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Travel back to Colonial times aboard a horse-drawn carriage and discover more than 300 years of history on this guided, 1-hour tour of Charleston. Enjoy the romantic clip-clop sound as this educational adventure winds through the streets and learn about this ‘Holy City’ and its rich history and role in Civil War times.

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Travel back to Colonial times aboard a horse-drawn carriage and discover more than 300 years of history on this private, 1-hour tour of Charleston. Enjoy the romantic clip-clop sound as this educational adventure winds through the streets and learn about this ‘Holy City’ and its rich history and role in Civil War times.

Enjoy a leisurely spin through Central Park with a 1-hour, small-group bicycle tour that explores one of New York City’s most iconic places. Ride past the Children’s Zoo and Herschel Playground, and experience Central Park like a local, with all equipment and maps provided.

See the many mansions, churches, and gardens as your horse-drawn carriage tour covers more than 2.5 miles and 30 blocks of historic Charleston. Belgian and Percheron draft horses will you lead you through the streets while you learn about this “Holy City” and its role in the Civil War.

Trot through a 15-block area of cobbled streets, passing lovely homes, historic monuments, and more, all while your licensed guide shares stories about Charleston’s fascinating history. A horse and carriage takes you down twisting side streets and cobbled alleyways with ease as your guide shares spooky stories from Charleston’s past.

Skip the crowded buses in favor of a small-group horseback riding tour that offers incredible views of not only the Hollywood Sign, but also a panoramic vista of Los Angeles County. There’s a special beauty to Grand Teton National Park in the snowy silence of winter, free of the summer crowds.

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On this Grand Teton day trip from Jackson Hole, a guide helps you search for bison and bighorn sheep, and you could also see moose, coyotes, eagles, or even wolves. Pass landmarks including the Imagine Mosaic, the Conservatory Garden, Belvedere Castle and the Central Park Zoo.

This Maui horseback riding tour is run by real 'panicles,' the Hawaiian cowboys who make their living by ranching, roping, and riding. Canter across pastures with sweeping views looking out at the island’s north shore, and trek through the West Maui rain forest.

Visit an ancient fishpond, flower and fruit gardens and see if you can recognize filming locations for Hollywood blockbusters Jurassic Park and Pearl Harbor. Visiting this Northeast Shore location by horseback will take you farther into the valley and give you an authentic ranch experience.

1- or 2-hour options give you the flexibility to fit this tour into your busy schedule, and expert horse wranglers will ensure you a safe, fun ride through the Key'a'AWA Valley. Take a break from the glitz and clamor of the Las Vegas Strip for a true western adventure on a 2-hour horseback ride through spectacular Red Rock Canyon.

Climb atop a trusted mount and ride through a rugged landscape of desert valleys and ravines, while a friendly cowboy wrangler leads the way. Immerse yourself in the rugged, wide-open beauty of the Nevada desert and experience true cowboy hospitality on a sunset horseback ride through Red Rock Canyon.

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With an expert wrangler leading the way, ride along a winding mountainous trail through desert shrub and inspiring rock formations. After watching the sun set over Las Vegas Valley, enjoy a campfire barbecue complete with grilled meats, corn on the cob and cowboy s’mores.

Ride into the sunset on a Las Vegas horseback riding tour in the Nevada desert, led by a professional wrangler. Set your gaze on quintessential Wild West landscapes and search for wildlife including bighorn sheep, jackrabbits, and roadrunners.

Your tour includes round-trip hotel transport from the Las Vegas Strip to a working horse ranch where you’re treated to gorgeous views of the desert landscape. With a guide, you'll have the chance to admire the vineyards of Dry Creek Valley and the waters of Lake Sonoma as you traverse the rolling wilderness on horseback.

Mission Peak Regional Preserve Length: 5.8 mi • Est. Enjoy the spectacular views of the South bay as you climb up to Mission Peak.

This is a moderate to strenuous trail with a constant uphill climb until you reach the summit. The Stanford Avenue staging area is also the western access to the Oh lone Wilderness Trail, a 29-mile hiking and riding trail through some southern Alameda County's most beautiful wilderness, and provides access to Mission Peak's 2,999 acres.

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Ensure that you have plenty of water before embarking on this hike, as there are very few spots to locate shade. Dogs are allowed on leash in developed areas/under voice command in undeveloped areas of the park.

Herman Gulch Trail Arapaho National Forest Length: 7 mi • Est. From the lower trailhead the distance to Upper Maxwell Falls is about 2 miles.

You can turn back from here or continue past the falls a short way to find the Cliff Loop Trail on the right. Tamales Point Trailing Reyes National Seashore Length: 9.4 mi • Est.

Hike out to Tamales Point with stunning views surrounding you on all sides. It is also a prime wildlife viewing trail, as it is remote and the rule elk are enclosed in this reserve.

The first 3 miles to Lower Pierce Point Ranch are well-marked and maintained, but the last stretch can be overgrown with bush lupine and other shrubs, so long pants and long sleeves are a good idea. Fog and wind can limit visibility and make this hike more challenging.

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Tiger Mountain State Forest Length: 4.8 mi • Est. The Chirico Trail is a lovely spot conveniently located just off I-90 in Issaquah.

