Best Horseback Riding Trails In The Us

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• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
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Rocky Mountain National Park Length: 5.4 mi • Est. Once you make your way to The Lock, you will experience some pristine beauty that the Rocky Mountains hold.

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Enjoy the spectacular views of the South bay as you climb up to Mission Peak. This is a moderate to strenuous trail with a constant uphill climb until you reach the summit.

The Stanford Avenue staging area is also the western access to the Oh lone Wilderness Trail, a 29-mile hiking and riding trail through some southern Alameda County's most beautiful wilderness, and provides access to Mission Peak's 2,999 acres. Ensure that you have plenty of water before embarking on this hike, as there are very few spots to locate shade.

Dogs are allowed on leash in developed areas/under voice command in undeveloped areas of the park. Herman Gulch Trail Arapaho National Forest Length: 7 mi • Est.

From the lower trailhead the distance to Upper Maxwell Falls is about 2 miles. You can turn back from here or continue past the falls a short way to find the Cliff Loop Trail on the right.

Tamales Point Trailing Reyes National Seashore Length: 9.4 mi • Est. Hike out to Tamales Point with stunning views surrounding you on all sides.

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It is also a prime wildlife viewing trail, as it is remote and the rule elk are enclosed in this reserve. The first 3 miles to Lower Pierce Point Ranch are well-marked and maintained, but the last stretch can be overgrown with bush lupine and other shrubs, so long pants and long sleeves are a good idea.

Fog and wind can limit visibility and make this hike more challenging. Tiger Mountain State Forest Length: 4.8 mi • Est.

The Chirico Trail is a lovely spot conveniently located just off I-90 in Issaquah. After about 700 feet elevation, the noise from any roads nearly disappears and nothing but forest remains.

The south launch area allows the users to have lovely valley views while looking out over the top of the nudist colony. The north launch area of Poo-Poo Point allows the user to have lovely views of the Lake Sammamish and Issaquah.

Chasm Lake Rocky Mountain National Park Length: 9.4 mi • Est. It steepens a bit once you get past the tree line, especially in the stretch immediately before the outhouse at the trail junction.

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After the junction you go downhill for a bit, and then have to scramble up a ~150 rockfall to reach the lake. Challenging elevation increase towards the end, but there is a beautiful waterfall that rewards you halfway up.

At 14,440 feet Mount Elbert is the highest point in the Swatch Range as well as the state. Also, make sure to get a VERY early start because thunderstorms roll in during summer afternoons and it is highly dangerous to be above the treeline in a storm.

The Blue Lakes are located in a glacial basin in southwest Colorado in the Mount Sniffers Wilderness. A gorgeous alpine hike with wildflower-filled meadows, and impressive views this trail is not to be missed.

This is an easy day hike but the lowest lake has several campgrounds along the shore for those who wish to spend the night. Visitors can park at the Blue lake Trailhead off County Road 7.

From the giant canyons of Arizona and Utah to the rolling hills and meadows of Vermont and Northern California, witness the diverse countryside and mountain ranges of the US on 10 of the most popular horsebackridingtrails. Like John Wayne and Burt Lancaster, the heroes of your favorite Westerns, saddle up and head out into the sunset on a sturdy, reliable quarter horse for a gallop into the Wild West.

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Crossing over bubbling streams and past small forests and olive trees along the trail, you’ll reach Spider Rock, an 800-foot sandstone spire that will make you feel like a dwarf. That way, even the novice rider can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mad River Valley, an ideal spot for countryside gallops.

The horse farm is open year-round, so you have the option of experiencing the fresh greenery of springtime, the warm lazy days of summer, or the brilliant foliage and crisp air of autumn. Once you reach the floor of the canyon, the trail loops around to take you back up the rim for unforgettable views of Bristle Cone Pines Trees and the haunting Wall of Windows.

Considered to be one of Alaska’s wild frontiers, get lost in a world of pristine fresh air, the cleanest water in the country, and a variety of wildlife like nesting bald eagles and migrating whale sightings. Because of the rough terrain, this region of Alaska is only accessible by horseback, making Seward a perfect spot for an afternoon trail ride.

Along the way, trail guides will take you on a tour of the Biltmore’s magnificent 250-room French Renaissance-style château, a rare architectural marvel situated in the heart of the Appalachian countryside. Even better, splurge on one of their luxury suites at the Biltmore Estate, a grand, swanky base camp for rest and relaxation in between glorious days of cross-country mountain trail rides.

A favorite trail ride in the region gives riders a chance to explore the sub-alpine forest that winds through mountain paths carpeted with wildflowers. For the more experienced rider, a five-hour trek to the Hermosa Cliffs is a spectacular trail that leads to elevated parks, old-growth Alpine forests, and incredible vistas of nearby Needles, La Plate mountain range, and Electra Lake.

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Saddle up at Triple Creek Horse Outfit and let experienced trail guides take you through the lovely golden meadows and past lush vineyards of Northern California wine country. One of the most thrilling trails is the one leading to the summit of Bald Mountain where on a clear day, you can see San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in a breathtaking panorama.

With some of the finest riding trails in the world, brace yourself for an incredible ride through massive redwoods, oak woodlands, and the rolling hills of vast vineyards. At this family farm, a one-hour drive from Lexington, get ready to explore the trails passing through verdant, expansive grasslands, surrounding forests, and fertile horse country dotted with old-fashioned red barns and stables.

