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• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
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In the open world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, riding a horse is a faster way to navigate it. You can explore more areas which will eventually let you unlock fast travel points.

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Alternatively, you can select the horse icon on the Quick Actions Wheel. Console players can whistle or call horse with the left button on the D-pad.

When you arrive at an area where you want to navigate on foot, simply dismount by holding C. If you hold Z, your horse will follow the road and if you press C while mounted, you can crouch on the horse. Apart from navigation, horse riding will come in handy during situations where you need to escape or leave an intense combat.

Lastly, make sure to scout the surrounding environment using the Raven’s Eye View. That’s because it will surely help you mark enemies and find wealth or other objectives without drawing attention to yourself.

With that cleared up, keep reading more hidden tricks of AC Valhalla right here on Gamer Tweak! There are many types of weapons in Assassin's Creed Valhalla and the Mournful Cry is one of the best hammers in the game.

The special trait of Mournful Cry that makes it so powerful is the side effect it gives. You can only obtain the Mournful Cry hammer by purchasing it from Red at his shop in Ravensthorpe.

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Not because I’m done, no way, this game is going to be at least 50-60 hours minimum, but because it’s a crazy launch week and I need to also play Destiny, God fall, Spider-Man, Call of Duty and like twelve other games, even with Cyberpunk’s delay from next week. But I have gotten to play a lot of it, so I figured it was time to dole out some advice for those of you who may just be starting out with either Series X launch two days ago or on PS5 today.

Once again, Ubisoft offers you a gender choice, only this time it’s woven into the narrative in a weird way, rather than just being a split between brother and sister like Syndicate or Odyssey. One thing I think Assassin’s Creed Valhalla does wrong is that it hides 95% of the skill tree and makes you discover it as you go, meaning it is impossible to actually plan builds ahead of time using the constellation.

There are melee, assassin and ranged paths, but even within those are skills you may want or need in a different play style. Ubisoft loot system has shifted quite a bit from the gear and levels of AC Odyssey where you were constantly swapping things out.

There are essentially three tiers of upgrade materials, and it seems like Valhalla has crammed in enough materials around the map for you to be able to upgrade the quality of every piece of gear you find to the max, so don’t sit around hoarding stuff if you have gear that you like. Ubisoft has proudly proclaimed that they are going back to allowing you to assassinate all enemies of every level in Valhalla, but in order to do that, you will need one skill in particular, Advanced Assassination, which is a short ways south-west down the skill tree, if you reference that other chart.

This creates a little mini-game that will allow you to assassinate and one-shot high level enemies by doing a little Ate that is not terribly hard. My other piece of advice is that it can be fun to not to anything remotely covert or assassin-y this entire game and run around like the Viking berserk er you are.

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Bonus : I wanted to add one final thing to this list, as I thought of it after the fact. I just know that some people are going to make this mistake, and I don’t want everyone to get turned off to the game because of it.

You can come back to Norway later, don’t worry about that, but I fear you may think the game is dull and boring if you spend the first ten hours there, before you really get a sense of Ivor as a character, the overall storyline and start the core of the game, which is building up your settlement in England. The story will take you back to Norway naturally eventually, but there’s just no reason to explore every aspect of it before you leave.

I took a break after a few territories and went back to Norway and got some stuff and points of interest cleared, but again, I still didn’t do the whole thing, plus the north is a very high level zone you shouldn’t really even be in initially, even if it’s technically possible to go there. It’s an engrossing Viking Saga packed with many fun activities to do and changing your mount is something that’s possible as well.

You can use a type of horse or even a new animal to travel faster in the open world. Firstly, you need the Stable and Aviary building in your settlement and you will need 400 Supplies and 30 Raw Materials to make this happen.

Approach and interact with the NPC and ask him about their stock which will reveal all the mounts that you own and those that can be bought. You can start with a horse or even get a wolf mount if you have the Ultimate edition of the game.

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While you are here, don’t miss out on our other early game guides that will make your adventure a smooth journey. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla features a wide range of mounts that you can ride.

In this guide we’ll explain how to get the wolf mount in AC : Valhalla, and how to ride it. There are currently two ways to get the Hat Wolf Mount in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

These both come with a Berserk er Pack, which includes the Hat Wolf Mount. To get it, just complete the Berserk er mission at the start of the game, then unlock the stable at your settlement.

Hat is located under the ‘Companions’ menu and costs 800 Helix Credits. Check this store every day for the wolf, and be aware that you’ll need to buy it with Opals if it does show up.

If I find any other way to get a wolf mount, I will update this guide. I started playing AC when AC3 came out and haven’t missed an installment since.

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I recently started following this sub and see all this love for the games before 3 that I never gave the time of day. I just figured this was nostalgia and that I wouldn’t enjoy these games because they are too out of date.

But last week I saw the Ohio trilogy on sell on Xbox and went ahead and blew some Microsoft points on it. I never realized how far the franchise has strayed from the original style of these games.

The free running is amazing, the simplicity and compact nature of the maps is refreshing, and the story is legit. I think I was most shocked at how good the game looks in this refreshed version on Xbox One.

I have all these games I’ve been waiting for all year (DL, ACV, Cyberpunk) and I’m more engaged with this 2 generation old masterpiece. In conclusion, thank all of you diehards who are still posting about these games enough to finally convince me to buy in.

On behalf of the team here at FBI MTL and around the world, I want to wish you a joyous and reflective AC Day. Let me see what today is...” It doesn’t matter if you have an alliance with the king, lord etc.

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Even when you discover new towns and have your cloak on you get instantly attacked for no apparent reason other than making you engage in combat It has like a mash of my favorite things from older games (upgrading settlements, armor, longboats, the crew) I love the customization and it reminds me of 2 (I think it was that one where you could upgrade shops) and unity in that aspect.

The story is actually pretty good, Avior is badass and I think them scaling it down from odyssey really helped. I mean sure you have a very smooth Parkour system where you can easily jump from rooftops to rooftops and a lot of the elements in Assassin's Creed are taken from Prince of Persia it's no secret.

Assassin's Creed 1 felt a lot like Prince of Persia in the beginning but still setting was very different. Even the manner in which they show you the path when you enter a new area is awesome and completely reminds me of that.

The devs over at Ubisoft have done a stellar job of reminding folks playing Valhalla, that they’ll get to choose certain parts of their storyline. Given how Assassin’s Creed has evolved into an open-world RPG, this sort of role play should come as no surprise for fans of the AC series.

Keeping in sync with this line, you’ll be faced with a decision to make while completing the quest ‘Reporting on East Anglia’ in AC Valhalla. Now we should let you know before we get deeper into this, that the choice you make here will last only till this quest is ended, and won’t leave a major effect on the rest of your game.

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To start this off, you’ll need to Approach Randi who’s in the longhouse, after you’ve completed the previous quest ‘Tale of Then Oswald’. Before interacting with Randi, take note of the two people arguing in the main hall in front of her.

After your character Ivor’s seated on the throne to listen and judge, you’ll get Holder and Rowan both willing to tell you their accounts of what happened between them. As an artist and a poet, Holder will remind Ivor how his work as a Scald is collectively important for the people of this settlement.

After hearing the personal accounts of both of them, you’ll then be prompted to make a fair decision regarding what’s to be done. Depending on what decision you made Ivor take, Rowan will either accept Holder’s apology and leave the hall as friends in the first choice or, Rowan will leave visibly satisfied that he extracted his pound of flesh from Holder.

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