extra stretchy opening for easy on-off wear and reinforcing at the heel and toe for greater durability.

They offer a cute novelty pattern that puts a unique spin on the usual style of boot socks and their Western-themed design lets riders feel right at home while adding some personality to any wardrobe. These socks aren’t just a pretty sight though, they're also a comforting option that will help riders of any skill level to feel at ease while they’re on the move.

Aria is one of the most trusted brands who specialize in this type of sporting apparel and are notorious for their quality of craftsmanship. Its polyester and cotton blend makes for a luxurious cushioning that will keep your feet pain free at the end of the day and will help to prevent lower limb fatigue too.

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A 2% Spandex cuff ensures that this sock stays perfectly in place without sliding down on those higher jumps. The Hadley comes in three colorways: hot pink, navy, and red so you’ll have no trouble choosing ones that match with your sense of style.

Equine Couture offers boutique designs for a fraction of the cost and retails traditional equestrian apparel. Equine Couture delivers high-quality choices that are made to enhance the riding lifestyle by providing the ultimate in comforting gear.

These knee-high boot socks offer an extra stretchy opening for easy on-off we arability and sit nicely at the knee for whole-leg coverage. The Hadley is made from 80% cotton, 15% nylon, and 5% Spandex which makes for a plush feeling and stay put we arability.

Tougher’s Impulsion offers a cushioned foot pad that helps to prevent foot pain and lower limb fatigue for all-day we arability, It’s contrasting color scheme makes this a fun choice and lets you express your sense of style through your hosiery. The Impulsion is made from an eco-friendly mix of bamboo and fabric making them an excellent choice for naturists and those who avoid the use of animal products.

For over 25-years, this name has been a trusted source among the riding community and is known to deliver well-made apparel that’s appropriate for riders of any discipline and skill level. The Spandex is concentrated in the cuffs to help hold the socks perfectly in place and to prevent any sliding or slipping down.

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Its reinforced cotton footed provides excellent underfoot cushion and makes for a comforting ride, while a slim nylon neck allows for adequate room inside your boots. Noble Outfitters’ Solid Eddie offer a uniquely beautiful appearance and smooth finish that make this pair a desirable choice for this sport.

The Eddies’ fit true to size and their thinner calf panel allows you more room inside your boot. A lightly padded footed and cushioned ankle area help prevent foot and lower leg fatigue even after long hours spent on your feet.

Noble Outfitters is a respected brand who develop innovative equestrian apparel for riders of any skill level. Shoppers on a budget should consider a pair from Noble Outfitters, who retail their products for an affordable price and never cut corners on the integrity of their items.

A ventilation panel across the top ensures you won’t overheat and when combined with Eddies’ Opti-Dry technology, the results are unbelievable. Its gorgeous checkered pattern and smooth colorways make this choice almost too nice to cover up and will look great with nearly any gear for this sport.

One of the most recognized names in European equestrian apparel, Horse hails from Finland and is notorious for their quality products. This brand has stores all throughout Europe, as well as, successful e-commerce retailers making them a top contender in the world of riding gear.

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Its reinforced toe and foot make for a long-lasting design that won’t fail under tough wear and tear. The Alana’s stunning argyle pattern adds to its overall allure and wearers just can’t get enough of these pairs soft feeling against bare skin.

Knitted crochet detailing at the cuff peeks out from your boots for a fun look that ladies love and adds a unique appearance while you’re practicing it. These socks are made from a comforting blend of materials and deliver a durable structure that’s able to withstand the tough wear and tear you’ll put them through.

Their Spandex material ensures a secure no-slip fit so you can ride with peace of mind knowing that your hosiery isn’t going to slide down. CEP’s Progressive+ RidingSocks are a high-performance pair that delivers a graduated compression that helps to improve circulation while you ride.

They’re specially designed to help protect your legs, Achilles, and feet so you can feel assured while you ride. This can lead to all sorts of uncomfortable problems like chaffing and blisters that could have been prevented by wearing the right pair of hosiery underneath them.

Ideally, your sock should run the entire length of your boot in order to fully protect your legs from irritation. The thickness is a matter of personal preference but should ideally be thicker at the foot and gradually thinner towards the cuff.

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A lot of time will be spent on your feet when you’re dismounted and you can find yourself with achy tootsies by the end of the day if your socks aren’t well padded. This is why it's best to opt for a pair that has different thickness in certain areas because you’ll find them more enjoyable to wear in the long run.

Those socks come in practically any color including neon, pastels, and shades like black, white, or nudes. Some riders prefer to match their socks with the rest of their gear for a more professional look, while others like to mix a fun splash of color to their, otherwise, plain ensemble.

Whatever your preference, it’s important to keep in mind that what you wear while riding horse will be a part of your presentation, which is especially true if you’re competing. This aspect won’t be too important if your boots completely cover your socks, which most do, but some will extend out past the top and be visible while you ride.

The more lively choices often have cartoon imagery of horses or other fun artworks which are particularly popular with younger riders. Elasticized bands are a must because this will keep your socks from falling down inside your boot, though you don’t want ones that are too tight because this can cut off circulation to your legs and feet and can lead to medical problems from lack of blood flow.

Nylon is a great choice of material particularly for the cuff and neck of the sock because it’s supportive for better protection and comfort. Moisture control is vital in order to prevent a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria that can lead to increased friction and rubbing.

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The materials should wick excess moisture away from the skin and prevent rubbing or friction inside your boots. The selling price might seem better at first, but when you’re having to replace your socks every month or so it’s going to end up costing way more than if you buy a high-quality option right from the start.

Aria manufactures comfortable items that are designed to maximize the enjoyment you get from long days spent in the saddle. This line is also a go-to for riders who enjoy a more lively look because they make items with colorful and bright patterns, as well as, more neutral colorways too.

They craft bold and beautiful designs which include hosiery, breeches, jackets, and all other equipment required for riding. Riding boots sit high up the leg and are often made from stiff materials that can rub against your skin if it's not properly protected.

A high-quality pair will be made from a material that’s thin enough to comfortably fit inside your footwear and thick enough to cushion your foot throughout the day. Spandex will also help to provide an elasticized area that can hold your socks up and prevent them from sliding down with wear.

Many of these pairs are designed with a colorful look that lets the wearer express their personal sense of style while they ride. Equestrian socks will be made with tapering thickness so that your legs aren't cramped inside your boots but your feet are still well padded for comfort.

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They will also provide the superior moisture control that's needed for this intensive sport in order to keep you feeling dry and comforted while you're active. These pairs are made to protect your legs from the rubbing and chaffing that equestrian boots will often cause so that you can keep your focus on your riding rather than on how uncomfortable you are.

That way you'll get the cushioning you need in order to keep your feet pain free while still having enough room inside your boots. There are also pairs which extend slightly above the knee like the Crochet by HDE, so you will see a bit of the sock above the top of your knee-high boot for added personality.

The materials, thickness, lengths, and moisture control are all tailored to meet the needs of equestrian riders and regular socks just won't offer the same benefits.

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