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Explore the most popular horseback riding trails in YellowstoneNationalPark with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers and nature lovers like you. This is a popular loop hike with two trailheads in Mammoth Hot Springs.

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The trail loops through an open area on the side of a mountain, were a great view of Gardner Canyon can be seen. The hike's climax is at the Beaver Ponds which are actually on the Montana side of the Park.

Lamar Valley Trail YellowstoneNationalPark Length: 7.1 mi • Est. Union Falls Trail YellowstoneNationalPark Length: 15.4 mi • Est.

Union Falls is the second highest waterfall in Yellowstone, towering above at 260 feet. Slough Creek Trail YellowstoneNationalPark Length: 20.2 mi • Est.

Electric Peak YellowstoneNationalPark Length: 20.3 mi • Est. While very strong hikers can climb Electric Peak as a long day hike, the majority of hikers will want to make the climb as part of a 2 or 3 day backpacking trips, with a camp in the vicinity of the peak.

This trail has everything from fields of wildflowers to views of the surrounding peaks and lots of wildlife. The 20.6-mile trek takes you up the valley and through the forest (along with some creek crossings) up to the base of Electric Peak and eventually to the summit.

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At the summit of Electric Peak you'll be able to enjoy unobstructed views across YellowstoneNationalPark on a clear day. The route begins on the south side of Kinsman Pass at Glen Creek Trailhead and starts through the sagebrush grasslands.

Keep your eyes open for wildlife in the plains, mostly mule deer, but some bears and bison have been seen here. Pass a few trail junctions and follow the signs toward the valley pointed directly for Electric Peak.

Past the fields, the trail continues up a river valley for a couple miles and then enters a thick forest. At mile 6, continue straight at a 3-way junction (both across the river/creek at this point) to spend the night at campsite 1G3 or 1G4.

On the next day, backtrack to the 3-way junction and turn left to take the trail that leads up to Electric Peak summit. Once at the summit you'll enjoy some of the best views of Yellowstone Park and can see the Grand Tetons in the distance.

Lamar River Trail YellowstoneNationalPark Length: 32.9 mi • Est. Erin and Mike Thompson, the owners of these Yellowstone horses, take you off the trail and into the sagebrush or woods.

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Since they have a history of low impact horseback riding in Yellowstone, Wilderness Pack Trips gets to take clients into seldom seen backcountry areas. Red rock and sand-canyon draws lead you up onto high plateaus and the possibility of sighting wild horses.

Experience the beauty of Wyoming among mountain meadows and alpine country, where you may see wildlife such as deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, golden eagles and lots more! Guests are in small groups with others of similar age (children) and ability, and the rides range from 2.5 hours to all-day.

Though you can’t bike on most backcountry trails, a handful of old dirt or gravel roads are open to cycling. Blackmail Plateau Drive, a 6-mile scenic detour near Tower, allows two-way bike traffic, as does the Old Gardiner Road near Mammoth.

Many boat-only campsites along Yellowstone and Shoshone Lakes enable fantastic multiday trips, but be aware that high winds and very cold water can make paddling dangerous. Both motorized and nonmotorized boaters need permits, which can be obtained at the Snake River Ranger Station, Grant Village Backcountry Office, and Bridge Bay Ranger Station ($5/week for nonmotorized and $10/week for motorized), plus a free inspection for aquatic invasive.

As a result, you must release every cutthroat caught anywhere in Yellowstone, as well as the native Arctic graying and mountain whitefish. In some waterways, you’re also required to release some non-native species, too: Check the park ’s Fishing Regulations guide carefully (link available at www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/fishing.htm).

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The Yellowstone season opens on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and ends on the first Sunday in November. Yellowstone Lake’s tributaries are closed until July 15 to avoid conflicts between humans and grizzly bears, both of which are attracted to spawning trout.

In late summer, you can try to hook the cutthroats that thin out by September on the Lamar River, in the park ’s beautiful northeast corner. Fishing on Yellowstone Lake was popular until recent years, when regulations designed to bring back the waning population of cutthroat trout began to send some trolling powerboats elsewhere.

You can fish the Yellowstone River below the Grand Canyon by hiking down into Seven Mile Hole, a great place to cast (not much vegetation to snag on) for cutthroat trout from July to September. Permits are available at any ranger station or visitor center, Yellowstone General Store, and most fishing shops in the gateways.

Many outfitters have permits to run horse-packing trips to a variety of destinations inside the park (go to www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/guidedtours.htm for a full list). Saddling up with one of them typically means horses, gear, meals, camping equipment, and permits are all included.

Prices vary widely according to trip length and number of people, so contact individual outfitters for your options. Reviewed October 2, 2015, It was a real treat to visit Yellowstone by horseback with Jet, Grace and Jess.

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Jet Hit is an outfitter who lovingly cares for all of his horses and mules. He was available for answering questions and discussing Yellowstone's features and wildlife.

Grace and Jet were the wranglers who kept our days running smoothly and full of humor. Like other trips of this type clients are welcome to assist with packing, unpacking, and other camp chores.

Not only our guide Carrie was very knowledgeable and professional, she knew what to do in any situation, when bison were to close to us, etc. And she makes great sandwiches :) Scenery was amazing, we saw plenty of buffaloes, antelope, bluebirds etc.

Jet, Jess and Grace were the best leaders imaginable. Always available for questions and assistance along the trail, always inspiring trust and confidence.

I feel fortunate to have been through a part of Yellowstone visited by few in such good company, guided by such knowledgeable and friendly folks. Horses were very easy-going, and Carrie gave a good demonstration/instruction session for those who haven't ridden before.

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Look at Hell's A Roaring's website to see if a horseback ride with them is what you're looking for. Another option Skyline Guest Ranch is just outside the northeast entrance.

It will involve about a 2-hour drive from Gardiner but you could work it into a day of touring the northeast corner of the park (Lamar Valley). They provide rides outside the northeast corner of the park in the Bear tooth Mountains, which are absolutely spectacular.

Since you're staying at Colder Bay, Swift Creek is a great choice. Near Yellowstone, Sardines is a short, pretty drive up the mountain from Gardiner.

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