Best Horseback Riding Trails In Colorado

David Lawrence
• Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
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Rocky Mountain National Park Length: 5.4 mi • Est. Once you make your way to The Lock, you will experience some pristine beauty that the Rocky Mountains hold.

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Herman Gulch Trail Arapaho National Forest Length: 7 mi • Est. This information is from the lower trail head parking lot.

From the lower trailhead the distance to Upper Maxwell Falls is about 2 miles. From the lower trailhead after crossing the foot bridge stay to the left and follow the signs and the river upwards to go directly to Upper Maxwell Falls or go right to go up Cliff Loop Trail which will meet back with Maxwell Falls trail just above the falls.

You can turn back from here or continue past the falls a short way to find the Cliff Loop Trail on the right. Chasm Lake Rocky Mountain National Park Length: 9.4 mi • Est.

First part follows the Longs Peak Trail through the woods. It steepens a bit once you get past the tree line, especially in the stretch immediately before the outhouse at the trail junction.

After the junction you go downhill for a bit, and then have to scramble up a ~150 rockfall to reach the lake. Challenging elevation increase towards the end, but there is a beautiful waterfall that rewards you halfway up.

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At 14,440 feet Mount Elbert is the highest point in the Swatch Range as well as the state. Also, make sure to get a VERY early start because thunderstorms roll in during summer afternoons and it is highly dangerous to be above the treeline in a storm.

Mount Sniffers Wilderness Length: 13 mi • Est. The Blue Lakes are located in a glacial basin in southwest Colorado in the Mount Sniffers Wilderness.

A gorgeous alpine hike with wildflower-filled meadows, and impressive views this trail is not to be missed. This is an easy day hike but the lowest lake has several campgrounds along the shore for those who wish to spend the night.

Visitors can park at the Blue lake Trailhead off County Road 7. Crater Lake TrailMaroon Bells Snow mass Wilderness Length: 3.8 mi • Est.

Alberta Falls Trail Rocky Mountain National Park Length: 1.6 mi • Est. One of the most popular hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, it can be quite crowded.

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The trail starts at Glacier Gorge Junction trailhead, and heads south, paralleling the creek. At the intersection with Bear Lake Trail, turn left.

At about 0.5 miles, it opens up onto a ledge of rock offering an overlook of Glacier Gorge. The rock slabs surrounding the Falls are a great place to explore and picnic.

Popular with many outfitters are cowboy breakfast rides, rewarding early risers with sizzling skillets and fresh-brewed coffee. Give your thirsty horse a drink in the reflective, glass-like lake just below the aspens and conifers framing the often snow-spotted rocky peaks.

The Penuche Wilderness in southwest Colorado is ideal for a passionate horse rider looking to venture into the Wild West near southwestern towns of Durango, Pagoda Springs and Our. Located in San Isabel National Forest near Saliva, the waterfalls along Brown’s Creek is a hot spot for hidden-gem seekers in Colorado.

Hit the numerous spotted falls along the trail as you gently ascend the valley between Mount After and Tabernacle Peak. Imagine yourself as a homesteader in the early 1900s, surrounded by blue skies, fresh-air and breathtaking views, as knowledgeable trial guides relay insight into life back in the day.

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Take a full leap into good of’ Western fun with unlimited access to spectacular riding programs, whitewater rafting, biking, fishing and relaxing on some of the most secluded lands in the Colorado. Give those saddle-soar legs a rest in private hot springs or schedule a luxurious massage before heading to the campfire for s’mores under a star-soaked sky.

Canon City, Colorado, is a recreation destination popular with whitewater rafters and rock climbers. Two notable attractions also bring visitors to the city: the nearby Royal Gorge Bridge spans the...

Big Dry Creek Trail in Arvada (not be confused with similarly named trails in Westminster and Littleton) is a multi-use pathway tucked into the northwest corner of the Denver suburb. Big Dry Creek Trail provides a pleasant connector between the High Line Canal Trail and the Mary Carter Greenway, two jewels in the trail network of the greater Denver area.

Note: Like most of Lyons' parks system, the Corridor Trail has been closed since a devastating flood in September 2013. Work is currently underway to reopen the closed parks and trails.

Bring your fishing pole but leave your bike at home. The Firestone Trail mostly parallels Colorado Boulevard between Bacon in the south and north of Firestone, at the northern end of the trail.