After about 700 feet elevation, the noise from any roads nearly disappears and nothing but forest remains. The south launch area allows the users to have lovely valley views while looking out over the top of the nudist colony.

The north launch area of Poo-Poo Point allows the user to have lovely views of the Lake Sammamish and Issaquah. Chasm Lake Rocky Mountain National Park Length: 9.4 mi • Est.

It steepens a bit once you get past the tree line, especially in the stretch immediately before the outhouse at the trail junction. After the junction you go downhill for a bit, and then have to scramble up a ~150 rockfall to reach the lake.

Challenging elevation increase towards the end, but there is a beautiful waterfall that rewards you halfway up. At 14,440 feet Mount Elbert is the highest point in the Swatch Range as well as the state.

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Also, make sure to get a VERY early start because thunderstorms roll in during summer afternoons and it is highly dangerous to be above the treeline in a storm. The Blue Lakes are located in a glacial basin in southwest Colorado in the Mount Sniffers Wilderness.

A gorgeous alpine hike with wildflower-filled meadows, and impressive views this trail is not to be missed. This is an easy day hike but the lowest lake has several campgrounds along the shore for those who wish to spend the night.

Visitors can park at the Blue lake Trailhead off County Road 7. Riders pass through endless grasslands which lead into untouched forests that whistle as the wind blows.

The Sylvan Dale Ranch is located in the center of the Rocky Mountains and is surrounded by numerous types of nature. The facility originally opened around the turn of the century to provide outdoor excursions for wealthy doctors but eventually became a children’s summer camp.

After his acquisition, Maurice Jess up and his wife turned the 125-acre property into a 3,200-acre ranch that could, once again, host visitors looking for outdoor excursions. The property consists of prairie wetlands, high desert shrub lands, pine forests, wispy grasslands, and so much more.

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The facility contains 125 horses, tennis courts, swimming pools, spas, and natural sceneries that are textbook cowboy. Manque Verde got its roots from the Mexican rancher Don Emilio Carrillo, who acquired the land in 1868.

Shortly after, he brought in livestock and started operations, even though the local Apache tribes were fairly active in the area. Carrillo was promised protection from the natives by Tucson’s Fort Lowell, yet he eventually found himself at the end of an Apache noose.

After his passing, the property was purchased by Jim Covers who expanded operations and truly branded the site as a dude ranch. Finally, the property fell into the hands of Brownie Cote whose son transformed the facility into the thriving nature ranch that it is today.

Today’s visitors can ride off into the sunset between the saguaro cactus, gorge themselves on delicious ‘cowboy’ food, or just lounge by the pool. Situated in the Montana countryside, the Resort at Paws Up simply couldn’t be located in a more beautiful area.

Sprawling hillsides dotted with pine trees and boulders cover the vast prairies which are home to countless species of wildlife. Riders mount up and cross through dusty plains, gentle rivers, and even rocky hillsides whilst on one of the guided adventures.

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Whilst at the ranch, guests can choose to stay in luxury homes, lodges, or camps that are all ideal for a weekend away. Yet even with all of its fancy amenities, the Resort at Paws Up is still a place where equestrians can find dusty trails and paths to let their inner cowboys loose.

Riders pass through stunning botanical gardens, meandering streams, gorgeous waterfalls, and magnificent forests which all provide unparalleled views of the local mountains. Each animal is given special attention from a young age to ensure that it lives a long and fulfilling life.

Adventurers start their journey in Pacific City and head north along the coastline towards Bob Straub State Park. Once in the state park, riders can witness the outright beauty of the crashing waves and pacific tides.

From Bob Straub State Park, the journey continues on alongside the Stucco River and into the seaside sand dunes. Regardless of prior experience, riders are certainly going to have a great time exploring the Oregon Coast with Green Acres Beach & Trail Rides.

The former marshal brought the town into the national spotlight when he engaged in what would likely become the most famous gunfight in American history. So naturally, the town has had to preserve its western image in order to honor Earp and the fellow frontiersman of the time.

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As a result, those visiting the Tombstone Monument Guest Ranch can take in all the splendid histories of the past whilst also enjoying first-rate horseback riding. Along the way, guests witness high desert shrubbery, rocky plateaus, cattle ranches, and breathtaking skylines.

The southwest corner of the United States not only has wild and untamed nature but also a beautiful and intriguing history. Riders often stumble upon clay pottery, cave writings, and frontier buildings throughout the high desert journey.

However, the scenery that accompanies the journey is also truly spectacular as green pastures and rocky canyons contain beautiful vegetation and wildlife. Whether riding off through a field of flowers, checking out ancient cliff dwellings, or exploring forests, visitors are sure to have a great time at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch.

Bitterroot Ranch lies along the border of the Shoshone National Forest, one of the most untouched pieces of land in the entire US. The mountainous region is full of crisp pine forests, stone hillsides, and grassy meadows which welcome horses and riders alike.

Along the way, adventurers can witness incredible wildlife such as deer, elk, bears, coyotes, moose, owls, and wolves. The lodging comprises rustic cabins and facilities whilst the cuisine is sourced fresh from the local farm and ranch.

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Red rock walls, flourishing vegetation, and winding streams hide around every corner, making even a short adventure spectacular. Whilst on the adventure riders also ascend the Sand bench Trail to observe the southern end of the canyon and witness amazing views.

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