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Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
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Periodically cutting the hair of your horse is an essential part of grooming. Very much like dogs, humans, and virtually all animal life, horses need a shave now and then.

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Horse clippers are specialized grooming instruments designed to trim and prim the wild manes of mares. All horse clippers are not made equal, and it’s advisable to review some best clippers on the market before making a final decision.

For example, a clipper designed for trimming the ear of a horse is bound to work fast. On the other hand, one designed for cutting excessive body hair will be much slower.

And, anything less would make the clipper too dull to cut through thick matted hair. And we all know that thick matted hair is usually found on a poorly groomed horse.

Factor in the heat the universal engine produces, the friction, and the high rpm. What you’ll find is that it becomes impossible to keep the clipper cool enough to use it for extended periods.

An excellent ventilation system is a prerequisite for every functional clipper that is worth the price. The battery lets users operate it for hours without needing to charge.

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But, its speed, versatility, and raw power make it uniquely equipped to handle one of the largest land animals. This clipper is practically noiseless and cool enough to be used on virtually any farm animal.

It utilizes air ventilation technology to keep the clipper relatively cool for the duration of its use. The biggest advantage of the Lister Star is its patented ventilation head technology.

This all-American medium duty clipper is perfect for trimming fetlocks, the face, ears, and all other sensitive parts of a horse. The And Proclaim 2 is an electric magnetic clipper capable of handling the most matted and tangled coats.

The Andes Proclaim has been cleared for professional use, and it comes with an extra Ultra Edge Size T-84 blade. This amazing clipper also comes with a heavy-duty 14-inch cord that lets you cut and move about without restriction.

The Jumped electric sheer is perfectly suited to handle most livestock without causing discomfort. The Jumped comes with six unique gears, which means it is suited for all kinds’ groomers- beginners or experts.

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It comes with an ergonomic handle for comfort, and it has a polymer body to help reduce vibration from the motor. The TAKE IT is, however, multifaceted; what it lacks in stealth and comfort, it more than makes up for in speed, efficiency, and versatility.

The body of the clipper is coated in polymer, and it has an ergonomic handle for better control and reduced vibration interference. For a couple of bucks, you get a universal motor that runs at 2400spm with six adjustable gears, a hard case to help you with control, and an all-inclusive kit that contains virtually everything you need to maintain the clipper for years to come.

It comes with a reinforced nylon body, a copper motor that helps with vibration and control, and an 18 feet cord for constant power and efficiency. In the kit that comes with the clipper, you should find a single electric sheep shear with a blade, a carbon brush, a cleaning brush, an oil bottle, and a pair of industrial line gloves.

The Wall has an amazing 80-minute run time, and it is compact enough to fit into your palm. It was made to run uninterrupted for extended periods, it has amazing ventilation, and it is practically noiseless.

When set to the right speed or gear, it can handle fetlocks, faces, ear trimmings, and even full-body clipping. The Wall power grip is noiseless, durable, comfortable, easy to use, and compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

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It comes in a rounded design that ensures that hair rolls off the clipper, and it does not clog up the blades or the motor. The motor has constant speed control and is capable of remaining mostly silent regardless of the kind of animal it is being used on.

In the kit that comes with the Outer, you should find a cleaning brush, a grease and intake screen, one top and one bottom blade, and a single clipping machine. With a multi-speed clipper, the only thing you need to worry about is the size of the blade when you are about to take on another side of the horse.

With these in mind, we recommend you consider the Wall Professional Animal Power Grip Quiet Equine Horse Clipper or the Outer Clip master Variable Speed Clipping Machine. They provide the best variable speed system and are ideally suited for horses and livestock.

Regardless of their shape or weight, they are all uniquely capable of delivering the level of accuracy, control, and speed you need to sheer your horse without event. If you don’t take the time to care for it, your horse’s beautiful coat would not look as great and may even harbor parasites.

Here is a look at some of the best horse clipper models on the market to help you make a great choice. Hair around the head and tail switch is thicker and may require slower speeds to do perfectly.

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Its blade is detachable for easy changing after using it for some time and also for cleaning after each shave. The manufacturer has also included a 14-inch heavy-duty cord that allows for easy movement around your horse’s entire body.

Best horse clippers 2020 Works well with the thick winter coat It can be used for long periods without the need to twitch them It has a near quiet performance, therefore, does not cause unnecessary discomfort The detachable blade feature allows you to use easily clean the clippers It allows you to provide precise trimming in the hard-to-reach areas such as behind the ears, near the hooves, and the front of the face.

It also features a wide blade sweep that offers fast clipping. You can use universal guide combs to have longer cutting lengths for your horse.

It vibrates a lot higher speeds Heavy coats require cleaning the blade and oiling as it tends to get clogged quite fast Despite the weight, it has an ergonomic grip and a strengthened body to reduce the vibration.

Heavy and may cause wrist fatigue Get hot after about 30 minutes of shaving May not be good for light coats The Wall Professional Animal Power Grip Quiet Equine Horse Clipper provides full-body clipping, including sensitive areas such as fetlocks, bridle paths, faces, and ears of your horses.

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It also comes equipped with the proprietary Power drive that keeps the clipper’s blades cool even in cases where you are clipping a very thick coat. The clipper has a rounded body with an ergonomic design for gripping ease and comfort.

The round shape makes it easy for hair to fall off as you shave, thereby reducing instances of clogging. Its package also comes with a size 10 Wide Ultimate Competition blade, drive tip removal tool, two replacement drive tips, blade oil, and a cleaning brush.

Just as the name suggests, the Lister Star Large Animal Clipper is made fore big livestock that includes horses, cattle, and sheep. It boasts of ventilated, self-cleaning blades that prevent it from either clogging or overheating after clipping for some time.

It also has a replaceable air filter and a 16-foot-long cord so that you are able to walk around your animal. Furthermore, it comes with Lister A2F/AC Fine Blade with a 3-inch clipping width and 1.4 mm cut length.

Does not come with variable speed Need to oil it frequently for it to work efficiently It is not very quiet The Wild Edge Horse Professional Heavy-Duty Grooming Clipper Kit is meant for medium and large animals and works with thick winter coats.

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It also has an extra dynamic ventilating system that ensures that your clipper remains cool even with prolonged use. Also, it has a 12-foot-long power cord for flexibility when clipping hair on different parts of the body.

Tends to heat up quickly when working on a thick coat Heavy and makes some humming noise Its outer body has also been textured to enhance the grip, especially if you have sweaty hands.

The motor weight is well-balanced to ensure improved maneuverability and lower wrist fatigue. This clipper has two blades, 1 mm and 3 mm, with a tension rotating button so that you get the best settings for shearing.

It has a low vibration design that makes you feel comfortable when shaving for long periods. Corded models are almost always more powerful, which makes cutting thicker, longer coats a lot easier.

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