Best Horseback Riding Trails In Tennessee

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• Thursday, 22 October, 2020
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Great Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 11.9 mi • Est. Hammerer's summit begins from the Low Gap Trailhead in the Cosby Campground and it is the most commonly hiked route to the top, perhaps because it is the shortest.

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This portion of the journey has a lot of elevation gain as you make your way up the Cosby Creek valley. When you reach the junction with the Appalachian Trail, turn left and enjoy a less steep potion of the ascent with views of Cosby Valley, Snake Den Ridge and Hindu Knob before reaching the turn off for the half mile spur trail to Mount Hammerer.

Hike carefully along this rocky spur trail as you make your way to the fire tower, which provides 360 degree views of the Pigeon River Gorge, Snowbird Mountain, Mount Sterling, the Big Creek area, and the Smoky Mountains. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 5.4 mi • Est.

A wonderful loop with two vastly different trips through the Smokes: one smooth and easy beside a river, and another that climbs through the woods and over streams. Porters Creek Trailhead Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 7 mi • Est.

This is a nice wooded hike along Porters Creek with an old cemetery, historic farm site, and a waterfall. Once at the trailhead you will begin up a gradual incline along a wide gravel path.

The trail is in a heavily wooded area, with Porters Creek on your left. At about the 0.6 mile point, there is a series of rock walls and old building foundations from an old settlement.

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The gravel pathway continues to the 1.0 mile point, where a short spur trail leads to the Historic Farm Site. Past the barn is the Smoky Mountain Hiking Club Cabin, built in 1934-36.

This well-marked trail continues its gradual ascent for an additional 1 mile to the base of the waterfall. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 8.2 mi • Est.

However, when you reach the intersection of Warner Rd and Newman Rd, turn down a gravel road in the western direction. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 8.3 mi • Est.

Rich Mountain Loop Trail is a great way to enjoy Cases Cove without the crowds. The trail starts at the beginning of the Loop Road, skirts the edge of some fields before reaching the John Oliver Cabin.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 10.5 mi • Est. Over the next mile you will go up and down through some wooded area before you pop out in a rocky bare spot that will offer you 360-degree views.

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From one spot you can see Fontana Lake, Cling mans Dome, Mount Lacoste and Cases Cove. West Prong Trailhead Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 5 mi • Est.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 14.9 mi • Est. Your hike will begin along an easy wide and popular path to Grotto Falls.

From this point you will start a steady climb to Trillium Gap maybe sharing the trail with the Llamas carrying supplies to Mt Lacoste. At 2.8 mi you reach the junction of Brush MTN Trail which is a good resting point before the final 3.6 mi. There are several creek crossings which are tricky along with the rocks and roots.Your trail will reach the backside of the cabins of Mt Lacoste, turn left at the sign that reads “AT Shelter”. The grassy path will go beside some more cabins before reaching the junction of the Boulevard and Rainbow Falls Trails. The piped spring you pass is for overnights that can treat the water, if you need a re-fill the is a pump well near the lodge. For a lunch break you can sit on the porch of the lodge or take a side trail to the Cliff Tops and enjoy views from 6550'! Return using Trillium Gap Trail. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Length: 11.6 mi • Est.

Tennessee Horseback Riding Trails & Trail Maps | Trailing Find the top-rated horsebackridingtrails in Tennessee, whether you're looking for an easy short horseback riding trail or a long horseback riding trail, you'll find what you're looking for. Whether you're after a picnic, a leisurely stroll or a brisk bike ride, the 6.5-mile Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail (a.k.a.

Ashland City Rail-Trail) will enchant you as it meanders past lively... The Eureka Trail begins in the southeast Tennessee city of Athens, about midway between Chattanooga and Knoxville (about an hour's drive from either).

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This trial is taken over by homeless camps, and we didn't feel safe to walk more than twenty yards down the trial. The pictures on this site NEED to desperately be updated, or the trial cleaned up.

Great Greenway with spots to park at various sections along the way. There’s a park across the street from the main entrance with lots to do.

Some big hills that will get you breathing on each end if the trail. Narrow in some sections and VERY busy on weekends.

From a tourist perspective- you get to see the incline, ruby falls, and craven’s house. The only “treacherous” part is the 200 yards of curvy roads and traffic at the end of the trail if you are trying to go all the way to the top of the mountain.

If you do, you can easily make it past some of the nicest views off the mountain, past the top of the incline, and to point park. Great urban trail that goes along the waterfront, and through wooded and swamped areas.

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Nearly all the trail has canopy, and we rode when the foliage was turning. Great overlooks with swings to take a break and look at the scenery.

My wife & I rode this trail today. If you start at 2 Rivers Park, don’t miss the first couple miles of the trail with the pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland River.

Started at Johnson City entrance and rode to Sycamore Shoals near Elizabethtown. 12 miles of trail from Thompson lane to Garfield park.

Add in the battlefield trails and Gateway Island loops for pretty scenery and a history lesson. There are multiple trailheads for access across the entire town.

Our 48 Acre Horse farm has a round pen, riding ring, scenic wooded trails, Sleepy Creek and quiet back country roads. Cordell Hull Lake Horse Trail | Near Granville Tennessee Campground Location:Campground Details: free, All ages, Tents, 518 ft elev, trail, hike, boat launch, horses © Advertise *Depending on the location, some of these buttons may not work properly.

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Bathroom 2 has a single sink and adjoins the laundry room. Great for horse back riding,biking, hiking, kayaking or just relaxing.

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They wintered there for ten years and decided to let other people share some enjoyment they have felt. Everyone kept saying that The Big South Fork National Recreation Area was the place to be.

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