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• Friday, 01 January, 2021
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We enjoy daylight well into the evening, weather is usually sunny, and there are tons of horse shows and events to attend. Wearing weather-appropriate breeches for horseback riding is an important part of an overall heat-safety plan for your fun horsey activities.

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With a solid 5-star rating from over 120 reviews, the Kerr its Ice Film Tech Tight is definitely a favorite for summer riding. Lightweight material, even on the drippy knee patch / seat areas.

Side pockets large enough to securely hold your phone while you ride. Moisture-wicking material to continuously pull sweat away from your skin, keeping you cooler.

Very low-profile seams that will not cause chafing Wide, flat waistband with body contour panels offers flattering fit Low-rise waist offers a more comfortable fit if high-waisted pantyhose tend to squeeze you around the middle. The material is resistant to: abrasions, hair, dirt, odor and microbes.

This makes it durable, even if you wear them while you muck stalls and haul water buckets after your ride. The silicone grips can be very powerful at first, which may make it challenging post the trot.

FITS PerforM AX Zip Front Full Seat This is the first zip-up breech on our list so far, if you prefer that style over pull-on pantyhose. Great value because they are said to be “all season” riding pants that help you beat the summer heat and keep you warm in winter.

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The support panels may make these riding pants fit extra snug. Devon Are Versailles Classic Riding Breech The Versailles front-zip riding breech has a classic high waist, belt loops and a front zip pocket.

Its lightweight material makes it a popular choice for summer riding pants. Lightweight cotton/spandex blend keeps you cool while ensuring a great fit.

High waist design means you don’t have to worry about showing off more than you bargained for! Stretch panels ensure a tight but comfy fit so that the pants don’t ride up.

Lightweight and stretchy material designed specifically with summer riding in mind. Glitter print along the left thigh gives these pantyhose extra pizza.

A choice of three rich colors lets you select the pair ideal for your discipline. These pantyhose may not be suitable for most show rings thanks to the schooling style and glitter.

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Horse Leah UV Pro Riding Tight We ask a lot from our riding tights, including comfort, style and convenience. Soft Lycra blends with silky inner lining means you’ll feel great even if you spend hours in the saddle.

HR Farm Silicone Tight with Pocket When the word “pocket” and “horse riding leggings” appear in the same sentence, you know you’re looking at a good design, but HR Farm’s Silicone Pantyhose are super summer riding pants for even more reasons. Lightweight material may not hold up well to heavy riding use or barn chore use.

Your reaction times are poor, your brain doesn’t think clearly, and you’re not as physically strong as when you’re in top condition. But, in the heat of summer, these can be uncomfortable and even dangerous to your health because the material is just too thick.

Riding pants have flat seams and knee patches for good reasons. Remember that not all riding pants are ideal for hot summer days.

Some are made of material that’s too heavy or thick for hot and/or humid weather. That’s why we’ve brought you a list of favorites for you to stay cool and comfortable in during your ride.

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Stay hydrated with plenty of water and quality electrolyte drinks. Be smart about riding in the cooler parts of the day and stay in the shade whenever possible Take plenty of rest breaks if you become winded or overheated.

Remember to offer cool, clean water to your horse in his stall or paddock and to let him have a chance to drink throughout your ride too. Consider adding electrolyte supplements to daily feed during warmer months.

Don’t expect your horse to work hard during the middle of the day. Make sure you properly cool out your horse and know how to use water safely and effectively for such a purpose.

Be careful about using polo wraps, no matter how cute, because you can damage your horse’s tendons if they overheat. Aria’s Freda Cooling Tight is our favorite choice hot weather riding.

These pantyhose feature moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, a cell phone pocket, and come in tons of fun colors! So stick with a riding tight or breech for your summer schooling and showing.

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Aria’s Freda Cooling Tight is our favorite hot weather pant. In short, err on the side of caution when it comes to balancing fun and safety when riding in the summer.

Taking simple steps to minimize the affects of heat and selecting cooler apparel, like the pants on our list, go a long way. The fabric is thick enough to give a smooth appearance, but it’s still super comfortable and stretchy.

They have a compression-like feel which is perfect for longer conditioning rides, plus they have multiple easy-access pockets, so I can keep my phone with me. “Comfort is absolutely paramount to enjoying long rides, and my go-to pantyhose keep me cool and feeling good cruising down the trail.

UltraGripp knee patches on leg provide durability and hold, enhance your connection in the saddle. Low-mid rise waist, inner pocket sized to hold keys, cool mesh side panels added ventilation.

Constructed in a streamlined design, offer a fantastic close contact fit shaping well to your body, provide a modern look for any equestrian rider. These riding pantyhose are smooth and sleek, providing confidence and comfort for lessons, practice or in the show ring.

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Aria Women’s Heritage Low Rise Knee Patch Front Zip Pantsuit, Tan, 26 Regular Showing STYLE: Perfect for the junior competitor, these show ring or schooling breeches for girls and boys feature a euro seat design.

These horseback riding pants for girls and boys won’t restrict movement all the while presenting a classic, professional look for the young rider. FOR THE JUNIOR COMPETITOR: Perfect for the young equestrian, these show ring performance pantyhose feature a euro seat design.

These pull-on breeches designed for unrestricted movement with a great 4-ways stretch and reliable reinforced stitching throughout its form. These kids breeches are smooth and sleek, providing confidence and comfort for lessons, practice, or in the show ring.

The Red Label riding breeches for girls and boys combine European style with premium RIMA leather knee patches, a false front zip fly, belt loops, and excellent reinforced stitching throughout so horse riders can dismount and clean their pony up without worrying about ruining their riding pantyhose. SPORT ANKLES STAY TUCKED IN: Created with high-stretch and lightweight material with a flattering fit so your child can move around freely during the ride.

Spacious & comfy, the two pockets will hold a large phone easily and have a reflective part to help people see you safe at night. Our breeches for horseback riding design has placed the area of silicon around the rump and the inner leg with the rider in mind for maximum grip around tight cornering.

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ELEVATED STYLE: Perfect for both the amateur and professional rider alike, these ladies schooling breeches feature a euro seat design. These English riding pants are smooth and sleek, providing confidence and comfort all year long.

The knee patch is a classic look for any equestrian riding pant, adding a soft grip to keep your leg in place, without restricting your movement. TRAINER-TESTED STRONG: The Red Label Pull-on Equestrian riding pants combine European style with premium Also leather knee patches.

They have reinforced stitching, providing a reliable ladies schooling breech and fit great with minimalist belt loops. The elastic waist band, false fly/ button and 4-way stretch fabric on our schooling breeches make these riding pantyhose incredibly comfortable.

Features Comfort is key with these soft, stylish knit leggings perfect for all-day play Amazon partnered with J. Crew to create a fun, affordable, everyday collection that kids will love The fit and style you expect from crew cuts by J. Crew Exclusive to Amazon.

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