The ranch offers visitors comfortable accommodations and warm hospitality at their large log cabins plus guided trail rides through 780-acres of wooded hills. Also close by is With row Springs State Park, also in the Ozarks, an incredible place to explore the great natural wonders of Arkansas on horseback.

Griffith Park, just above Hollywood and Downtown LA, south of Burbank, has three stables, each with different trail ride options, from views of the Hollywood sign to a sunset ride to a Mexican Restaurant. These are the most accessible ranches to Hollywood area attractions, with Sunset Ranch being the closest, a 10 to 15-minute drive from Hollywood, and the others just a few minutes further (we measure distance in time, not miles in LA).

They're also close if you're staying in Downtown LA or the San Gabriel Valley. If you're staying in Santa Monica or in the San Fernando Valley, there are stables to the north offering trail rides in Topanga Canyon and Malibu that will be closer than Griffith Park and there are stables in Palms Verde and Huntington Beach closer to Disneyland.

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Will Rogers Trail Rides at Westside Riding School Will Rogers State Historic Park,1501 Will Rogers State Park Road, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272310-662-3707 info@willrogerstrailrides.comwww.willrogerstrailrides.com View reviews on Yelp Westside Riding School is located in Will Rogers State Historic Park in Pacific Palisades, a neighborhood of Los Angeles that extends into the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains between the cities of Santa Monica and Malibu. It's about a 15-minute drive from Santa Monica Pier or UCLA, accessible from Sunset Blvd.

Connemara Ranch at the Shalom Institute 34342 Mulholland Highway Malibu, CA 90265(619) 518-5828 www.horsebackridinglosangeles.org/ riding -options/ Check reviews on Yelp or TripadvisorConnemara Ranch at the Shalom Institute is primarily a facility that offers therapeutic programs for physical and mental health and socialization using horses. They also offer small group (up to 8) and private trail rides.

They are 50 minutes to an hour or more from the Santa Monica Pier, and about the same distance from Hollywood. The Yuma Canyon trail is on the cooler coastal side of the mountains with ocean views.

One of their Agoura Hills trail rides goes to the old west town movie set at Paramount Ranch. Although Porter Ranch is in the City of Los Angeles, it is farther than Topanga and about the same distance as Malibu, but on the inland side of the mountains.

Rocking K Horse Rentals 4790 West Lynn RoadNewbury Park, CA 91320(805) 499-9512 www.rockingkhorserentals.com Check Reviews on Yelp Daily on to two-hour trail rides in the Santa Monica Mountains northeast of Malibu. From Santa Monica or beach cities to the south, Palos Verdes Estates is a great place to ride, with the advantage of cool ocean breezes most of the year.

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Palos Verdes is also easily accessible from Downtown LA down the 110 Freeway. Wagon Wheel Ranch on the Palos Verdes Peninsula 4057 Via OpataPalos Verde's Estates, CA 90274(310) 567-3582 www.pvhorses.net Check Reviews on TripAdvisor or Yelp Wagon Wheel Ranch offers guided trail rides on the 66 miles of trails in the Palos Verdes Estates near San Pedro 365 days a year.

Since it's closer to the coast, it's cooler than the inland trails in summer with stunning ocean views. If you're staying near Disneyland or any of the Orange County beach cities, the Horse Play Rentals at the Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center in Huntington Beach is a good option.

Horse Play Rentals at Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center 18381 Goldenest Street Huntington Beach, California 92648714.848.6565 www.hcpec.com/trail-rides.html Check reviews on Yelp Horse Play Rentals offers one-hour guided trail rides through the rural hills of Huntington Beach, overlooking Huntington Central Park. They also have the on-site the Therapeutic Riding Center, working with individuals with physical and developmental ailments, and Horse Play Therapy program addressing mental health and learning issues.

The therapeutic Riding Center is part of the Horses for Heroes program, offering a free ride to active duty personnel, reservists, veterans, first responders, critical care and hospice nurses, and special needs school teachers and their families. During the summer, June through October, it's usually 20 degrees hotter inland than at the coast, and some trails have little shade.

Winter and spring are also better because whatever rain we get makes the scenery green, rather than summer brown. Try to avoid riding during windy Santa Ana heat waves, which can occur any time of year, but are more frequent in late summer and fall.

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Trail rides that begin at a ranch, stable or equestrian center generally have access to shade and restrooms while you're waiting for your group to assemble. If you're driving from a distance and will likely need to use the facilities, book with a company with a physical base of origin.

Be sure to ask for the name and cell phone number of the guide if you are meeting at a trail head, and leave your cell phone number, so they can call to track you down if you are delayed. Check the website for specific directions, rather than trusting your GPS or cell phone, especially if you are meeting at a trail head.

You may also lose your cell signal in the hills and canyons, so your map program won't work. Generally, cameras are welcome and encouraged on trail rides, and guides will stop for photo opportunities.

Young children generally are not allowed on trail rides. I have seen pictures of a saddle with a toddler seat on the back, but none of these companies advertise that option.

With nearly 100,000 horses in the city proper and even more in surrounding ranch areas and in unincorporated areas along the LA River, Los Angeles is a thriving equestrian center. Most of the horses in LA are people's private animals kept in backyards and small ranches in the Valley or in Palos Verdes, where more properties are large enough to accommodate one or more horses and zoning allows it, or in a multitude of boarding stables across the county.

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For visitors, there are numerous ranches in and around Los Angeles that provide guided trail rides and horse rentals. A number of them have complaints about the person answering the phone taking reservations, but overall, customers seem pretty satisfied with their ride experiences.

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