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The trail is paved and provides access to parks, ... The Foothills Trail runs along Colorado Springs' western border at the base of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

You'll begin near Oak Valley Ranch Park and travel south along an irrigation channel, ... A hike or mountain bike ride along Colorado's Galloping Goose Trail will leave you exhilarated, (if not for the elevation alone!).

The High Line Canal Trail is a popular stretch of path through Denver's Southside suburbs, winding for 71 miles between Aurora and Foxborough State Park. Southwest of downtown Pueblo, the Lake Minnesota Trail offers an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with a flat, gravel pathway that rings a lake and offers views of ponds and wetlands.

The Left-hand Greenway is a diagonal path along its namesake creek in southern Longmont. It begins at a juncture with the St. Train Greenway, a scenic 8-mile route across the city.

The Longmont-to-Boulder Regional Trail (nicknamed the Logo) extends more than 10 miles between these two major cities and taps into the region's vast network of trails. Situated in the northwestern corner of Colorado Springs, the Mesa Valley Trail travels through largely open areas to Wonderland Park.

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In the park, you will travel through woodlands along Mesa Creek.... The Midland Bike Trail is popular with mountain bikers and a fairly steep climb at the start but levels out once you reach the railroad grade in about 1 mile.

The city of Arvada boasts over 150 miles of hike, bike and equestrian trails. The New Santa Fe Regional Trail provides a scenic journey along the front range of the mountains, from Palmer Lake Recreation Area in northern El Paso County through the U.S. Air Force Academy in...

The paved trail is popular with hikers, runners, cyclists and inline skaters. The Power Trail provides a convenient north-south route through Fort Collins in two disconnected segments along the west side of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Located on Aurora’s south end, the Railroad Bed Trail offers a 2-mile diagonal pathway within Cherry Creek State Park, a recreational gem with opportunities for camping, fishing, swimming and... Colorado's Rio Grande Trail is built upon the Aspen Branch of the former rail corridor of Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (Draw).

About an hour south of Denver, the Rock Island Trail offers a nearly 15-mile pathway in two disconnected segments in El Paso County. Future plans call for linking the two sections for a seamless trail...

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CO14.8 mi Asphalt, Concrete, Crushed Stone, Gravel The Rockrimmon Trail, named for the Colorado Springs neighborhood in which it lies, begins in Foothills Park, adjacent to Foothills Elementary School.

The southern end of the trail, through Denver and Aurora, has a soft surface, which can make for a dusty ride when... The Switzerland Trail in the peaks west of Boulder was named for the spectacular mountain scenery along this remote and former railroad route.

The Van Gibber Creek, Park and Trail all owe their name to Isaac van Gibber, an early settler to the area. The trail begins on Oak Street and heads west in the swathe cut by the creek through the...

With Unlimited, get added access and customize your trips more easily! There are large potholes throughout making it very dangerous to ride on.

It is clear that the city has never made an investment to repair the damages. I went almost 4 miles (on roller skates) and the ride was amazing.

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There was one small spot with some twigs and pebble debris but I made it over without too much trouble. I didn’t skate as far as I wanted to, but there was only like 1 sheepish slope under a bridge (it has a railing on the left side though so you can still make it if you’re a beginner).

I highly recommend this trail; smooth as butter and people are respectful. Bridge ends abruptly in a four-foot drop into a dry creek bed.

Beautiful trail follows Midland RR grade. Easy grade except where it dips into gulches where RR bridges originally spanned.

The city seems to love cement trails, I guess they have lots of money. The cranks and grinding to level the cement has improved the surface a lot.

The trail begins with a nice parking area, a large picnic pavilion, port potty, and exercise stations. At many points as we rode along, the trail split, offering a paralleling finely crushed stone surface for runners.

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A fun surprise for my 10-year-old was a small trail side playground with two climbable life-size horses made of concrete and a large pig sculpture. For my husband, another fun unexpected find was a dirt mountain biking trail that paralleled the main trail for a short distance.

The signs also marked the route as part of the East lake Heritage Trail. According to the signage, a Union Pacific Railroad spur once ran through the corridor.

Built in the early 1900s, the trains ran to Denver carrying passengers, farm products, and business freight. Towards the end of our journey, we reached Colorado Boulevard; the crosswalk was well-marked.

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